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Diamond swatches / Patterns for Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 inc. sparkles

diamond swatches for Illustrator tiles

Diamond swatches / patterns for Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc. The diamond swatches / patterns are all for PC and MAC. The diamond swatches are all seamless tile patterns for any size of work and artboard in Illustrator. You can use them in commercial as well as personal work, all the artworks in the sets are royalty free and no credit or time limits are set. All the colorful designs are all by The diamond swatches set includes transparent patterns, red diamond swatches, drawn swatches, multi-colored diamond swatches. You can access the diamond swatches via the swatches panel. The sets are in AI format. On purchase of the artwork, you receive the designs in the set along with gallery and serial and notes. You can edit them via the pattern editor and change the color and add and remove paths in 1000s of ways. You can apply transforms as well as distort and warp all the artwork tiles. You can use them once or multiple times. You can combine the diamond swatches via the appearance panel in Illustrator and add fills and strokes and combine along with effects.

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 220 Diamond swatches AI Diamond swatches gallery V50

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 210 Colorful Diamond patterns AI Gallery V43 Updated May 2017


diamond swatches for Illustrator tiles patterns

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You can also combine the diamond swatches with other swatch resources such as chevron swatches and checkerboard swatches as well as contour swatches


The diamond swatches can also be used as fills with presets such as cloud symbols and circle symbols as well as fonts etc in Illustrator.


The diamond swatches can be quickly applied to all kinds of paths as well as type as well as combined and manipulated via the appearance panel in Illustrator. You can also apply effects to the artwork as well as export the artwork for use to Photoshop and other applications. On purchase of the diamond swatches and seamless tiles you receive the set in AI format (for Illustrator) along with notes and gallery and serial.


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1. How to edit patterns on Adobe

Additional examples from the pack 50 set showing different diamond themed designs applied to a square

diamond swatches backdrop blue edited diamond swatches via pattern editor edited diamond swatches via pattern editor

Additional selection of examples of the diamond swatches from the pack 43 set applied to a basic path