Fireworks Symbols and installation tutorial

How to install the Fireworks symbols / libraries PNG in Fireworks CS6 etc

How to install the Fireworks symbols

installation and load of symbols in FireworksIt is very easy to import / load the symbols into Fireworks CS6 CS5 etc


The fireworks symbols are supplied in PNG format and can be installed in any location but the key thing is the import libraries


No particular folder is required for the install of Fireworks symbols, so you can install the PNG images in any location. The most convenient locations are probably going to be your folder in your user account as you will have full access to save and overwrite the files.


To save them to the program files / software folder / applications you will need administrator privilege (which is not an issue if you are using Fireworks on a single user machine).


Loading Fireworks symbols / PNG images

1. Startup Fireworks and go to the window menu command.


2. document library panel


3. right side menu of document library


4. Load the PNG files via the 'import symbols' command


import of symbols from the library in Fireworks5. select PNG file


6. select all or select some


7. click import


Opening the PNG document may or may not display the art as some of the earlier sets did not include the them on the artboard. All the most recent sets include the artworks in the panel and on the document for ease of editing and modification


8. select the symbol from the panel and place on the artboard



Other tutorials

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2. scale the Fireworks symbols / re-size the vector artwork


Fireworks symbols installation video (youtube)

[Youtube] A video showing how to install / load the symbols in Fireworks CS6

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