Super cool font / Shapes / EPS for PaintShop Pro, Painter, Photoshop, Affinity etc

BEST Fonts / EPS vector Shapes for Paint Shop Pro, Pages, CorelDRAW, Word, Affinity Photo, Painter inc. decorative, ornaments - free to use


Font sets for commercial use by graphicxtras

1) Arrow and pointing shape fonts and EPS vectors for Pages, Corel PaintShop Pro, Painter etc

2) Art nouveau and embellishments and decorative fonts and eps vector shapes

3) Curved arc fonts / EPS shapes

4) Spiral curved EPS vector designs and fonts

5) Step / art deco 30s fonts and EPS vector stair themed designs

6) Swirl / flourish and embellishment font shapes for PaintShop Pro, Microsoft Word, Pages, Indesign etc


See links via font products to many others


Video tutorials on fonts / EPS shapes (Youtube videos)

1) Favorite fonts in Illustrator (youtube)

2) Live font preview in Illustrator [youtube]

3) Create 3D models in Photoshop using font shapes tutorial [youtube]

4) Photoshop match font feature tutorial

5) Glyphs panel in Photoshop tutorial

6) Turn fonts into patterns in Affinity Photo

7) Convert type into preset shapes in PSP

8) Adding truetype fonts on your mac

9) How to add fonts on Windows 10

10) How to modify text in Affinity Designer

11) Snowflake designs in Affinity Designer

12) Creating nozzles from text in Painter tutorial

13) Arc font examples

14) Square font examples

15) Flower font preview

16) Create patterns in Photoshop using them

17) Abstract font preview

18) Oval fonts preview

19) Diamonds preview

20) Decorative type in Flame Painter 3

21) Create colorful radial zoom

22) Font shapes and perspective warp in Photoshop

23) Patterns and fonts and smart objects

24) Logoist application and type

25) Add shadows to type in Illustrator

26) Use type in pattern swatches in Illustrator

27) Adding eps shapes to Microsoft Word

28) Microsoft Word and wordart and fonts

29) Hover over preview in Photoshop

30) Adding fonts to Apple Pages

31) Adding a new font to Windows 8.1

32) Adding strokes to font shapes in Photoshop

33) How to convert type to custom shapes in Photoshop

34) Typekit from Adobe

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37) Installing fonts on a mac

38) Font pestle export

39) Get free fonts

40) Multiple strokes added to type in Illustrator

41) Basic use of fonts in Photoshop Elements

42) Change default from Myriad Pro in Illustrator


Free fonts

Free fonts and eps designs for Photoshop, PSP, Illustrator etc