Gradient Swatches for Illustrator CC 2017 / 2015 CS6 inc. linear, radial patterns

gradient swatches for Illustrator

The gradient swatches for Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc. The gradient swatches are all for use on the pc and mac. The gradient swatches are an amazing set of colorful radial gradient swatches and linear gradient swatches. The gradient swatches include many different gradients such as column gradients, frame like gradients, random line gradients, smooth gradients and more. The gradient swatches are all in AI format. You can use them in commercial and personal work. All are royalty free. All the gradient swatches are by / Andrew Buckle

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illustrator gradient swatches gradient swatches

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You can combine the super colorful gradient swatches with others such as rosette and flower themed swatches and swirl / flourish swatches You can use the gradient swatches as a wonderful fill for font designs such as tribal fonts and torus fonts as well as circular triradial symbols and fleur-de-lis / tile symbols


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Sources and references

1. Gradients for Illustrator on Adobe

Examples of the gradient swatches pack 7

gradient swatches gradient swatches radial gradient swatches radial gradient swatches linear gradient swatches blended with others