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Scrapbooking Tag Shapes for Photoshop, PSP etc

scrapbooking shapes for Photoshop and psp

Buy Price: $7

Scrapbooking tag shapes PDF for Photoshop, PSP, Indesign, Affinity Photo, Pages etc gallery (Volume 8) 100 Scrapbooking themed tags includes embellishment shapes, swirl themed designs, banners and more PDF format and includes many different scrap booking tag shapes, rounded scrapbooking tag shapes, hollow designs, gradient scrapbooking tag shapes and more


Related items such as banner and pennant fonts and banner custom shapes and ribbon fonts You can combine the colorful scrapbooking tag shapes with other sets such as brushes such as Richard the second brushes and type artworks and historical designs and radial brushes as well adding font / eps shapes such as cogs / gear fonts and Greek ornament fonts You can re-color the scrapbooking tag shapes using adjustment layers, brushes, masks, fills and patterns such as flower patterns and surface patterns for Photoshop, psp etc


scrapbooking tags shapes for Photoshop and psp scrapbooking tag shapes for Photoshop, psp etc scrapbooking tag shapes for Photoshop, psp etc spots

Buy Price: $7

Scrapbooking tags gallery (Volume 7) 100 Scrapbooking themed tags for Photoshop, PSP, Pages, GIMP etc. All the artworks are supplied in PDF.