How to use Illustrator brushes as symbols tutorial

How to use Illustrator brush strokes as a great source for symbols / shapes in Illustrator tutorial, how to get started

Basic start point for the Illustrator brushes

Select or create a path for the brush stroke, can be as simple as a straight line. Once you have that, go to the brushes panel and select a stroke and that will be added to the path. This tutorial works best if you select an artistic stroke. You can find Illustrator brushes all for use as a source for symbols. You can also use other assets as sources for symbols such as horseshoe fonts and all our other truetype sets


Add to the symbols panel

Simply select the stroke / path combination and then drag to the symbols panel and select the default settings and there you have the item in the panel. You can now add the symbol as an instance by dragging to the artboard or use the sprayer tool to add the instances


Symbol sprayer to add stroke instance

Add the instances using the sprayer tool by selecting the created symbol in the panel. Add as many or as few as you wish. You can also modify the size and the angle etc by using the sub sprayer tools such as the sizer and spinner etc


How to change the stroke

Go over to the same symbol in the panel and double click the item to enter the editing mode. Change the stroke by selecting the stroke path and selecting a new one in the brush panel. Exit editing mode / isolation mode and all the paths / instances will change to the new form.


Export the results

You can also copy the results to Photoshop via the pasteboard


You can also find a selection of symbols for Illustrator on the site such as Christmas symbols / halftone dots / grid symbols