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How to convert art to scatter brushes in Illustrator tutorial

How to convert art brushes to scatter brushes in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc.

Convert art brushes to scatter brushes

art brushes to scatter brushes convert in Illustrator

Brushes can be selected from the brushes panel and dragged to the artboard and then edited and then returned to the brushes panel and stored as a scatter brush in Illustrator.

  1. Select required art brush in the Illustrator brushes panel

  2. Drag to the artboard

  3. Object menu

  4. Ungroup

  5. Remove the bounding box

  6. Make any modification required

  7. Drag the brush design back into the brushes panel

  8. Select the scatter option

  9. Set the scattering etc as required

You can make permanent changes to the source brush strokes only if you edit the source brush file and save that. You can use the scattering etc settings to create many new scatter brushes from the artistic strokes (and vica versa). You can also convert other types of resources as well into scatter brushes etc. This tutorial shows you how to convert between formats in Illustrator


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