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How to create frames using graphic styles in Illustrator

How to create frames using graphic styles in Illustrator CC 2017 2105 2014 CS6 etc

Frames using graphic styles

create frame in Illustrator graphic styles
  1. Draw rectangle for the Illustrator graphic style as the start point for the creation of the frame in Illustrator

  2. Draw a smaller rectangle path

  3. Align via the align panel) so the latest path is on top of the earlier path

  4. Pathfinder panel menu followed by minus front option

  5. Select combined path

  6. Apply Illustrator graphic styles via the panel

  7. Place border above any image.

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You don't have to use an effect with just a square for a border, a border can be created with sphericals as well as triangles and many other shapes. The borders do not need to be just a single frame. You can always duplicate the border and then apply a totally different effect to the border and then perhaps apply a rotation or another live effect.

Illustrator styles to buy

A large selection of styles to use to create frames


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