How to use Illustrator Graphic styles in different color models Tutorial

Color Model with Illustrator and Styles tutorial

The Illustrator graphic effects are stored in the RGB color model in 99% of the cases in the packs on this site. Some of them are in CMYK also but I have always found those an issue with the black channel and mixing of the gradients and colors. They will work fine in a CMYK color mode / document but in some cases you may have to modify some of the settings to get a similar effect or see any effect at all. Another issue with the graphic styles for Illustrator CMYK - sometimes the icon for the effect looks the same as the actual result but in some cases, they definitely do not. Makes it very hard to choose an preset in the color mode CMYK


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Illustrator graphic styles You will find a mix of mainly RGB and some CMYK


RGB Color model for Illustrator graphic styles

Example of an Illustrator graphic style in color mode RGB


RGB color mode


Another example of color mode RGB


 red color mode RGB


CMYK Color model


Example of CMYK preset below - it is the same as the first image but now in CMYK


cmyk 1


Another example of a CMYK preset added to a rectangle. Same as the second image but now in CMYK Model in AI


Another in CMYK