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How to create a symbol from an Illustrator graphic style tutorial

How to create a symbol from an Illustrator graphic style tutorial, turn a style into a symbol

Start point for the symbols and graphic styles

You have a style but what if you want to create a symbol with the effects / fills / strokes ?? You can find some Illustrator colorful graphic styles here as well as gradient swatches for CC 2017 2015 CS6 etc


illustrator symbols created from graphic styles colorful patch lines

Steps for creation of Illustrator symbol

1) Select a path


2) Go to the Illustrator graphic style panel


3) Apply a preset to selected path


4) Drag path to the symbols panel. Select either the static option or the dynamic option


Using the generated preset

illustrator graphic styles symbolsThe preset can now be used by dragging it from the preset's panel to the artboard.


You can also use the sprayer tool to add the instances to the artboard by selecting the generated Illustrator graphic style themed symbol.


illustrator graphic styles symbols dynamicIf you have add the colorful artwork as a dynamic preset then you can use the effect generated shape as a master shape and then re-color the artwork in numerous ways via the direct selection tool.


If you then change the effects added to the preset then they all the associated instances will be updated.


You can add the instances multiple times or once. You can add them using features such as the live effect transform command to create duplicates of the instance and create circular artwork as well as spirals as well as radial designs and more (if you add multiple transforms and multiple copies)


What if you wish to edit them

You can edit the shape at any point by going to the preset's panel and then double clicking the preset and then change the attached fill / stroke / effects etc graphic style and then exiting from the edit mode (or isolation mode) then the effect will be updated in all the instances currently displayed on the artboard.


Appearance panel

graphic styles symbols warpYou can take any of the effect presets and edit them via the appearance panel. You will see all the styles are made up of a fill or multiple fill as well as a stroke or multiple strokes (or no strokes) as well as effects such as blurs and gallery effects and more. You can remove any of these via the panel as well as editing the settings.


A subtle change of a fill such as a gradient can radically change the generated shape in the preset's panel.


transform styles and symbolYou can also change the blending modes as well as the opacity of the individual elements via the panel.


CC Libraries

You can also drag the artwork with the effects / fill etc to the CC library and then use the resources in other apps such as Adobe ® Photoshop ®



Video tutorial on the subject

A quick video showing how to use a graphic style to create an Illustrator symbol