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How to create Spheres using Illustrator graphic Styles Tutorial

How to create spherical designs using Illustrator graphic styles tutorial, how to create spheres in Illustrator

Basics of the sphere creation

Rounded style graphic styles sphere artwork symbol Illustrator gradient fillIt is very easy to create a spherical path using the Illustrator graphic styles and with the appearance setup, you can always re-apply the effect over and over to a round path (it doesn't work so well with objects that are square or type etc) - you don't have to re-create the effect by hand each and every time.


Re-usability is one of the key features.


You can find more of our sphere / ball sets via sphere and globe patterns and sphere shapes for Illustrator, psp etc and brush designs sphere brushes and Illustrator sphere symbols


Steps for creating a sphere using gradients and styles

globe sphere graphic style illustratorThe design is set to a radial setting

1) Create or select a round path


2) Double click the gradient tool - this displays the panel


3) Select a tile - this fills the current selected path


4) Set type to radial type


5) Position the center point by selecting and moving the bar


6) Set the first stop (left) to white or light color - creating a highlight


7) Set the last or end stop to a darker color - creates the shadow for the sphere


8) Set the middle stops as required - gives the overall color to the sphere


combination graphic styles sphere9) Display the graphic style panel and then select the right side menu 'new graphic style'


10) Save this Illustrator graphic style (spherical style)



Two highlights can be added to the effect by changing the blending mode of the gradient to screen. Go to the appearance palette and then then select the fill and then duplicate via the right side menu. Go to the fill higher up and change the opacity / blending mode to screen.


More than two highlights can be added - though the more you add, the less of the actual color of the sphere you see


multiple lights illustrator graphic styles


Multiple objects

The sphere gradient style can be applied multiple times to circles etc.


The result can be exported to other apps such as Photoshop by copying the artwork to the pasteboard and then to Photoshop or perhaps using the CC libraries.


multiples illustrator graphic styles



You can also combine the result of the gradients and use transformations which are also live effects and can be altered to make spirals, circular artwork and much more.


Use the effect menu and the distort and transform and transform command. Set the number of copies as well as set the scale and shift etc to achieve different results with the gradients (remember to set the preview to ON)


Blending modes

You can use blending modes of the objects to combine the artworks in all kinds of ways to create some truly abstract designs. Below, spheres but with a lighten blending mode to 'blend' all the gradients together.


lighten graphic styles illustrator multiple spheres balls


Illustrator Graphic Styles

After all of that, you can just


1) go to the Illustrator graphic styles panel


2) define the spheres as a style


3) Select another path such as a circle just re-apply the whole complex (or basic) graphic style to that path. Really quick and easy and very effective and the results can also be exported to Photoshop etc (as with all the pics above)


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