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Papers / grains for Corel Painter 2019 2018 2017 2016 2016 2014 X3 etc. The collection set includes 1350 amazing paper grains in PAP format for use in your projects. You can use the paper grains throughout Corel Painter in many different ways such as in apply surface texture and express texture etc and much more. You can also find a number of related Corel Painter Paper tutorials on this page showing the resources in the collection and some showing other resources from other sets found on this site.


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1350 Paper Textures for Corel ® Painter includes distress designs, rough, circular, geometric tiles, hi-tech tiles, weird, scratchy, hand drawn, stars, mottled and more. PAP format (PC and mac) Commercial use, all royalty free gallery

Type as grain. How to create text / type as a paper grain in Painter ? As with most things, you can do this a number of ways. You can simply open a new document and then go to the text tool and then click on the document at the top left, set the size for the type as well as the typeface and the color (such as black) and then type from left to right without going over the edge and then go to the next line and continue adding some more characters until you reach the bottom of the page. You can then use the layer adjuster to make sure the type is as close to the edge without touching the edge as possible. Go to the layer menu and drop all. Select menu and select all. Now go to the papers panel and then use the right side menu to capture the text. You can add some cross fade if you wish. Go to one of the features that use the resources such as apply surface texture and then select the using paper command. Set the smoothness etc via the dialog but you can also use the main paper panel to change the scale, contrast, brightness, rotation etc with the current preset. Apply that. You can also use just a single character. Go to the text tool and then set the typeface etc and color for the character and the size. Click the document and add the character and then use the layer adjuster tool to resize the artwork to fill most of the document. Use the layers menu and drop command. Go to the select menu and select all. Go to the panel as before and right side menu and use the capture command. Set the cross fade as required though probably not needed with a single dominant character.. Set the scale (sadly you can only scale to 25% minimum) and rotation etc and then go to one of the effects such as apply surface or express and then use that as the resource. You can, of course, use effects / filters to modify the design before you capture it; you can also use brush strokes to modify and smear and turn the letter into an oil painting etc and then capture that.

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3D Paint. How to create 3D Paint effects using paper grain / texture to images in Corel Painter 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 X3 X2 etc ? Open any image to have 3D paint texture applied and go to the New document for paper grain source (perhaps half size of main document). Select a paint tool or oval shape in toolbar. Set color to black and grays and add designs to paper source file (avoid seams) and Select all. Window menu and library palettes and show papers. Paper palette and right side menu and capture paper. Go back to the main image. Go to the effects menu and esoterica and custom tile (set threshold high - you want the image to still be seen). Set blur radius 4 / 2 and thickness to be high also and set the use grout to OFF. Set the custom tile to using 'Paper'. Set the scale of the paper grain via the paper palette as well as contrast and brightness. Click OK. Repeat custom tile but change the size of the paper grain and contrast via the paper palette (don't make the paper scale too great as this approach works best with smaller to medium size compared with the image). You can also just use a different paper grain (select via paper grains palette). Click OK. Repeat custom tile if you wish. Effects menu and surface control and apply surface texture. Using image luminance and set some softness and position light as required. Set amount high and picture high and Click OK

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Capture papers. How to capture papers in Corel Painter 2019 2018 2017 etc etc. Firstly, Open image via the file menu or use the current image (especially if it is a great source for a texture / paper / design) - it can be in gray or color etc. Go to select menu and set ALL. Go to the papers panel (found via the paper panels in the window menu). Goto right side menu. Capture paper. The application can use an image as well as text and tiles etc for its source material to capture papers - it is amazingly flexible. All the our PNG images for patterns and grains on the site are seamless so the design will also be seamless but if you use your own image, the result may not be seamless. You can create your own designs to use as source material and the easiest way to create that is to use the pattern panel where you can set the right side menu to define pattern (the result means any brush strokes are seamless tiles). You can then use the brush strokes to stars, hoses, spots and dots etc to create all kinds of tiles and they can be then used as source for your artwork. Of course, you don't need to make the tile seamless, it can be just any image and just select the area. The key thing is to select something - you need to select something to capture papers. You don't need to select the entire image. If you have created a seamless tile then it is probably best to use the selection tools to select the entire image and use select all. Go to the papers panel and right side menu and capture. Give it a name and set the cross fade (to 0). You can also store a custom icon via the same menu. You can set the scaling + contract + brightness for the tile. They are all pretty useful and can make quite a difference when used with various tools throughout the application as well as via brush strokes. You can apply the resources in many parts of 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 etc such as apply surface texture + + Brush strokes + Color overlay + Glass distortion + Apply screen + Express texture etc. As well as use selections with the resources so all the effects can use that - even apply lighting. A key panel connected with papers / texture capture is 'grain'. Go to the panel via the brush control panels in the window menu. You can control the jitter of the grain, the smoothness of the jitter, give it random grain rotation and much more. If you want to permanently save this resource then I would suggest going to the resource's libraries panel and right side menu and export library. Video tutorial on the capturing papers subject by (youtube)

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Import libraries. How to import a Painter paper file (PAP etc) ? You can import the new format as well as the legacy PAP format files (the ones on this page are the legacy format). Go to the window menu and paper panels and select both of the panels. Go to the libraries panel and then right side menu and import command or the import legacy command and then browse for the files. Select a preset in the library. Once you have your imported item select them you can quickly go to the other preset panel and set the rotation, scale etc

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Freebies. You can use the free papers for Painter in commercial as well as personal workFree Paper Textures / Grains (PAP)

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