Photoshop brushes - ABR

Updated: March 5th, 2014

Native format ABR Brushes

The brushes are all stored in native format ABR for Adobe ® Photoshop ® and Photoshop ® Elements. The brushes in the sets vary, the earlier sets were mainly for Adobe ® Photoshop 7 upwards but most are now for Adobe ® Photoshop 6. The brushes collection brushes are all stored in Photoshop 6 format. If you re-save the brushes file, the brushes will be saved in your current format ABR format and this may mean the file will not be accessible in earlier versions of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. The brushes on the site are not brushes presets so do not contain all the additional information such as scattering or brush texture. The ABR format files are not generally accessible in other applications but a quick search on google will show a number of applications that support the ABR format (a few new ones appeared only recently).

PNG format to ABR

Many of our sets also include the brushes in PNG format. They can be turned into standard Photoshop brushes ABR format by define brushes command in the edit menu. Many of the sets on the site also includes an action which can run through all the PNG files to add them to the brushes palette. You can then just go to the right side menu and save the Photoshop brushes to a new ABR file (in the current version of Photoshop)

ABR Brushes viewer for Photoshop brushes

You can find a useful ABR brushes browser via as well as Tumasoft's preset browser and abrmate

Not certain if they work with the current OSes or how effective they are with all formats of ABR


ABR Photoshop brushes applications

Photoshop and Photoshop elements are not the only applications that support ABR brushes, you can load them via Postworkshop Pro as well as GIMP and PSP. The applications do depend on the version of the ABR format so not all formats can be read,


Cross platform brushes ABR format

The ABR brushes are totally cross platform and can be used across platforms: PC or MAC OS X. So yes, you can use that stunning Photoshop brushes on your PC as well as your mac. Simply copy the Photoshop brushes ABR file over to your other machine (the license for the use of the brushes allow you to use the brushes on any number of machines as long as it is based on the individual and not for an entire firm of networked users. There is no conversion of the Photoshop brushes required, they work exactly the same way.


ABR Photoshop brushes examples

Some examples below of Photoshop brushes applied in a variety of colors and different brush strokes


Brush strokes PC and MAC Brush collection example Burst brush stroke


Garden brush stroke patch brushes Spread out brushes


Stamp brush strokeburst brushes glass brush