How to use Photoshop Brushes to Make Custom Shapes in Photoshop Tutorial

Using Photoshop brushes to make custom shapes tutorial

Use the Photoshop brushes to create unique custom shapes, apply the dab, select and then define as a work path and define as a custom shape


1) Select a Photoshop brush

2) Apply single dab or multiple dabs as required (perhaps apply as a brush stroke)

3) Select the stroke using the selection tools (magic wand tool perhaps)

4) window menu and paths

5) Make work path

6) edit menu and define custom shape

7) Shape can now be saved via the custom shapes panel


An alternative approach and probably better would be to export the Photoshop brushes design via the pasteboard or via the export of a PNG image and re-edited the design in a vector application and use an image trace tool to create a brush path based on the created brush dabs on Photoshop. The vector trace can then be imported into the application via the pasteboard and saved as a new shape.


OK, after all that about how to use Photoshop brushes as a great source for vector shapes, you may be interested in some tutorials on Photoshop brushes or perhaps some additional brushes may be of interest or perhaps some frame artworks or perhaps some fiery artworks