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Updated: August 24th, 2015

plugin demo

Free blur PC plugin for Adobe ® Photoshop and PSP

Free plugin for use in Adobe PS / psp - blur fuzzy plugin sampler for volume 1 - tryout our plugins for free. The plugin can be used to create weird and wonderful blurring effects, totally surreal blurs, paint effects, noise effects and much more. The sampler free plugin for Adobe PS and others also shows many of the vast range of color gradient effects included in the set. To install the plugin, please add the plug-in to the plugin path of Photoshop or the host application and then access the tool via the filter menu. It will appear under the category for AP. As mentioned, the free Photoshop plugin is only for 32bit and PC, it will not work in any 64bit application or on the mac.

plugin demo

Free PC plugin for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements

Free plugin for use in Adobe PS / psp - circular smudge plugin from volume 4

plugin demo

Free PC plugin for Adobe ® Photoshop and PSP and others - please download sampler

Free plugin for use in Adobe PS / psp - blur noise plugin from volume 6. Please download the sampler and check out the plugin (the plugin works in a similar manner to all the plugins on the site) in your favourite applications such as Adobe PS and others. Please note, as with all the plugins, this plugin is only for 32bit version of Adobe PS and others and also works only on the PC. It will also only work in CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc versions of Photoshop and will not work in the most 64 bit recent version. To install the plugin, just place the 8BF file in the plugin path of the application - this can be set via the preferences or just go to the plugin folder found in the same folder of Photoshop. Once installed, the plugin appears in the filter menu and can be applied in countless ways to any image. To tryout some of the more extreme settings, I would suggest tryout the xtreme button as this randomizes all the settings in totally unique ways and gives a wide range of different settings to show off the plugin effects. If you have any questions about the sampler, please contact us on support@graphicxtras.com.