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Loading and installing Photoshop gradients tutorial

GRD Photoshop gradients

The sets for use with PS and Elements include all the wonderful color designs in GRD format files. The GRD files are only for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements and cannot be used in other applications.




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Default load / install folder for the presets

If you place the GRD file into the folder marked 'gradients' (in the presets folder of Adobe Photoshop) then you can also see all the GRD files appear in the list on the right side of the panel; just select the name of the preset file for ease of access.


Open Photoshop gradients load / install

In some versions of Adobe ® Photoshop ®, you can use the open command but this is definitely not the case with Photoshop CC on the mac.


How to load and replace the GRD files

You can load / replace them in most versions via the edit menu manager (edit menu) and also via the preset panel right side menu replace (though you can also click the load command on the dialog itself). If you access the preset menu via the options bar then the load / replace commands are available in the right side menu (confusing, I agree). Showing the load / install on a mac [Youtube]


Return to default

line-photoshop-gradients.pngIf you decide to remove the colorful designs and return to the factory default, just select the reset command on the right side of the preset's panel. You can also do the same via the edit menu and the preset manager and the right side menu 'reset'


How to load multiple presets files

You can use the load command to add 100s of presets into the panel but there might be an upper limit depending on the version of Adobe ® Photoshop ® and Elements being used. You can also use the save command on the right side of the preset panel to save all the gradients to a GRD file for future use.


panel display


Load Multiple GRD Photoshop gradients in one go

You can select multiple GRD files (not in Adobe ® Photoshop ® but just in the folder) and then right click and select the open in Adobe ® Photoshop ® command (CC etc) and then all the GRD files are loaded at once. Video showing the loading of multiple GRD files in one go [Youtube] Another way is to select a set of GRD files and then drag them into the PS application (not into an open document and this does not work if you have an open document as the app generates a placement error)


install pinkgolden glowgreenblinds


Video tutorials - how to find out more

Quick video showing how to load (install) the presets (GRD files) into PS Elements 12 / 11. The presets are standard GRD files that can be used in most versions of Photoshop as well as PS Elements. They can be used in PSE 11 as well. There is no particular folder for the presets but they can be installed in a particular presets folder. Personally, I just load them via the load / replace functionality in the presets panel (and that is what is shown in the video). Once loaded, the presets can be applied in a number of ways such as a new layer and via the gradient tool in the PS Elements 11 toobox (in expert mode). The video also shows some of the basic uses and there are other ways to load them. Video: install / load them in PS Elements 12 / 11 [Youtube]


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