How to use the Panel Options for Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Photoshop Shapes panel and options


The vector presets are displayed via the presets panel (on selecting the CSH tool). The panel can hold a large range (though not every shape created on graphicxtras) as thumbnails. To use, simply select. The presets panel can also be added to via the standard file menu and open command as well in later versions of Adobe ® Photoshop ®and Elements


1) Select the custom shape tool

2) Go to the top bar of Photoshop (custom shapes options)

3) Select the panel dropdown

4) Select the required preset vector

5) Apply as required


Panel options - defined etc

There are additional items associated with the custom shape tool such as apply the shape as


Defined proportions

Defined size

Fixed size

From center


1) Select custom shape tool

2) Select defined size (set size as required)

3) Go to the document

4) Click and repeat click to add the fill over the entire document (great for a nozzle like effect for shapes)


Panel options defined proportions (constrained)

The defined proportions applies the artwork as defined by the original shape before being saved as a custom shape. Great for keeping the presets in proportion to one another


Photoshop custom shapes - Defined size

To be honest, the hardest one to work with but I guess useful if your projects require exact sizes for things (such as use with building projects and devices)


Fixed size

The fixed size panel option is useful for a nozzles like / brush apply of the shapes. You can set the fixed size to 100px by 100px etc and all the shapes will then be applied (whether in proportion or not) the same size over and over by a click of the document. You can also drag the shape into position.


Photoshop custom shapes - Unconstrained

The default option and possibly the easiest to use to apply the shapes as you want and in any position or proportion. The options work with all the shape types as well.


Panel options: from center

Probably the oddest one to work with as it just creates the artwork from the center (click) outwards. Takes a few seconds to get used to. Surprised that Adobe ® Photoshop ® just didn't add the full 9 scaling points instead.


Related artworks

The items used on this page are abstract custom shapes for use in PS and PS Elements


Video tutorial

A quick tutorial showing some of the panel options in Adobe ® Photoshop ® [Youtube]