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Updated: August 11th, 2015

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** Please note that the plugins work in 32 bit applications also they are for PC (Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 XP Vista, ME etc) They will not work in 64bit at present ** BEST Plugins for Photoshop CC 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 PSP Painter: Blurs, smears, paint etc Andrew's filters plug-ins

Andrew's Plugins for Photoshop, PSP etc

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Price: USD $17.95

180 Plugins / Filters - "Andrew's Plugins" collection for Adobe ® Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and PS Elements and others 32bit PC

180 Plugins for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc etc as well as Corel Paint Shop Pro X5 X4 X3 X2 X1 9 8, Photo-Paint and many others for PC 32bit effects for use on the PC - millions of stunning effects (the collection is a bundle of all the other sets on this page - volume 1 to 20).


Effects : The 8BF plugin set includes zillions of stunning effects including blur effects, gradient effects, color effects, edges, contrast effects, distortions, smear effects, weird color effects, photographic effects and much more. The gradients effects 8BF alone include millions of variant gradient effects for the most amazing and unique color effects around. Download examples PDF to see examples of all 180 plugins applied to single image


Output modes : Each of the Photoshop plugins includes 100 different output modes along with effect modes for blurring and smearing and paint like effects; the 8BF tools also include zillions of color options as well as gradient color overlays and randomization options to create a vast array of unique wow effects.


Presets : They can also save presets and load presets so you can use them over and over.


Actions: You can also combine the effects in Adobe PS using scripting and PS actions. From the creator of the Andrew's 1000 filter series. On buying the set, you receive all 180 filters as well as documentation Manual

and a serial number for any future updates. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Free noise sampler to download 8BF/

Gothic darken art tool 8BF to download

Fuzzy 8BF free sampler


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"Innovations" - 26 Plugins (random, inverse, color etc) (V1)

26 Powerful colorful effects includes posterization filter, edge effects, fuzzy blur effects, cutting edge effect, wavy disortions, color effects, inverse effects, random and grains effects, emboss effect, op art and more. The volume 1 set is for PC only (Windows 8, windows 7, windows Vista etc). The set is for Adobe ® Photoshop CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 32-bit as well as PSP (Paint Shop Pro) and many other applications such as Photo-Paint. The set include many additional color effects options as well as output options and also effect settings such as using the resulting effect as a source for unique blurs or color effects. Includes millions of combinations of color effect overlays as well. On buying the volume 1 set, you receive the download link to the set as well as a serial number and installation notes and also a set of presets (you can, of course, just create your own favourite settings) More information about volume 1


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16 Distortion / blurs plug-ins (V2)

16 Distortion / blur / threshold filters as well as color and dots and wavy effects filters and more. The set includes many different and unique blur effects, psychedelic, mirror effects, solarization effects, rotation and twists, distortions, smearing tools and many more. They are in standard 8BF format. All include 100 output modes such as frames, edges, invert, color modifications and more. They also include effects modes where the effect is channeled into 'blurring' 'smudging' 'paint-like' 'tone' etc effects to create truly wow and unique blurs and color effects and much more. They are for PC only, 32 bit. They work in Adobe PS CC Creative cloud CS6 - 6 and Corel PSP as well as many other applications such as Photo-Paint More information about volume 2


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10 Photographic / grayscale filters (V3)

10 Hi-impact digital photographic color effects including grayscale effects (many different B&W settings for stunning images), saturation effects and more. This is a truly wow set of tools for color effects of all kinds, perfect for your photographic work. They are for use in Adobe PS CC 2014 CS6 - 6 (as well as standalone versions) 32bit PC. The set includes an inverse 8BF effect, shake color effect and mixing tool, framing tool, grayscale and digital photography, color mixup, percent add color effect (uses existing color and modify by percentage), gradient combinations, a noise effect and sharpen tool and more. They can be used in 1000s of ways to create the most amazing color effects. They all include output modes where the effect is inverted, posterized, color modified by the bounds of the color toolbox and much more. They also all include effects modes where the result is channeled into a blur or smear or tone etc effect resulting in unique blurs and more. The color can also be controlled and modified individually. The tools also includes many millions of color overlays that can be randomized used to enhance or give that special glow to any image. You can also use the photographic 8BF effects in Adobe PS scripts as well as actions. PC only 32 bit. On buying the set, you receive the download link to the standard 8BF plugins as well as install notes and also a serial number for any future updates. More information about volume 3


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20 Blur / smear plugins for Photoshop etc (V4)

20 Blur and smear themed. Includes cross focus, burnt, emboss, smudge, surreal filter effects. PC only 32bit. A truly amazing selection of blurring effects for all your projects. Amazing. Not only that, they also includes 10000s and 10000s of color gradients effects + output modes + blending and special effects as well as transparency effects that can be combined with Adobe PS styles etc More information about volume 4


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18 Noise and random grain filters (V5)

18 Noise and random and grain themed effects combining smear and smudge and blur color effects. The set includes many output options as well as output effects as well as color overlays to create truly amazing colorful images in seconds. They also all contain effects modes where the noise and random grain effects are channeled into a tone or smear or blurring effect and you can use this option to create the most amazing and unique blur effects around. They all also include a wide range of selection or layer transaprency settings and you can use these with your image layers and layer effects to create unusual and weird bevels and shadow effects. You can save the 8BF effects as presets and re-load at a later point. The noise and grain effects can also be used in Adobe PS actions as well as PS scripts. PC only (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc). They are all for use in Adobe PS (most versions but not 64bit ones) as well as Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint and countless other PC graphics applications. On buying the set, you receive the download link to the set and that includes presets as well as the 8BFs and also a serial number for any future updates of the set. If you have any questions, please contact us via support@graphicxtras.com. More information about the volume 5 set


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16 Threshold / smear 8BFs filters (V6)

16 Threshold / color cut off / smeary effects (8BF) for Adobe ® PS, Paint Shop Pro. PC only. Use these to create truly magical images in seconds. They are 32bit only (so you can't use them in 64bit applications). They are for use on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8. They include a vast range of output effect options such as thresholds, inversion, posterization, frames, edge effects and much more. The 8BFs also include amazing smear and threshold effects to create truly unique and memorable effects with any image. They were all created by the developer of the 1000 filter series "Andrews Filters". They also include effect modes where the effect is channeled into an unique blurring or paint or tonal effect - use to create the most amazing blurred images ever. They also include a huge range of color control settings as well as randomization features. You can also save all the effects as presets and with recent versions of Adobe PS and others you can also use them with PS actions and PS scripting. Also includes millions and millions of amazing color overlays such as gradients combinations that will take your breathe away (or something like that). More information about volume 6


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3 Gradients / Patterns / Stretch Effects (V7)

Three filters including a powerful gradient tool packed with millions of overlay effects + patterns tools + image shifting tool. Easy to use and apply in many different applications on the PC (32 bit) such as Photoshop, PSP, Photo-paint, Painter 2015 etc. PC only More information about volume 7


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6 Amazing Pixel Hazy Filters (V8)

Six Photoshop plugins 8BFs including blur effects, misty effects, smeary effects, grain effects and more. PC only. The tools come with a vast range of output effects to create the most amazing grain and noise effects around More information about volume 8


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7 Image Echoes filters including focus and blur and light effects (V9)

Seven 8BF tools including blur, focus effect, fuzzy effects, light squeeze effect, circular / rings gradient color effect and more. PC only 32 bit. More information about volume 9


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14 Color Effects Plugins (V10)

14 Powerful color effects tools includes surreal 8BF effects, color effects, dot filters, random color effects 8BF and many more. All include 100 Output modes (inverse, tile) to further modify the effects in amazing unique ways. All also include 20 effects modes (Blur, sepia, smear etc). which can be used to take any effect and turn them into unique sepia etc effects. PC only 32 bit. These filters are all based on my earlier Andrew's filters series and combined with many new settings


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7 Blurry Effect Tools (V11)

Seven 8BF tools includes stunning blurring effects plus a pyramid line gradient effect and much more. PC only.


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Three gradient effects plugins (V12)

Three powerful gradient and overlay and blend and starburst gradients tools - an amazing set of tools for PC only. Use to create millions of truly amazing color designs. You can also use the gradient effects as a great source for amazing PS and Corel PSP patterns and PS brushes. Note, they will not work with CS6 64bit but they work fine in CS6 32bit and CC


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10 Distort / Smear Effect Tools (V13)

10 Distortions and smears themed 8BF Photoshop plugins. PC only (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows vista, XP etc). The set includes 10 amazing effects including Criz Croz effect, Gradient effect, distortion based on a grid (great for painted and rough mottled effects), streaks effect, star gradients (literally millions of amazing gradient effects based on the foreground and background color setting in the Adobe PS toolbox), dots effect, fragmentation tool, lighten image effect and a sharpening effect tool and more. They are for use in Adobe PS, Paint Shop Pro and others. PC only, they will NOT work on the mac. They are 32bit only. They work in Adobe PS CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 (as well as the standalone versions) etc If you have any concerns about them working or not, please check the sampler set. They can be applied via scripting and actions with the more recent versions of Adobe PS so you can combine the effects with many other tools to create instant click effects. They all include a massive selection of output modes - you can apply them as is but the output modes also mean you can invert or create frame effects or posterization / color limited effects in seconds with all. They all also include effect modes where the effect is used as a source for blurs or paint-like effects or tone effects, you can use them to create some truly unique blurring / blurring and smearing with any image. They also all include color randomization settings, extreme setting randomization as well as combinations with billions of unique gradient effects.


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10 Motion themed filters and gradient effects (V14)

10 Powerful motion themed 8BFs Photoshop plugins including lines effects, gradients tool (which includes millions of colorful gradients effects), distortions, B&W, glow effects, windblast, repeat window effect and more. All in the volume 14 set include 100 Output modes (inverse, tile, posterization effects, color tone effects and many more) to further modify the effects in amazing unique ways. The set includes 20 effects modes (Blur, sepia, smear - where the source effect is used to create truly unique smearing and blur effects as well as paint and distortion effects). Color gradients effects are included in all the sets and these can be randomized in millions of ways to create stunning colorful imagery. They are for use in Adobe PS, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint and many other applications on the PC. They are only for 32 bit. On buying the set, you receive the download link to the set and the set contains all the 8BFs as well as documentation and a serial for any updates


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Color Effect 8BF - millions of color filters (V15)

Single tool for 1000s of color effects for Adobe ® PS, Paint Shop Pro. Stunning color effect tool for Adobe ® PS packed with many different filters and color effects. Modify images in many different ways. PC only. Standard 8BF.


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Power Blend - 1000s of color gradients (V16)

Power blend gradient color 8BF Photoshop plugin tool packed with millions and millions of colorful overlays and visual effects. The set is for Adobe ® Adobe PS, Paint Shop Pro and many more graphic software


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8 Distress and edge filters (V17)

8 Distress and edge and grunge and rough color and paint effects set. PC only.


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Carnival Colors - extreme colors in seconds (V18)

Carnival Color set includes millions of wow color and gradient overlay combinations for images and text for use in Adobe PS, Paint Shop Pro and many others. PC only


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Circus Daze Effects - Nightmarish and surreal (V19)

Extreme color effects tool for surreal and nightmare color effects as well as abstract paint effects and more. Includes a vast range of effects to distort any image or text in 1000s and 1000s of ways. PC only


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Contrasted - Intense and standout Photoshop plugin (V20)

Use the contrast effects filter to manipulate any image in countless ways - create hi-contrast and low contrast effects in seconds. The set is for the PC only. Tool includes 100 output modes (inverse, frame, color effects and many more). 20 Effects modes (apply as blur, smear, distortions, threshold effects and many more). The set also includes 1000s of additional color overlays and gradient effects as well as many amazing color randomization effects. Contrasted is 8BF tool for use in Adobe PS, PS Elements, PSP and many others (will not work in 64bit CC CS6 though) PC only

Plugins for Photoshop, PSP etc 32bit PC


photoshop plugins effects


How to install the Photoshop plugin 8BF files ?

They are in standard 8BF format. Place the 8BF files in the filters path of the host application (best check our videos for this). After the install, they are all found in the filter menu of PS though this may vary from app to app as sometimes you will find the items in a separate panel or perhaps the effects menu etc



Photoshop plugin video tutorials

For more information about the Andrew's Plugins for Photoshop, please check out our graphicxtras tutorial channel on Youtube as well as the excellent TipDesk.com website for a whole range of tutorials. You can find out how to install them, how to use them with other tools, how to modify brushes, how to use them with shape layers and smart objects etc




The Photoshop plugins are also for Corel ® PSP X6 X5 X4 as well as earlier. They also work fine also in the latest version of the corel painting application in 32bit



Output options / blending modes

They all include 100 output settings such as 1) invert the image 2) apply only to the red channel 3) wrap the color, limit the colors to the current foreground and BG color range 4) set to difference 5) darken only 6) different darken effects 7) Many types of tiling 8) zapped color effects 9) Edge effects 10) Posterization etc. Blending modes are like additional filters added to the effect, adding millions and millions of new creative effects. You can still use the standard blending modes and opacity that are available to the app such as darken etc as well as fade the result via the fade command.



Photoshop plugin post processing modes

All include 18 post processing settings such as applying a randomized blend to the end result of the filter effect. The randomized color blends effects and blends can add subtle color changes to any image or text or layer. The color effect combinations can range to millions and millions of unique color effects such as quadrant effects. Alone, the post processing effects are a truly powerful addition to any effects collection.



Photoshop actions actions

They can be saved as an action so you can use the actions in batch processing / scripting. You can combine many of the effects, combine them with native Adobe PS effects and save as an action. Re-use the action in future image processing.



Effects modes

They all include 20 effects modes. Instead of the end result of the tool being used in the final output, the filter effect is generated as a blur or smear or paint effect or grain effect based on the strength of the filter effect. Use the effects modes to apply totally weird and wonderful unique warping and paint and blur effects to any image.



RGB and CMYK and LAB and 16bit and 32bit

The Photoshop plugins can be used in RGB as well as CMYK and Grayscale and LAB as well as in 16 bits / channel (for many of the features). Change the image mode via the image command in Adobe PS from RGB to CMYK and they will still appear enabled in the filters menu, apply your effects in CMYK. You can also go to the channels palette and apply the effects to individual channels as well as use them via the split channels and merge channel feature. You can use the 8BF tools in individual channels in most color modes but you can also modify the end result on a channel by channel basis by using the red and green and blur sliders included in all the tools. You can make the entire image a whole lot redder or greener etc. You can also randomize these by clicking the color setting button. You can also apply as a factor in many tools so the reds will be set to 110% of the red channel etc as well as adding the current red channel plus a set of 10 etc up to the allowed maximum for the channel (there are also wrap features which means the channel wrapping can wrap from 255 (white) back to 0 (black).



Randomize with the filters

All the Photoshop plugins come with a selection of randomization controls such as the "Xtreme" which randomizes the most settings to the extreme, creating literally millions and millions of image effects. The "blend" control randomizes the blend / output options so click the blend and the image will invert or a frame will appear or the red color will become dominant; the "tweak" control applies subtle variations of the current settings and will modify only some of the controls - useful if you are fairly close to a setting but just want to tryout certain close settings (good idea perhaps to save the settings before you click the extreme or color etc as you will not be able to undo or return to the earlier settings



Tool settings

All the Photoshop plugins contain their own unique tools settings: some are much the same in many of the tools such as a factor control which controls the color of the image as well as the mix tools which control the blend with the effect and the original source image. They also include dropdown combo boxes to radically alter the functionality of the tool, settings sliders such as intensity, mixing of image and effect, blurring, quality of effect and more. Enter the settings via the interactive sliders or enter the strength of the effect in a standard text / edit field at the right side to the slider. There are checkboxes such as inverse or link r-g-b etc which links the channel information to the red channel settings (userful for grayscale etc effects)



Photoshop plugins and alpha channels

If you apply the effect on a layer, the alpha channel can also be modified by the effect as well as the image itself. There are many different layer / alpha channel modification settings such as adding the red channel of the effect to the alpha channel, or applying a blend to to the alpha channel, or inversing of the effect, edge settings and many more. You can also then use the result of any alpha channel with the layer effects / styles such as unique drop shadows or unique textures / bevels.



Work in

The Andrew's tools work in many different PC software tools such as PhotoImpact etc. They also work on Vista, windows 7 and other versions of Windows. Some functionality might be different in each of the tools as each application uses different features and color approaches so in some the foreground and background color might be ignored as they are not supplied to the tool so in Adobe PS if the foreground is red and the background is blue the range may be modified by this, in PSP this will not be the case. I would suggest - check out your application with some of the sampler / demos



Digital Photography

The filters all come with modes that can be useful for digital photography such as borders as well as invert, solarization, posterization, saturation as well as tone settings. Use the output and effects modes to tweak an image in 1000s of ways, from the subtle to the extreme



Photoshop pugins preview dialog

All the effects include a large preview screen to show the effect. You can go in and out within limits. The preview in many cases can also be used as an interactive tool to change the settings of some fields, simply click the preview to select the color or change the intensity of an effect



Andrew's filters

The effects are not the Andrew's Filters. I created the Andrew's Filters back in 1995, these filters are not related other than that I created both sets. The range of effects in this later series is hundreds of times greater in range and features set than the earlier very popular series. Please check out many web sites such as the Steve's Desktop Photography site for a full list of all the filters in the "Andrew's Filters collection". I no longer store the filters on the graphicxtras web site. The Andrew's filters - Filter factory plug-ins and code / freeware - 1000 filters. Probably not many people remember the plugins that I created back in 1995-1996 or so (in Nijmegan, Holland mainly), I had them tucked away for quite a while. The Andrew's filters plugins were generally stored on the Steve's desktop Photography site (excellent site by Steve Fisher) but as the plugins probably can't run (I haven't checked for a while) I have decided to release the code set for all the 1000 filters. Please feel free to use the coding in any development of plugins, apps, etc as required. There is a short license included such as who created the code. Use at your own risk (means we are not supporting them any more!) They are non-exclusive so they can be used by anyone. No time limits etc. The ZIP contains the code in the text file format and an AFS format. Hope you find them of interest and any link back to this page source is always welcome. Please download the file and use the code as required. I still occasionally dip into the ideas and code myself and use some in my latest plugin tools as well. Please note that the layout and naming convention might be different from how you remember them as I had a different setup from Steve's site Filter factory code



Color via toolbox

Many of the filters use the color from the toolbox. If the effect or setting uses the foreground color or BG color of the PS toolbox then you will see this as indicated in the tool dropdowns as BG and FG colors. You can change the color via the PS toolbox. Changing the color combinations can radically change some of the effects (there are also millions of possible color combinations!). Most of the blend filters use the BG and FG color information to create the blending / graduated effect. Some software do not return the color information so in those cases they will only probably use a single pre-defined color



Categories for the Photoshop plugins

The filters are spread over multiple categories, they appear in the menu of Adobe PS ® in their overall category. The categories include edge / blur / color / distortion etc. Go to Adobe PS and open a document or create a new document. Go to the filter menu and select the filters via the AP categories. The are all listed in categories loosely related to their basic function such as blurs are in AP [Blurs]. Most come with 1000s of effects so even if the tool is called a blur effect it is quite as likely to be used as a smear or gradient effect so the categories are very loose.



How do I receive the files and what do I get ???

You receive the Photoshop plugins as a ZIP (whether the collection set or the individuals) You should be able to expand the set without any additional software. If you do need some software to unzip the file, the best tool is probably Smith Micro's (FREE) stuffit expander tool. That should resolve any issues but in most cases. Once you have unzipped the set, select all the 8BF files and place them in the required path for your host application. Any questions, please e-mail us



Smart objects / filters

The Photoshop plugins work with the new smart objects feature. You can add the effects to all kinds of layers and shapes and then simply go over to the layers palette and de-select or remove them from the smart filters as well as change any of the settings and the end result of the effect. You can move them up and down the chain of effects




'Totally fascinated with the graphicxtras tools', 'Use them 90% of the time for mixing colors to achieve artistic effects' - Jeff Wietor (www.raincoat.tv)

"In the growing market of filters Andrew's work shines above the mediocrity of mostly uninspired "effects". His work is not only inexhaustible in scope and variety it is original and fresh. Andrew's Filters, settings, do not just blur the distance between effects and art, his work is art. Welcome to the future." Dede Kafka