Brushes for Photoshop / PSP / Elements

Updated: June 13th, 2015

1000s of Photoshop brushes CC 2014 CS3 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS2 CS1 7 6 Elements 13 -1 as well as PSP (PaintShop Pro) GIMP, Painter, Adobe Illustrator etc PNG (or ABR) royalty free 300 DPI commercial use - they can also generally be used as sources for patterns etc as well

Brushes for Photoshop and Elements and PSP

  1. Abstract brushes

  2. Animal brushes (cows, cats etc)

  3. Christmas / xmas brushes

  4. Circular brushes

  5. Dots brushes

  6. Embellishment / swirl / flourish brushes

  7. Frame brushes

  8. Grid brushes

  9. Hearts

  10. Human / people / faces / silhouettes / females brushes

  11. Line brushes (connections, zigzags, waves, arcs, links etc)

  12. Polygon / hexagon / plus / star brushes

  13. Symmetrical brushes (rosettes, flowers etc)

  14. Transport (cars etc)

  15. Type / letters / alphabet

  16. Unusual brushes

shadow spiral elements on blue background

They can be used once or multiple times, shadows can be added in seconds in any color. The above spiral has a a black shadow on a blue background

Photoshop brushes Works with ??

If PNGs included

CC CS6 5 4 3 2 1 & 7 6 & Elements 13 12 11 10 9 etc& standalone 15-6

Illustrator CC - 10

Illustrator 17 - 10

PaintShop Pro X7 - PSP 8

Corel Painter




3D Studio Max


Microsoft Word



Affinity designer

Adobe Fireworks

and many more


abstract strokes added rounded circle in olive and white

Circular art combining multiple dabs in dark olive and in white on an olive background in Adobe PS. You can use them to create millions of abstract artworks. From pack 140


animal dolphin sets avaiable

There are many different animal sets available such as dolphins, cats, dinosaurs etc. They can be combined with text as well as just added on their own or added to any image. From pack 199. To find the set, either search via our google search at the top of the page or click on the dolphin link above.


grids for PS with windows buildings

Many different sets are included on this page such as grids - the grids can be used as is but you can also use them as a great source for buildings such as adding lights to windows etc. From pack 220


tribal tiles in olive

You can use them as a quick effective source for pattern tiles, and even more amazing uses if you combine them with the edit fill commands and deco scripts such as random fill, symmetry, cross weave etc. Instead of filling an image with them by hand you can just let Adobe PS randomly fill them with color and different angles etc in seconds. From pack 203


shoes used as fills random in deco scripts in yellows and greens and reds

Shoes (pack 224) can be used as a source for pattern tiles in deco scripts random fill - fill an entire image with random colored shoes. The end result was modified further using the poster edges filter in Adobe PS to add a roughness / poster look to the shoes (rotated and re-colored by the script). The fill scripts are a very useful tool in PS


 effects and 3D cube  and glows on a blue background multiple layers

Photoshop brushes can be used in 1000s of ways and combinations to create all kinds of images - you can use them in most applications


blur  and blurred brush strokes and abstract  distort and oil paint

Photoshop brushes can be used as is but they can be used with other effects such as blurs as well as blur tool and also other effects such as camera raw filter (you can also combine with the art history tool and camera raw filter etc)


grid  and elements filled and cross  on layers

The presets can be used as patterns as well as being used on a grid in PS for perfect alignment for the strokes. They can also be filled with any color as well as any color of stroke.


styles and shadow arrow  and elements in white on blue

Use with styles - drop shadows / glows / color overlays etc

Photoshop brushes / loading and opening them

Really depends on the format. If the set is ABR then you can load them via the presets palette or by double clicking the ABR etc but if the set is PNG then you can open them via the file open command. More about loading / installing them

Photoshop brushes -- Hi-rez strokes

All are hi-rez with the size of the presets ranging from 200 x 200 up to 1000 x 1000 in most cases. All stored at 300 DPI (though the internal format of the ABR is unknown). The collection set was created a while back so the file sizes are not up in the 2000+ range. You can always use the strokes to create multiple strokes which can then be defined as a new much larger strokes. you can do this by just opening a new document and then applying multiple dabs and then using the edit menu define command (though you will have to also remember to use the save command on the preset palette to save the ABR with the new stroke)


strokes color and smeary patch mixed colors

The strokes can be applied in PS and elements in multiple colors using the dynamics - of course, you can also just change the color each time you apply a dab

Re-combine Photoshop brushes and create new ones

They are not cast in stone. you can always use the strokes to create a new stroke via the edit menu define command. Combine the preset strokes by either using the same stroke or perhaps multiple different strokes as well as applying different strokes in different colors - grayscale - and different sizes and rotations.


The Photoshop brushes can also have effects applied to them such as blurs or smudges or you can develop strokes using the different tools such as the smudge and blur tool to create localized modifications to the pixels.


You can also combine the strokes on a single layer and then use that layer as a floater or resource which can be added to the image in different locations - convert the combined stroke into a smart layer so the source strokes can be modified at any point in the creative process.


echoes circular ring  and pumped music  speakers in green

The circle / rings have been added - each circle is an individual dab. They have then be blurred using powerful PS blur gallery 'path' feature and strobe lighting / motion blur (great for creating truly weird and wonderful abstract art from any added dab). An additional glow was added using the camera raw filter in Adobe PS. From pack 140

Photoshop brushes / Preset palette

All the presets can be further tweaked and extended via the palette that comes with PS 7 upwards. The preset palette allows the dabs to be scattered, opacity applied, texture applied, color changed and much more.


1) Select tool (any of the main tools such as clone or paint or dodge)

2) Go to the window menu and select the correct palette

3) Click on shape dynamics / scattering (checkbox will then be set to ON)

4) Change settings

5) Key settings are via the tip shape dialog settings such as spacing (set to 0 to create a smooth  stroke)


color lookup and solar burst oil paint effect  for

The presets in PS etc can be used with color lookup features - easy to add stunning color effects to any stroke

Use Photoshop brushes as textures / patterns

Use the preset dabs to create stunning textures as well as using them to create tiles. Apply the dabs in 1000s of ways, apply blurs and smears and other effects to create unique textures. If you wish to make them seamless, I would suggest using additional tools such as Terrazzo from Xaostools. You can also use the strokes with the offset filter in PS and that is fairly powerful tool to create tiles. say you have a document 1000 x 1000, use the offset with -500 500 and continue to apply dabs to the newly positioned document.


On completion, use the define command to save the tile.


textures rough woodcut and textured using threshold image adjustment  and psp

The presets make a wonderful way of creating super fast and exciting textures, the above texture was also modified using the threshold feature

Art history / Impressionist tool

Use the art history or impressionist tool to create stunning painted / impressionistic paintings using the stroke.


The key thing for the art history tool is the history palette. Apply a number of effects or strokes to a document and then go to the history palette and click the left side of any of the history entries. A little icon will appear showing the source for the art history tool. You can then apply the stroke with varying types such as tight short as well as use some of the settings in the preset palette (found via the window menu).


Never actually sure why some of the settings in the preset palette are then grayed out such as dual and scattering which I never understood as those features would, if available, prove very useful.


art history  starry and splatter  oil paint effects

Art history tool can be applied in 1000s of different ways to create an infinite range of different art styles and change any image

Photoshop brushes in the CC CS6 / Creative Cloud

They work fine in the latest version of PS, they are also loaded in the same way and applied in the same way - there was no noticeable changes to the strokes or changes to the format of the ABR. The panels were changed slightly to show off their new grey look. There has been little change to strokes for quite a while - the last big change was the addition of a powerful palette. I would still love to see a symmetry feature included with all the presets in PS - 4 way, 2 way symmetry as well as 8pt as well as perhaps an automatic tile painting feature where the wraps around the edge of the artwork. As there are now so many (such as the 10,000 oes in this collection), it would also be a great addition to CS7 / CC if there was a preset browser / search feature - it gets harder and harder to find a particular dab from an ABR and surely that time could be spent actually drawing and painting.


Pushing the strokes even further, perhaps the dabs could also be used as a source for many of the filters (such as the shape filter). Live strokes would also be great where the stroke can be modified at any point in the creative process such as with smart filters or smart objects.

Presets browser

If you are looking for a presets browser (if you have 100000s of presets it makes it a lot easier to scan for a particular image) I would suggest checking out the Breeze application from Tumasoft as you can also look for CSH and PAT and GRD etc presets as well as ABR ones and also fonts. You can also export the images for use in other projects.


mice mouse  and psp etc in black illustration sketch

There are many different animal sets available such as a mouse / mice es set - a single mouse illustration applied to a green background in PS / PSP etc

Use Photoshop brushes with effects / Layer Effects / Styles

Add a effect to a layer and apply a stroke to the layer, the strokes will now have the effect such as blue gel / metallic. The effect is still live so you can modify the metallic effect stroke at any point in the creative process. The layer effects can be modified via the layer menu such as adding a new shadow or bevel.


metallic  styles applied to a face and with lighting effect added

You can apply styles such as metal styles to the image by using a layer and then applying the strokes followed by a metal style (or plastic etc). Great for make-up effects and more

Flow setting for the stroke

Apply a preset in PS and sometimes the underlying image is completely removed. To apply a less destructive application, use the flow setting. Set the value to 1% and any applied stroke with be very very subtle (and will require multiple applies for the color to even appear).


The flow setting is found in the control bar. Strangely the flow setting does not appear with all the tools, though it is the same as intensity or exposure. There is a flow jitter setting confusingly placed in the transfer section of the preset palette (which, again, turns into intensity when you use other tools).


I am always a little baffled to why there is no flow setting to 200% as using a single dab of a stroke often shows 50% of the underlying image and requires at least two or three applies to eliminate the underlying picture.

What can I do with the PS / psp strokes ?

They are for commercial use as well as personal use, you can use the preset to create items that can be used to create new items for sale CU4CU and more. Create logos, books, illustrations, textiles, adverts, packaging, t-shirts, fashions, ceramics, 3D, posters, caps, shoes and much more. If you have any questions about the uses of the presets please contact us on


animal such as cats can be applied as a layer and perfect guard cat on blue

Many different animals are included in the sets such as cats, dogs, horses etc - PNG as well as ABR in many cases for many different applications

Photoshop brushes Video tutorials

You can find all our videos on the graphicxtras channel on - the videos show how they can be installed, how to add the strokes, how to change the presets, how to blend them, how to use visual effects to the presets and much more. They are often not specific on a certain image such as spirals but more general use, you can always contact us if you have a particular question to ask about the presets and I will try and create a video or two.


You can see all our step by step information about the tools, psp tools etc via youtube, all are by Andrew Buckle

Pencil sketch video using oil paint filter (Youtube video)

Installing presets in PSE 12 (Youtube video)


 arrow  opacity setting in blue two

Two arrow presets - one with opacity set to 20% and another, 100%

Help ?

There are many videos and help pages about the presets on the web - the best source of information (other than this one, of course) is the Adobe site and their information about how to use the presets etc Also you can find many useful tutorials on tutsplus as well as wiki how

Photoshop brushes as a source for patterns

You can use them as a source for amazing patterns for PS as well as PaintShop Pro and other applications.


To create the pattern, simply select the image from the palette and apply them either once or multiple times and combine them as required. The strokes can also be further modified by effects to create 1000s and 1000s of unique graphics that can all be used as a great source for patterns. Ok, once you have the images just go to the edit menu define pattern command and that is that. You can, of course, save as a PNG and use again in future.


Save as a PSD and you can then load the browser in the displace filter or the glass filter as a displacement file. If you wish to use the PNG images in paintShop Pro then you can simply drop the PNG images into the pattern folder and then access via the materials palette

Color channels / image modes

They can be used in most of the images modes (such as grayscale, duotone, RGB, CMYK, LAB etc as well as 8bit and 32bit and 16bit image modes. You can also use the presets on all the color channels such as RGB and you can also apply them to the individual channels so red channel, green channel etc and totally ignore the blue channel.


They are a very effective tool for all image modes.