Photoshop Displacements Maps (Distortions, textures, glass) for Elements, PSP etc

Displacement maps for Photoshop (distortions, textures, glass) PSP inc. rough, distress, mottled, scratched royalty free PSD

displacement maps

Displacements and texture maps for Photoshop gallery 1000 Displacement maps / distortions / Designs for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2017 / 2015 CS3 CS2 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS1 2014 Elements PSP Painter GIMP etc


Set includes rough textures, distressed, circular displacement maps, geometric, abstract, cris cross effects, jagged, maps, mottled, diamond textures, grunged and many more. All are by Andrew Buckle / and can be used to create items for sale such as use in 3D work, logos, web pages, wallpapers and more. Commercial use, royalty free, world wide use, no credit required. Access the Photoshop displacement maps via the powerful displace and glass and filter gallery in Adobe ® Photoshop ® and via materials in PSP. You can combine, distort, export, blend, use visual effects, use as layers etc and much more to this powerful selection of seamless textures. Also great for 3D work. PSD format, varying sizes, 300 DPI. On purchase of the displacement maps, you receive the download to the set and this includes PSD files along with documentation and gallery and serial. Free displacement samplers / demo tryout for the displacement maps and distortions

grid displacement maps

Line displacement maps (V15) 120 Line and grid and streak textures / distortions for psp, photo-paint, elements, Affinity Photo and others. The tiles are for commercial use. They are stored in standard PSD format for use in many applications.


All can be used royalty free in all your projects. The displacements can be used to great effects with brushes such as goth and gothic brushes brushes and edged frame brushes and line and jagged brushes and you can combine the displacement maps with patterns such as rosette and flowery patterns and shield and painted shield patterns and outline / texture patterns

line displacement maps

Grid and streaks displacement maps (V14) Amazing 50 line and grid and streaks distortions for Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others. Powerful line maps for your projects. All can be used in commercial as well as personal projects, you have full rights to use them in all kinds of ways in your projects.


You can use them on the PC and MAC and they can be used in most applications.


You can use the grid textures with PSP shapes such as Corel PaintShop Pro Preset shapes

letter type displacement maps

Letter displacement maps (V13) 100 Letter / type and word art and text displacement / texture / distortions for Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others. Many weird and wonderful antique as well as abstract letter themed textures are included in the set and they can be combined in millions of ways.

greek displacement maps

Greek ornament displacement maps (V10) Powerful 160 Greek ornament maps / texture / distortions for PS, psp, GIMP, photo-paint, PS Elements and others. You can use them as a great source for frames and edges as well as using them in distortions and displace filter effects. Commercial use

flourish swirls displacement maps

Flourish displacement maps (V4) Amazing 100 flourish and embellishments / texture / distortions for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp etc

Zoom displacement maps (V2) 100 Zoom and manga and jagged displacement / texture / distortions for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others.

festive displacement maps glass effect photoshop

Christmas displacement maps and textures for Photoshop gallery (V12) 100 Xmas graphics PSDs for PS, psp, photo-paint, elements and others The Christmas displacements set includes angels, candles, trees and more


Commercial use, all royalty free, all by / Andrew Buckle. The displacement maps can be used to create all kinds of amazing festive displacements, textures, glass distortions as well as just basic patterns in many different applications on the PC and MAC Find more about the Christmas / festive displacement maps

Border displacement maps (V7) 100 Border and frames / texture / distortions for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others. Many unique and weird and wonderful retro themed and shadow effects included in this set. PSD format.

Diamond displacement maps (V8) 100 Diamond and jagged and angled themed maps / texture / distortions for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others. Perfect artworks for intense cutting designs in all your projects.

Snowflake Christmas textures gallery (V11) 100 Displacements for Adobe Photoshop, PSP, GIMP, Pages, Affinity Photo etc. Commercial use, all royalty free. On purchase of the set, you receive the PSD files / textures along with documentation and gallery and serial number.

paint displacement maps for Photoshop and psp

Rough paint displacement maps textures for Photoshop and Affinity Photo and psp gallery (V6) 100 Paint and rough textures curled, weird and warped for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, elements and others.


Commercial use, all the artwork in the set is by for royalty free use in all apps on the PC and MAC You can find more about the rough / paint / distress displacement maps for Photoshop and psp etc

Rough displacements Browse gallery (V3) Amazing 100 rough and scratchy and doodle texture / distortions for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others.

Tubed / rough displacement maps for Photoshop and others gallery (V1) Wow 100 tubed and gritty and rough themed texture / distortions, mottled, grunged for Adobe ® PS, psp, photo-paint, elements and others.

Radial displacements / Check out presets in set (V9) Wonderful 100 radial and line and contour / offset maps / texture / distortions for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others.

alien displacement maps

Surreal displacements / Check out presets in set (V5) Stunning intergalactic 100 alien / surreal / crop circle / extra-dimensional displacement / texture / distortions for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp, photo-paint, elements and others.

Textures bitmaps set / Check out presets in set 1250 Textures / grayscale / distortions for Photoshop etc includes geometric, rough textures, noise textures, grain textures, brushed, distressed and more. BMP format for all kinds of work and applications PC and MAC

Displacement maps for Photoshop and Elements and PSP etc


You can find all our tutorials about the Photoshop / psp etc displacement maps and distortions and textures


Displace filter and displacement maps in Photoshop


Texturizer filter and displacement maps in Photoshop

Super useful displacement maps

The sets are all for commercial (CU4CU), use to create items for sale. They are for countless applications and are all in PSD format. All the PSDs are by Andrew Buckle / The maps are basic files but these files can be used in many of the PS filters such as displace and also glass and others. You can use the PSD maps in Adobe ® Photoshop ® to create distorted effects, glass, textured, painted effects and much more.


Convert the Photoshop displacement maps to other formats

They are in PSD format files in standard PSD format and they can be easily converted to other formats such as PNG or they can be used as a source for more than displacements and textures. You can open a PSD and then use the edit menu / define brush command to save the displacement map to a brush stroke. You can also use the textures in filters such as third party tools such as KPT


They can also be used as a source for patterns and can be quickly converted to pattern format. Using the files as patterns is perhaps far more obvious than using as brushes. The only difference between the patterns and the displacements, grayscale - you won't see any reds or blues etc in a texture. The textures are all still seamless.


How to combine the displacement maps

They can be combined to create even more patterns, simply by opening or placing multiple PSD and then combining them using the blending modes etc. As all the tiles are seamless, multiple displace PSD (without any transformations or perhaps with limited transformations such as flip or rotate 90 degree) are also seamless and the end result will still be a seamless tile that can be added to the PS pattern panel via define pattern command. You can also combine them with pattern sets such as colorful line and stripe patterns


How to use the displacement maps as a texture for a layer

They can also be used as a texture for a layer. Open the PSD and add them to the pattern panel via the edit menu define pattern command. Create a new layer and fill with gradient or image or painting etc and then go to the layer and layer style menu and add bevel. Select the texture option and then select the created pattern from the dropdown. You can also scale the texture.


Using the displacement maps in Affinity Photo

Weirdly, you cannot use the PSD files via the Affinity Photo displace command but you can use them in PNG format. Quick solution is then to open the files and then save them as PNG and then use them. You can also use the same files then via the gradient tool and the fill layer as a bitmap and you can rotate and scale etc the items. You can find more tutorials about Affinity Photo (such as snapshots, filters, equations, extensions etc) and how to use the wonderful application


How to use the displace filter in Photoshop

You can use the displacement maps PSDs in PS filters. Access the Photoshop displace tool via the filter menu. The filter is pretty old and appears not to have been updated for many years (other than to allow for the filter to work in CC CS6) - the interface and filter technique has been unchanged for ages. It doesn't even feature a preview image so the displacements are very much trial and error. The filter works in a two dialog approach: settings followed by another dialog for the selected map. The filter allows for the setting of the scale of the tile as well as how to apply them (stretch to fit or tile) as well as how to fill the undefined areas of the image. After clicking OK, you are then allowed to select the PSD and apply that. You can re-apply the displace filter / Photoshop PSDs multiple times via the filter repeat command. This is generally only effective when using smaller values of scale. Low scaling values result in a very subtle distortion.


What format are the displacement maps / textures

PSD format. To use Photoshop textures, you have to convert the BMP or JPGs to PSD format. Once in PSD format, they can be used in displace, glass, texturizer etc filter plugins


Glass filter and displacement maps in Adobe Photoshop

Quite a powerful filter that can be accessed via the distort glass filter command. The glass filter also uses the map PSDs. The glass filter has changed with the times and is now part of the filter gallery - you can set the distortion, smoothness, texture as well as scaling (though sadly not horizontal and vertical separately) and inverted. The glass filter can be applied multiple times within the same filter gallery and with different maps / image files and different settings of scale and smoothness. You can also combine other filter effects with the glass and the filters can be modified and re-ordered. Another useful feature with CS6 CS5 etc is that you can use the map / glass filter as a smart filter allowing for a more flexible application of the artwork and you can alter the settings at any point in the creative process as long as you don't flatten the layers


Video tutorials - how can I find out more about them

You can find all our videos via the site and the graphicxtras channel, you can also find a number of other videos on the subject via the excellent site. You can find out how to use them in PS, how to load them, how to use them with the glass filter, how to use them with texturizer, how to use them in patterns, use them as a source for brushes, how to combine them, how to modify them, how to use them with text and much more. Any questions, please let us know