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Displacement maps and Affinity Photo tutorial

How to use displacement maps from Photoshop into Affinity Photo tutorial

Using the displacement maps in Affinity Photo

displacement maps and affinity photo png psdYou can use displacement maps in Affinity Photo and the displace filter, you can use the displacement maps for use in Photoshop (but see below for a big but). You can use the 1000s of displacement maps for Photoshop etc


Weirdly, you cannot use the PSD files via the Affinity Photo displace command but you can use them in PNG format.


Quick solution is then to


  1. open the PSD file

  2. export to PNG format


Displace filter

displacement maps and affinity photo displace
  1. filter menu

  2. distort

  3. displace

  4. load map from file (select the PNG file)



Use with gradient tool etc in Affinity Photo

fill layer displacement mapYou can also use the same files then via the gradient tool and the fill layer as a bitmap and you can rotate and scale etc the items.


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Youtube video tutorials

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