32000 Photoshop Gradients (and Elements) and color presets

Photoshop gradients

Gradients for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and Photoshop elements on the PC and MAC. The Photoshop gradients are for commercial and personal use, all royalty free, all by The Photoshop gradients set includes 32,000 unique colorful gradients for all your projects such as radial gradients, line gradients, harmony gradients, columns, intense zoom gradients and more. The set is supplied in GRD format along with documentation and gallery and serial. The Photoshop gradients are for any size of document. They can be applied via the Photoshop gradients tool found in the toolbar. You can use the Photoshop gradients in fill content for shapes. You can use the gradients as an overlay in styles. You can use the Photoshop gradients as a linear as well as radial and diamond and reflected and angular design. You can add the gradients as overlays. You can use the gradients as textures. You can combine them with adjustment layers and plugin effects. You can use the Photoshop gradients as a great source for brushes and patterns and displacements. You can use the gradients with Photoshop type. You can use them once or multiple times.

BUY $3.99 / Download 32,000 Amazing colorful gradients GRD Photoshop gradients gallery (selection)

Free gradients / royalty free / commercial use

1. Free gradient samplers / demo tryout for Photoshop and elements


photoshop gradients

Video tutorial

Basic use of gradients and opening them etc


1. Install and Load Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

2. Photoshop gradient tutorials section.

3. Tutorial on how to use them in the creation of colorful LUTs

4. How to use gradients in layer effects

5. how to customize the Photoshop toolbar

6. how to create a colorful honeycomb frame in Photoshop

7. Gradient types in Photoshop such as linear and reflected etc

Other resources

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2. flourishes and swirl custom shapes

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Sources and references

1. Gradients and color effects on wikipedia

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