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PaintShop Pro Preset Shapes (More amazing artworks)

Preset shapes for use in Corel PaintShop Pro X9 X8 X7 X6 etc. The preset shapes are for use on the pc / windows. The PaintShop Pro preset shapes are all for commercial use, all are royalty free, all are by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle


►BUY $7.00 • 100 Spiral shapes for PSP PSPShape PaintShop Pro Shapes gallery V4.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Star preset shapes PSP Shapes gallery V10

►BUY $7.00 • 100 PSP Starburst Graphics PSP Presets gallery V24.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Talk / word / speech balloon graphics Talk Balloon gallery V11.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Triradial vector artworks Triradial vectors gallery V23.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Arrow presets Arrows gallery VS1.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Grid and tables and layouts Check out presets in set VS3.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Mixed surreal graphics Check out presets in set VS6.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Mixed vectors Check out presets in set VS7.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Vector artworks Rosettes artworks gallery VS2.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Doodles / hand drawn shapes Doodles gallery V18.

►BUY $7.00 • 100 Arcs shapes Arcs gallery V30