1000s of Photoshop custom shapes CC & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 Elements 2014 etc

Updated: July 30th, 2014

1000s of Photoshop custom shapes for CC 2014 CS3 CS5 CS2 CS6 CS1 CS4 Elements 14 13 etc, royalty free all for commercial use, CSH format designs PC and MAC OS X. All by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle

  1. 13,000 custom shapes

  2. 3D

  3. Abstracts

  4. Animals

  5. Arcs

  6. Arches

  7. Arrow shapes

  8. Art nouveau shapes

  9. Banners

  10. Basic mixed

  11. Blots

  12. Bow ties

  13. Butterflies

  14. Buttons

  15. Cats

  16. Checkerboards

  17. Chevron shapes

  18. Christmas shapes

  19. Circle shapes

  20. Cloud shapes

  21. Connection shapes

  22. Contour shapes

  23. Crescent shapes

  24. Cross shapes

  25. Dashes

  26. Diamonds

  27. Dogs

  28. Doodles

  29. Dot shapes

  30. Easter eggs

  31. Eye shapes

  32. Face shapes

  33. Flames

  34. Fleur-de-lis

  35. Flower shapes

  36. Frame shapes

  37. Gears / cogs

  38. Gothic / goth

  39. Greek ornaments

  40. Grid shapes

  41. Halloween

  42. Heart s

  43. Hexagons

  44. Horses

  45. Horseshoes

  46. Insect (spiders etc)

  47. Kids

  48. Lattices

  49. Letter text type

  50. Moire shapes

  51. Octagon shapes

  52. Octopus shapes

  53. Orbits

  54. Ornaments

  55. Owl shapes

  56. Overlay shapes

  57. Panda bear shapes

  58. People shapes
  59. Polka dots shapes

  60. Polygon shapes

  61. Radial shapes

  62. Rings

  63. Rosette shapes

  64. Saw blade shapes

  65. Scratchy / doodles

  66. Scroll shapes

  67. Sea creatures

  68. Shield shapes

  69. Snowflakes

  70. Space aliens

  71. Star shapes

  72. Star flash shapes

  73. Step / art deco

  74. Spiral shapes

  75. Talk balloons

  76. Teeth shapes

  77. Torus shapes

  78. Triradial / peace

  79. Turtle shapes

  80. Tribal shapes

  81. Trim shapes

  82. Twirl shapes

  83. Valentine shapes

  84. Vintage type / text

  85. Wave shapes

  86. Zigzag shapes

  87. Zoom shapes

Photoshop custom shapes and Elements

For 32 bit / 64 bit versions

You can use the same shapes (those in this collection) in either versions. They work just as well. If you use the 32bit version (of Photoshop CS5 CS6 CC) you will have to place the shapes in the x86 folder of the program files on the PC. You can use the load / replace as well as file open command and access the shapes from a central folder


custom shapes for Photoshop and elements combine text / type


The vector designs can be combined with text in millions of ways

panda shapes for Photoshop and elements animal designs


Many different animal sets can be found in the sets for Photoshop and elements such as pandas, bears, cats, dogs etc

splat shapes for Photoshop and elements mixed designs CC CS4 CS3 color


Selection of splat / blot custom shapes applied in different colors across an image - can be applied in any color and to any size

Use as a layer in Photoshop

The Photoshop custom shape can be used as a shape layer, shape layers can have a layer effect applied such as metallic or blue gel creating stunning metal / gel / wood / plastic shape designs and more. Shape layers can also be transformed, distorted, slanted, scaled, rotated and much more. The transform path menu and warp can be used to warp a custom shape into an arc shape / twirled shape and more. Modify the applied effect via the layer effects menu


letter shapes for Photoshop and elements add designs


The custom shapes sets includes many different letter design sets such as C themed designs. You can also add other paths to the letter shapes such as white blots for Photoshop and elements

embellish flourish shapes for Photoshop and elements in red


The shapes sets include many different designs and these can be used with all kinds of backdrops and other elements in the application

swirl shapes for Photoshop and elements combined with colors


The swirl shapes / custom shapes for Photoshop can be combined with color using a combination of magic wand to select the areas and fills

heart embellish shapes for Photoshop blended


The heart designs can be used in combo with the embellish shapes - use the designs to create millions of unique images and elements in your projects

hexagon shapes for Photoshop and elements CC CS4 C5 etc


The hexagon shapes for Photoshop can be used once or multiple times. You can use the shape designs in all versions of Photoshop from 6 upwards (7 CS1 CS2 etc as well as the stand alone versions and Photoshop elements)

hexagon shapes for Photoshop as a shape layer and gradient fill and stroke


The custom shapes in the sets can all have different fills (such as gradients, above) as well as strokes. As a shape layer, the shape can also have layer styles applied to the designs

abstract star shapes retro designs for Photoshop and night sky


The star shapes for Photoshop etc include many different abstract / retro designs for all kinds of projects and night skies

opacity star shapes for Photoshop and elements background


The star shapes for Photoshop and elements do not need to be applied with the opacity set to 100%, you can set them to 20% or 30% etc to create all kinds of interesting overlays, masks, backgrounds and more

flourish shapes for Photoshop floral designs transformations angled


The swirl / floral shapes for Photoshop and elements can be transformed in numerous ways such as distorted, warped, scaled, rotated etc

surreal shapes arrow designs curved shape and crowns and shadows for Photoshop


Selection of abstract shapes from the shapes collection - arrow designs, curved designs, crown designs with shadows and more

Photoshop Shapes as paths

Custom shapes can be created as path. The one trouble with the path option is that there is no fill so all you can see is a very thin line and if this is applied against a messy background it is often hard to see the Photoshop path. The path can be converted into a selection via the paths palette. The selection can then be transformed, filled, used as a selection for effects

Photoshop shapes work with ???

Photoshop CC 2014 & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 & Elements 12 - 1

Photoshop shapes can be used for ??

Commercial work







Scrap booking

Web pages







Video and more


elegant wave shapes for Photoshop and elements layers


The wave shapes (curved design in pink) can be combined with other layers (circle) and can then be used as a duplicated layer to create patterns and backgrounds etc or just a single element in a design.

wave shape bevel design three combinations lens flare for Photoshop


The wave shapes can be re-colored, layer styles such as bevels applied along with plugin effects such as lens flare - great for 3D depth designs for use throughout Photoshop (if you want to re-use the design, save an individual design as a PNG file and then re-import using the place command or use the bridge tool as a central resource of preset designs for Photoshop). It is a pity that there is no central image store within Photoshop to drag from a library of ready built designs

different posed shapes females for Photoshop and elements


Many different figure / posed / female figure shapes sets are available - above shows four silhouette people / female figure shapes in different poses

figure shapes glow using camera raw filter for Photoshop


The figure / female shapes can be combined with Photoshop plugin effects such as camera raw filter to create stunning background glows

colorful wave shapes for Photoshop and elements mixed random color


The wave shapes can be colored in numerous ways in Photoshop - filled with random colors and more

Fills and Photoshop custom shapes

The custom shapes can be applied as a shape layer but you can also apply the design as a fill pixel (it is the third option on the option bar of Photoshop). The custom shape tool is found beneath the other shape tools over rectangle, ellipse tool, line tool etc. Once you have selected the shape tool, the available shapes for the fill are made available via the dropdown on the option bar (to load new shapes, use the load / replace functionality). To apply the design as a basic fill, just set the color for the fill via the foreground color and then apply the design to the document (that depends on you). The shapes can be applied once or multiple times and can fill the entire document or just a small part of the document. You can also use the custom shape as a source for a brush (edit menu define brush) and then apply the design as a fill via the brush stroke - again, up to you. The fill is applied with the current opacity and mode setting (you can set the mode to normal, difference, multiply, darken and other modes). You can then combine multiple fills by using the blend modes or opacity. You can also create a new layer and apply the shape as a fill on that layer, this does have an advantage of allowing the shape transparency to be used with layer effects and drop shadows and bevels (otherwise the normal fill custom shape is just a flat design). The fill / custom shape can also be further modified, either applied on the background or on a layer, via effects which can be applied to the fill to create blurred versions of the shapes or stained glass fill effects etc. The fills can also be constrained by the selection tool / marquee tool or other selection tools found via the select menu. If you try and apply the fill outside of the selection, nothing will be applied - only the part inside the selection will be filled. You can also use the powerful fill custom shapes to create masks which can then be used to create complex and exciting selections.


tangle Photoshop shapes and shape toolbox showing designs and background


The above fill designs are created using different colors (set via the foreground in the Photoshop toolbox). The shapes displayed are found in the custom shapes palette. Part of the curved and warped shapes designs included in the shapes collection set.

Photoshop shapes / Overlays

Shapes can be applied to an image with 100% opacity, you can use the shape as an overlay with say 50% opacity. This also means the shapes can be used as a watermark over an image


1) Select custom shape tool in Photoshop

2) Select fill pixel option (top bar of Photoshop)

3) Set opacity setting to 50%

4) Apply current selected custom shape

5) Re-apply (great for creating a blurry custom shape design or smudged look)

Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop shapes tutorials

Scripting and Photoshop shapes

Use the Photoshop custom shapes in scripts (via listener filter) to create scripts that can use any shape or design to create backgrounds/borders

Modify the shape of the Photoshop shape

The shape can be used as is but the shape can also be modified as mentioned by the warp and slant and perspective but individual points of the path can be modified and pulled in or out and angled to totally change a shape by using the direct selection tool as well as the add point and convert tools.

Text and shapes

Photoshop Shapes can be combined with text. The text needs to be converted to a shape layer and then additional shapes can be added to the text via the pathfinder options to add to the shape layer or exclude or subtract.

Apply effects to shapes

Shapes can be blurred, stain glass filter applied, distorted, lens flare, all can be applied to a shape, either a shape layer, selection or fill. The shape layer needs to be rasterized before it can be blurred (sharpened isn't perhaps as useful for a vector). With the most recent versions of Photoshop, the shape can also be used as a smart object and as a smart object, smart filters can be applied (this does not take into account all the third party filters).

Photoshop Elements Artworks / Photoshop elements 5.0

for Adobe ® Photoshop ® Elements: If you wish the item to appear in the Artworks and Effects palette (of Photoshop Elements 5) then goto to the 'Documents and settings' folder and 'all users' 'application data' 'adobe' 'photoshop elements' 5.0 'Photo Creations' 'Artwork' 'shapes' and create a sub folder marked 'graphicxtras' (say) and then add the CSH shapes files to that, the shapes will then appear in the 'graphicxtras' category. You can add different categories as required. Note, on re-starting Photoshop Elements, the artwork cache will be re-built. The location for the shapes folder may vary, as I have yet to check out the equivalent on windows Vista. This has now been changed and the exact method for the installation of the shapes / artworks into PSE is not so clear.

Edges and Photoshop custom shapes

Use the Photoshop shapes to create a edges / masks. Use the design combined with pathfinder and subtract or add to the shape to create an edge

Animations and Photoshop shapes

Use the shapes in animations. Add shapes, the same or different shapes, transform the shapes, perhaps shrinking or rotating the shapes and apply them across new layers. Go to the animation palette and use the 'create from layers' command to create a basic animated film from a set of custom shapes. Export to GIF or even SWF

Cookie cutter tool / scrapbooking and Photoshop shapes

The custom shapes can be used with the cookie cutter tool in Photoshop Elements. The shapes for the shapes tool and the cookie cutter tool are the same. The cookie cutter tool offers a number of features such as feather, skew, scale, rotate the custom shape as well as crop the document to the current shape.

Photoshop actions

Save the custom shape drawing as an action to re-apply the design at a later time. Apply multiple Photoshop custom shapes designs and save as an action

FREE Photoshop shapes download

27 Free sampler shapes in standard CSH format, commercial use FREE Photoshop shapes download:


3D shapesabstract shapesarrowscontour shapescollection set

Custom shapes recommendations

1) from (of Pixlwrks Studio): "I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I have the craziest uses for all of this -- I'm a jewelry Designer, and using the shapes, layers and strokes to design jewelry has been phenomenal! I going to write to Photoshop User and tell everyone to your stuff "


5 / 5 stars

2) from Ann Brown (annbrownphotography.com) "Thank you for having enough time on your hands to sit and create all these lovelies, Andrew. There are zillions of them and they are very affordable. I'm sure I will find many uses for them"


3) From Carol Goodell Bingham Farms, Michigan, USA Member: MacGroup Detroit/NAPP: "From my perspective, using tools from Abneil Software Ltd/tools . for Adobe ® Photoshop ® leads me to places and designs I would never have arrived at without them. The path itself is exciting and allows my artist's soul to play freely and happily."