Shapes for Photoshop and Elements

Updated: June 22nd, 2015

1,000s of Photoshop custom shapes for CC 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and standalone Adobe PS 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 and PS Elements 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 etc, royalty free all for commercial use, CSH PC and MAC OS X. All the Photoshop custom shapes are by / Andrew Buckle and can be used with no credits, no time limits. Great for PSE cookie cutters as well. Some sets also include PDFs for use in many other apps such as Illustrator and PSP and GIMP

Photoshop custom shapes and Elements packs

  1. 13,000 Photoshop mixed shapes (mixed variety all for$17.95)
  2. Animal shapes packs (spiders, cats etc)
  3. Hearts / Valentine shapes
  4. Letters / type / text / alphabet / historical / vintage shapes
  5. Humans / People / Female / Male / face / silhouette shapes
  6. Circular and dots shapes
  7. Frames and border shapes
  8. Polygon shapes (stars / hexagons etc)
  9. Embellishment and swirl shapes
  10. General shapes
  11. Christmas shapes
  12. Line shapes
  13. Basic shapes (arrows / spirals/ plus / crosses / spirals / rosettes / flowers etc)

--- Free custom shapes for you to use - try before you buy : freebie set 1 / set 2 / set 3


vector mixed collectionanimalsheartslettershumanscirclesframespolygonsembellishments


What are Photoshop custom shapes ??

They are the most usable resource in Adobe PS and PSE. You can use them as a source for 1000s of different artworks, resources, presets and much more. Really easy to use by adding to the presets palette and then selecting via the toolbox, they can be added as layers and as paths and just fills in any color and, most importantly, any size as they are vectors. They are an amazing feature of PS and PSE. They are native to PS and stored in CSH format files. Same for PC and MAC. Find more via our 13,000 super collection


contoured abstracts

All kinds of vectors are included in the sets such as contours - you can use them once or multiple times

How to load / install Photoshop shapes ?

They are in CSH format. The best way is probably just double click them or use the CSH and right click and select open. There are also other options. How to install / load tutorial


combine with other paths

You can combine them with other paths to create all kinds of vector imagery

Photoshop custom shapes for 32 bit / 64 bit CC CS6 CS5 etc

You can use them in 32bit and 64bit. They work just as well. If you use the 32bit version (of CS5 CS6 CC) you will have to place the presets in the x86 folder of the program files on the PC.


You don't have to store the items there but it probably makes it a whole lot easier. You can also just store them in a totally separate folder from all your versions of PS and PSE and then right click the items and select the open with option - you can then decide whether or not to load the items into PSE or PS etc. 13,000 PS super collection set


add type to the vectors

The Vector graphics can be combined with text in millions of ways

Use Photoshop shapes as a layer

They can be used as a layer and layers can have a layer effect applied such as metallic or blue gel creating stunning metal / gel / wood / plastic and more. layers can also be transformed, distorted, slanted, scaled, rotated and much more. The transform path menu and warp can be used to warp the preset into an arc / twirled form and more. Modify the applied effect via the layer effects menu


splats and spots

Selection of splat / blots applied in different colors across an image - can be applied in any color and to any size

Photoshop custom shapes / Preset browser

If you have a lot of CSH files then it becomes tricky to find a particular vector graphic. You can load many different exciting graphics into a single palette but there is a useful tool from Tumasoft called the Presetviewer breeze. It allows you to quickly search through 1000s of images as well as export them to PNG. You can also browse for ABR and PAT etc files. You can use the tool on the PC and MAC


pattern tiles on orange

You can use any of the vectors included in the sets to create all kinds of patterns / tiles, simply by using the edit menu define command - you can also turn them into a powerful brush set so they are really super useful for all your projects

Use Photoshop custom shapes as paths

You can create in three different modes, layers and paths and fills. The one trouble with the path option is that there is no fill so all you can see is a very thin line and if this is applied against a messy background it is often hard to see the path. The path can be converted into a selection via the paths palette. The selection can then be transformed, filled, used as a selection for effects.


So even if that option initially appears to be the least useful, don't dismiss the path feature. You can also export the paths into Illustrator for further modifications.


With the most recent versions of PS, you can now use the paths in a slightly different way with the pattern fill / scripts where the path command can be used in combo with a pattern to create lines / entire document fills / spiral effects and much more


circular graphics rounded background

A single graphic can be turned into a basic artwork or a complex intricate work - great for creating for all kinds of unique images


CC 2014 & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 & Elements 13, 12, 11, 10 to 1

Use for ??

Commercial work







Scrap booking

Web pages







Video and more


pandas illustration

Many different animal sets are included on the site such as the panda. All are 3D renders of various 3D models. You can use them in scenes, in comic books, in closeup and much more.

Photoshop custom shapes / Fills and presets

The presets can be applied as a layer but you can also add them as a fill / pixel (it is the third option on the option bar of PS). The CSH tool is found beneath the rectangle tool, ellipse tool, line tool etc. Once you have selected the tool, the available CSH presets for the fill are made available via the dropdown on the option bar (to load new presets, use the load / replace functionality). To add it as a basic fill, just set the color for the fill via the foreground color and then add to the document / image.


They can be added once or multiple times and can fill the entire document or just a small part of the document.


You can also use them as a source for a brush (edit menu define brush) and then add via the brush stroke or perhaps the blur tool or smear or dodge tool and more. The fill / stroke is added with the current opacity and mode setting (you can set the mode to normal, difference, multiply, darken and other modes). You can then combine multiple fills by using the blend modes or opacity.


You can also create a new layer and apply as a fill on that layer, this does have an advantage of allowing the transparency to be used with layer effects and drop shadows and bevels (otherwise the normal fill is just a flat graphic). The fill can also be further modified, either added on the background or on a layer, via PS effects such as adding gallery / filter effects as well as blurs and distortions.


The fills can also be constrained by the selection tool / marquee tool or other selection tools found via the select menu. If you try and apply the fill outside of the selection, nothing will be applied - only the part inside the selection will be filled. You can also use the fill to create masks which can then be used to create complex and exciting selections.


With the creative cloud update (October 2014), you can also now quickly add the filled image to the library feature and use any added item in future projects as well as quickly use the same items over in Illustrator 13,000 super collection set


images filled with vectors in pink

You can fill any image with the vectors in any size - you can use the same artwork or different presets included in the pack (#36)

Used as overlays

They can be applied to an image with 100% opacity, you can use the preset as an overlay with say 50% opacity. This also means the presets can be used as a watermark over an image


1) Select tool in PS

2) Select fill pixel option (top bar of PS)

3) Set opacity setting to 50%

4) Apply current selected

5) Re-apply (great for creating a blurry artwork  or smudged look)


combine them in millions of ways

You can combine them in many different ways - they don't need to be used just as. Millions of different vector artworks can be created just from one set

Tutorials on the subject of the Photoshop custom shapes

How to create selections from them

Using fragments of vectors in PS (tutorial)

Changing color of fill in CC etc (tutorial)

Loading and installing CSH files (tutorial)

How to use across channels (tutorial)

Exporting them to other applications / vector and raster (tutorial)

Adding multiple strokes to layers / text in Adobe PS and others (tutorial)

Loading multiple CSH files in one go (tutorial)

CS6 - new features (tutorial)

How to use with blur filter (tutorial)

Palette options for the CSH vector files (tutorial)

Converting (create) to brushes (tutorial)

Creating pattern tiles from them (tutorial)

As a source for displacements / glass distortions (tutorial)

How to rotate them (tutorial)

How to create more patterns (tutorial)

Drawing irregular artworks in Adobe PS (tutorial)

Photoshop generator (tutorial)

Using with image modes (CMYK etc) (tutorial)

Combine layers using set operation features (tutorial)

Using with blending modes (tutorial)

Changing live into standard vectors (tutorial)

Recording them in Adobe PS actions and replacing paths (tutorial)


combine with shadows and effects

You can fill them with gradients and patterns etc, you can also add effects etc as well to all the artworks included in the sets - you can also add them to any backgrounds and even use them as backgrounds


Use Photoshop custom shapes with PS scripting

You can quickly create scripts using the powerful listener plugin (add to the plugins path - this item is available with the DVD set though this may no longer be available with the download ? ) The scripts can modified and used to create all kinds of amazing artworks using the vector graphics. The javascript / VB script files are fairly easy to look through and it should be fairly easy (with just a basic javascript knowledge)


combine with type

You can combine them with type / text in 1000s of ways such as pasted into, as a pattern fill, on the path, to the left, above etc

How to modify the Photoshop shapes / CSH files

The presets can be used as is but they can also be modified by warp and slant and perspective as well as by individual points of the path can be modified and pulled in or out and angled and this can result in a totally different vector graphic. This can be saved via the define command in the edit menu.


The best way to modify the vector graphic is to copy it via the pasteboard into Illustrator and back again. Illustrator is definitely the best tools to modify the paths as you have a whole range of vector tools (such as the curvature tool and pen tool etc) as well as third party plugins such as MirrorMe and VectorScribe and WidthScribe you can manipulate the vector into all kinds of forms.


You can also store the vector paths into the library feature (if you have the latest subscription of the CC with Adobe) as the artwork can then be quickly imported back and forth between Illustrator and PS - the paths can be changed in 1000s of ways and saved as a selection of graphic resources.


duplicated paths

You can duplicate the paths and use in different colors in millions of ways - such as letters combined via pixel options in PS and PSE

Use with text

They can be combined with text. The text needs to be converted to a layer and then additional vectors can be added to the text via the pathfinder options to add to the layer or exclude or subtract.


row of artworks

You can use them once or multiple times in any image as well as combine with other elements such as type

Use Photoshop shapes with the visual effects

They can can be blurred, stain glass filter applied, distorted, lens flare, oil paint, camera raw filter etc; either as a layer or as a selection (path) and as a fill. The layer needs to be rasterized before it can be blurred (sharpened isn't perhaps as useful for a vector) or a better solution now is to use the presets as a smart object (convert via the layer menu) and use with the filters as smart filters. Smart filters order can be moved up and down, the settings can be changed, the smart filters can also be duplicated as well as removed or disabled.


alien artwork

You can combine them with many other paths to create millions of different artworks

Use to the Photoshop shapes to create edges

Use them to create an edge. One approach is to use multiple copies of the vector paths and align them as a frame (use the alignment tools to create a row and column of the vectors if using as layers). You can also use transformation tools (rotate) and transform again command to create a circular selection of the paths. You can also duplicate multiple paths and place them randomly but all distributed around an image and this is a great way of create an unusual frame. You can also use the pathfinder / unite / subtract / intersect etc options to create all kinds of vector layer frames and these can be transformed and distorted as well as stored as a new CSH file. You can also store the edges into the library (creative cloud) for use in future projects.


You can also a single path and use the subtract tool to use other paths to remove (distress and mottle) from the vector and this can be then be combined with an image as a mask.


edge artwork

You can create all kinds of wonderful edges using the vectors in PS

How to use the Photoshop shapes in animations

You can use the presets in animation in PS. Add, transform, use visual effects etc and apply them across new layers. Go to the animation palette and use the 'create from layers' command to create a basic animated film from a set of presets. Export to GIF or even SWF or a movie format.


Personally, the animation features in PS is a little clunky and it is probably better to export the images and use them in Adobe After Effects


You can add keyframes to the layer timelines and these can be : visibility and position and layer effects (which means you can vary drop shadows etc over time).


vectors for any size of diagonal

They can be any size in PS - small or super large

Cookie cutter tool / scrapbooking in Photoshop Elements

They can be used with the cookie cutter tool in PS Elements. The cookie cutter tool offers a number of features such as feather, skew, scale, rotate etc. The cookie cutter can be used once or multiple times. The resulting layer can be modified by effects, adjustment layers etc


fill them with all kinds of color

You can fill them with all kinds of color

Use with Photoshop shapes with actions

You can use the presets with actions. Just click the record action and add them as you wish. The action stores the name of the preset and not the preset itself so if you want to create with a different preset you will have to change the name to match the item in the action. There are 1000s of actions available for PS on the web.

Photoshop shape Recommendations

1) from (of Pixlwrks Studio): "I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I have the craziest uses for all of this -- I'm a jewelry creator, and using the layers and strokes to make jewelry has been phenomenal! I going to write to PS User and tell everyone to your stuff "


5 / 5 stars

2) from Ann Brown ( "Thank you for having enough time on your hands to sit and create all these lovelies, Andrew. There are zillions of them and they are very affordable. I'm sure I will find many uses for them"


3) From Carol Goodell Bingham Farms, Michigan, USA Member: MacGroup Detroit/NAPP: "From my perspective, using tools from Abneil Software Ltd/tools, leads me to places and art I would never have arrived at without them. The path itself is exciting and allows my artist's soul to play freely and happily."


13,000 Photoshop mixed shapes super collection set