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How to export custom shapes as vectors / rasters from Photoshop tutorial

How to export Photoshop custom shapes into different formats such as raster and vector (AI etc) tutorial

Vector export / AI format of Photoshop custom shapes

export via path vector custom shapes from Photoshop tutorialYou have your custom shapes in Photoshop but want to export them as vectors / raster format shapes for other applications, here's how


AI Path method

photoshop custom shapes export path aiCustom shapes can be added as a path (via the options at the top of the application or use the shape layer option)


1) select custom shape tool


2) select path option


3) apply path


4) file menu


5) export


6) paths to Illustrator


You can then use the resulting vector file in many other applications. Once you have opened the exported the artworks, the generated AI file has no color fill or stroke, you can add that in many apps such as Illustrator.


You can find many of our custom shapes available throughout the site such as vintage type / letter / historical custom shapes and curved wave / wavy design custom shapes and exciting zoom / manga / effect line custom shapes for Photoshop and elements


Vector export / pasteboard

copy and export shapes as vectorsThey can also be copied to some applications via the pasteboard / clipboard


1) select shape layer


2) copy


3) paste into Illustrator


Vector export / CC library

export cc libraries raster and vectorA quick way to export the CSH presets to Adobe Illustrator and other apps is to use the recently added CC libraries (found via the window menu).


1) select the custom shape tool


2) select the shape option


3) apply shape


4) Select the shape layer


5) drag to the CC library


You can then go to Illustrator and drag the artwork to the artboard and select the first option (convert layers to objects) to keep the artwork editable.


You will have to release the clipping mask etc and remove any bounding boxes (nothing is ever made easy) and then you can edit the artwork such as moving anchor points etc.


SVG format / vector export

export as svg photoshop filessvg export custom shapes photoshopYou can also export the artwork as a SVG file.


1) Select the custom shape tool


2) select the shape option


3) apply shape


4) file menu and export and export as


5) select SVG format


The SVG format can then be imported into AI as well as Dreamweaver (as used throughout this site with many a vector path displayed in SVG).


Raster export of Photoshop shapes

custom shapes raster photoshopYou can also export them via the save command by selecting a format (blend with the background or use as normal raster layers) such as PSD or PNG or TIFF format. Y


ou can, if you wish to spend the time, go through all 13,000+ shapes and create huge 2000 x 2000 files and save each and everyone of the designs to PNG. Just an idea for a wet Sunday afternoon.


The artworks can be exported for use in PSP, Adobe Indesign, Affinity Photo, GIMP etc via the save command.


There is an app called PresetBreeze from Tumasoft that export the artworks from the CSH, that may speed things up a little.


PSD format and vector / raster export for Photoshop custom shapes

export photoshop custom shapes raster vectorProbably the best all purpose formatĀ is PSD, the native Photoshop format. You can save raster and vector data with that format.


Just use the save as command


Other tutorials

You can find many additional tutorials about custom shapes such as how to use shapes to create new and amazing Photoshop brushes as well as useful how to add a glow to Photoshop custom shapes and an action themed tutorial how to record custom shapes as Photoshop actions tutorial and how to use the Adobe Generator to export image assets from the application tutorial


Youtube Video Tutorial

A tutorial showing the export of vectors by various methods [Youtube]