How to load multiple custom shapes into Photoshop tutorial

How to Load multiple Photoshop shapes in one go into Photoshop (super quick time saving tip) tutorial

Load multiple Photoshop shapes files in one go (PC)

If you have thousand of CSH custom shapes files (or at least a few hundred) then you will probably like to load them quickly into Adobe ® Photoshop ® and see all your designs in one go (though if you do, you will have to do a lot of scrolling but then again I have been asked a number of times if it is possible to load 1000+ vectors into the panel). You can use the old traditional load / replace method and select a file one by one (slow) but you can also just go to the open command and select multiple CSH presets and then click open. All the CSH sets are then loaded into the application for use with the tool. A very quick and easy and super fast way of loading multiple artworks. This does depend on whether or not you can use the file open command with the CSH files and this is not available for PS on a mac. This all means you can load custom shapes such as the slice custom shapes and scroll shapes and scratchy and sketch shapes in seconds


Load multiple on the mac

On the mac, if you try the open command it will fail. Not sure if it worked in the past but it does not appear to work in the current PS version. If you have a file open and then try and drag the CSH onto that, it will tell you that the artwork cannot be placed. You can still just load them by having no documents to get in the way and just dragging the CSH files onto the application and though it will not display any messages to indicate anything is happening, the vectors are all added to the preset's panel. Below you can see the six selected CSH files being dragged onto the application and they will then be added to the panel.


loaded animals


Now go to the panel and you will see all the items loaded, you can, of course, just load them multiple times so you could have 10 sets of the dogs added but what point would there be for that.


panel display animals


Saving the set

Once you have loaded all the items you want from the CSH files, you can always select them and delete them. Select the CSH tool and then go to the panel and select the items you don't want then right click and select the delete command or hold the ALT key down. Once you have all the items as required then you can go to the right side menu of the panel and select the save command and the CSH will be saved to the current version's format.


panel save