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Twirl filter in Affinity Photo tutorial

How to use the twirl filter in Affinity Photo, how to distort and more quick guide tutorials and use with images and text and layers

Basics of the twirl filter

twirl filter affinity photo different settingsThe twirl filter in Affinity Photo can be used via the distort category (in the filter menu command in Affinity Photo). The twirl filter can be used to create amazing distorted effects in the application and can be combined with layers and images as well as brushes and patterns and fonts


1) filters menu


2) distort


3) twirl


4) change settings via the twirl panel and also apply the twirl via the twirl cursor on the document or layer or text etc


By default, nothing appears to happen so you first have to set the angle and radius and then apply the twirl filter on the document using the cursor (slightly odd default setting). It can only be applied once per filter application though you can re-apply the twirl filter in Affinity Photo multiple times to create all kinds of distorted image. You can use a low radius and angle setting to perhaps slightly shift an image or you can use a large radius and angle setting to create a truly large twirl in an image


Control the position of the twirl by the cursor. You can then just re-apply the filter and use a different location for the twirl origin or just use the same origin position and repeat apply the twirl filter to that location to create a more intense image


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and many others


Use twirls on layers

twirl filter on a layer in affinity photoYou can use the twirl filter also on Affinity Photo layers, such as a duplicate of an image layer


1) layer menu and duplicate


2) filter and twirl filter


3) Set the angle and radius


twirl filter and multiple layers in affinity photoThe advantage of using a layer is that the layer can be re-sized, rotated, it can be blended using blending modes (such as with the image on the left), you can use masks with the layer as well. You can also apply multiple effects to the layers and also the layer can also be deleted. The layer does not need to be same size as the original layer. You can also quickly create a layer using a selection of the image and copy and paste and then apply the twirl filter to that layer


1) elliptical marquee tool


2) create a selection


3) copy


4) paste


5) apply twirl filter to the pasted layer


6) duplicate multiple times such as the image on the right


Twirl filter and channels

twirl filter and channels in Affinity PhotoYou can also use the twirl filer with channels panel


1) channels panel


2) select red channel and apply twirl filter


3) select green channel and apply but with a different setting


4) etc


Live filter layer and twirl filter

live filter layer and twirl filter for Affinity PhotoYou can also use the twirl filter as a live filter layer via the layer menu and the advantage here is that the angle / radius / position are live and can be modified at any point and you also have inbuilt blend mode with the effect as well as opacity (as well as the blending mode for the layer itself)


1) layer


2) new live filter layer


3) twirl filter


4) apply settings such as angle and position and radius as well as set the blend mode and opacity


The result will be a new layer also with transparency which can then be blended with other layers and other effects as well as twirled again using the filter in Affinity Photo.


Text and twirl filter (live)

twirl filter and text in affinity photoYou can also distort text with the live effect layer, so the text can be twirled in 1000s of ways (it is a much better approach than using the destructive filter effect approach)

1) create some text (perhaps using the frame text approach)


2) select the text in the layer panel


3) Go to the layer and select the new live filter layer and twirl


4) apply settings


The effect is then only applied to that text object.


You can, of course, apply the layer to the whole image or just use the destructive filter effect via the filter menu.


Customize the toolbar

twirl filter added to the toolbar in AffinityYou can also add the twirl to the toolbar for quick access (it is the filter and destructive effect) by using the view and customize tools and adding the twirl filter to the tool bar. Simply select the tool in the toolbar and apply to the current layer



You can also use the twirl filter with resources such as brush strokes as well as fonts such as the sets available on graphicxtras.com for use with Affinity Photo such as space and alien font and eps shapes for Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Pages etc and sphere brushes for Affinity Photo, PSP, Photoshop etc