Rabbit brushes for Photoshop, PSP, Painter, etc

Updated: March 22nd, 2014

rabbit brushes

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$5.49 (also in euros, GBP, Yen using PayPal, Visa etc)

Preview : 100 Rabbit brushes (V161)

100 Rabbit brushes including silhouette rabbit brushes, distorted rabbit brushes, woodcut rabbit brushes, jumping rabbits, scratchy rabbit brushes, drawn rabbit brushes, and more. The rabbit set for Photoshop etc includes the strokes in ABR, PNG and EPS vector format (the EPS rabbit designs can be used with any size of document so you can create a 3000 x 3000 sized brush if you wish - you can also just use the EPS files as basic layers in Photoshop ). The raster rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc are variable sized, hi-quality rabbit themed brushes. The rabbit brushes are for Adobe ® Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (or equivalent 14 13 12, 11 etc standalone versions), Elements as well as Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Xara etc. Load the rabbit brushes into Photoshop via the palette. Load into others via the file open command. Once loaded into the application you can use the rabbit brushes with most of the brushes tools. You can blend, merge, combine, re-color, export and more the rabbit brushes. Re-color the designs via the Photoshop toolbox. The amazing rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc are for commercial (CU4CU) use, use the rabbits to create items for sale, planners, adverts, aprons, caps, mugs, note books, magnets, pet tags, magazines, comics, plates, bowls and many more. All the rabbit brushes are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. On buying the rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc, you receive the download link to the rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc along with documentation and a gallery of all the brushes and a serial number for any future updates. See all the rabbit brushes / images included in the set via the gallery link above. Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

realistic rabbit brushes

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$5.49 (also in euros, GBP, Yen using PayPal, Visa etc)

Preview : 100 Rabbit brushes (V162)

100 Rabbit brushes including realistic and drawn and grayscale rabbit brushes, running rabbit brushes, sketched rabbit brushes, different posed animal designs and many more. The rabbits are bouncing all over the place. Many different poses of rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc - a superb selection of brush strokes in PNG and standard ABR format. Easy to load rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc and apply. Use as also a source for layers and other presets within Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (Photoshop 14 - 6) and Photoshop Elements and others. PC and MAC OS X . commercial (CU4CU) use- use to create a vast range of items such as items for sale, logos, posters, binders, stationery, mugs, caps, postage, note books covers, prints, shoes, socks and more. See all the rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc included in the set via the thumbnail gallery above.

Rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc image examples

multiple rabbit brushes


example above shows multiple rabbit brush strokes for Photoshop etc of one of the sketched rabbit brushes applied as a pattern or texture across a background

Opening rabbit brushes in Photoshop etc

The rabbit brushes are in standard ABR format files and they can be opened via the edit menu preset manager command as well as via the brushes palette right side menu load / replace commands. If you place the ABR file in the brushes presets folder of PS then you can access the library ABR files via the dropdown without using the load / replace commands to browse for the ABR file. The set also includes the same designs in PNG format


rabbitsbunny stroke


Rabbit brushes in PNG format, how to open them

The set also includes all the rabbit designs in PNG format and they can be loaded via the file open command of Photoshop as well as other applications and also via the file place command. You can use an action to store all the designs as a brush (use the batch process); you can also perhaps use them as a source for other formats such as pattern files by adding them to the patterns palette.


rabbit brushesrabbit stew


realistic rabbit gaussian blur rabbit brushglass rabbit

Realistic rabbit brushes for filters / Photoshop etc

The sets include many different types of brushes - realistic looking brushes (they are not photos of actual rabbits) as well as drawn designs. You can alway convert the brush stroke into a less than realistic design by using various filters. The easiest way to do this is to create a document that is slightly bigger than the brush stroke and then apply the brush stroke (rabbit or otherwise) to the document and then apply effects - avoiding the edges otherwise you will end up with a weird breaks imprinted on all your created brushes. The example on the right is a gaussian blur brush. Once you have applied the various filters to modify the design, you can then go to the edit menu and save the rabbit brush stroke via the define command (you can also, if you have avoided the edges, use the same artwork as a source for a new pattern). Below are a few more possible brush strokes created using various filters that you can find in PS - you can also do the same in other applications such as the excellent PostWorkShop Pro - which has just come out with version 3. The other effects are lens blur rabbit, cutout filter rabbit brush, palette knife and glass - the possible stroke definitions are near infinite. You could also set up a selection of actions that apply the same filters or combination of filters to all the designs in the PNG section and save those also as new strokes - so a small selection of realistic rabbit designs can be turned into a near infinite selection of wonderful inventive designs for you to use throughout PS and Photoshop Elements as well as other applications.


lens blur rabbit brush cutout rabbit palette


Rabbit brushes ? what can I do with them ?

You can use the rabbit brushes for commercial use as well as personal use, you can use the rabbit brushes to create new items that can in turn be used to create new items for sale CU4CU. You can use the rabbit brushes to create logos, books, documents, videos, packaging, rabbit food, paperbacks, posters, mugs, cups, fashions, ceramics and more. If you have any questions about the use of the rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc, please contact us on support@graphicxtras.com.

Rabbit brushes videos for Photoshop etc?

You can find many different videos about the Photoshop /psp brushes via the graphicxtras channel on youtube.com. You can find how to install the brushes, how to use them with the 3D features, how to use them as a source for new tiles, how to create new brushes, how to use the various brush settings, how to combine the brush strokes and much more. If there are any additional questions about the rabbit brushes for Photoshop, psp etc, please contact us and I will happily try and create a video or two about the rabbits (though within limits as I do not have every version or application around so I might not be able to help at all)

Previews of the rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc ?

Yes, you can see them via the preview links beside each of the rabbit brushes products. The thumbnail is a much reduced version of the set that comes with the rabbit brushes on purchase


colorful rabbit brushes


The rabbit brushes include many different poses of rabbit brushes, this rabbit is bouncing from the yellow to black gradient

What do I get with the rabbit brushes sets?

You receive a download from shareit.com (who handle all our transactions and sales as well as the sending of the downloads). The zip file will be sent by them and it contains documentation as well as a gallery of all the rabbit brushes designs along with a serial number for any future updates of the set (please keep this safe) as well as the brushes in a various formats such as PNG and ABR

Apply effects to the rabbit brushes in Photoshop etc ?

The rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc are not cast in stone, you can always manipulate the rabbit brushes by applying effects such a oil paint or camera raw filter or color lookup adjustments etc to the rabbit brush and then re-defining the brushes via the edit menu define brush command. You can also transform the design (rotate or shear etc) as well as apply multiple rabbit brushes to create a single new and amazing rabbit brush design


rabbit brushes photoshop multiplying


The rabbit brushes for Photoshop etc can be applied once or multiple times, the rabbit brushes can also be further modified as above with oil paint effects and gradients

Free rabbit brushes for Photoshop ?

You can find all our freebie brushes via the main brushes page on the site, please find the link at the top of the page

How did you create the rabbit brushes for Photoshop, PSP etc ?

All the rabbit brushes were initially created in Poser and were 3D renders. The rabbits were then saved as PNG files and the designs were then vector traced (in some cases) in Illustrator or manipulated in Photoshop. The end results, a selection of rabbit brushes PNG files

Rabbit brushes and creating new Photoshop brushes

The rabbit brushes can be used with any image but they can also be used to create new and unique rabbit brushes. Set the color to black (or any other color if you want a more faded design for the rabbit brush stroke) and then apply the brushes once or multiple times in different places (and in different scales of brush strokes and angles etc). Avoid the seams of the image as that will make an abrupt edge to the rabbit brush stroke. You can also apply effects to the rabbit brushes in Adobe Photoshop but take care of the effects as they often modify the color of the background as well so you might end up with an off-white background to your rabbit brush, which may again create an edge to the brush (which may or may not be desirable) for your rabbit brush stroke (auto tone perhaps works well and you can always check the background color to see it has remained white). Once you have finished with the creation of your new and unique rabbit brush, you can save the design to brush PNG file perhaps for use in other applications such as PSP and Photo-paint etc or you can simply go to the edit menu and use the define brush command to define the new rabbit brush stroke for use with all the Photoshop brush tools. If you have avoided the seams, you perhaps can also use the rabbit brush as a new pattern design via the define pattern command.

Rabbit brushes / Photoshop actions

If you want to use the rabbit brushes for Adobe ® Photoshop etc with the Photoshop actions you have to go to the Photoshop actions palette and the right side menu and select allow tool recording. This means the rabbit brush strokes are stored with the action (such as postion of the brush stroke etc) and can be played back. It is not the most effective feature but it does a decent job (certainly compared with Painter and some other applications). The rabbit brush recording does not record the actual brush (so if you change the brush, it forgets the detail of the previous rabbit brush) and just uses the current rabbit brush. Likewise the Photoshop action recording does not record the color of the brush (so if you change the color to green then it will apply the rabbit brushes in green).