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Updated: July 29th, 2014

scroll wave for Photoshop and elements CC CS4 CS5 CS6 etc vectors sea

Scroll shapes for Photoshop gallery (VS5)

100 Scroll wave shapes for Photoshop CS3 CS4 CS5 CS6 CS2 CS1 CC 2014 elements, royalty free, all for commercial (CU4CU) use. Vector graphics for any size of work. Combine the scroll shapes for Adobe PS and others, modify, blend, distort, export and much more. The set include intense sea wave designss, flowing designs, wide designs, distorted designs, warped designs, small curved designs and many more. Use the Photoshop scroll shapes to create items for sale such as logos, books, designs, adverts and much more. . All the wonderful scroll shapes for Photoshop are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com.

On purchase, receive shapes + gallery + serial + notes



Commercial use, royalty free

Scroll shapes for Photoshop


You can find more about custom shapes in general via the wonderful Adobe site such as how to create shapes, how to modify the shapes, etc This is general help about the shapes and not particularly about scroll shapes. You can also find a whole lot more information about the custom shapes via the videos from us as they cover a whole range of custom shapes information.

Opening the Photoshop shapes

The shapes are all in the CSH and can be opened by double clicking the CSH presets to load the shapes into Photoshop. The scroll shapes can also be loaded by right clicking the CSH presets and selecting the open option. You can also place the CSH presets into the presets folder 'custom shapes' and then access via the shapes palette menu as well as load / replace to browse for the files. You can also use the edit menu preset manager in some versions

Preset browser

You can find a very good preset browser for the scroll shapes as well as other Photoshop shapes via the Tumasoft website and they have recently added an Adobe Air version which runs on older versions of Windows as well as the MAC and you can use that to browse the shapes as well as export to PNG and much more.

How did you create the shapes ??

The Photoshop scroll shapes were all created in Adobe AI using curved paths and using the poweful blending and path combination tools there. The designs were then exported to Photoshop and saved as a CSH presets in the very early version 6 format so the designs can be used in all versions from that to the latest in the Creative cloud

Videos ??

You can find all our Photoshop shape videos via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube. If you have any questions about the scroll shapes and how they can be used in Adobe PS, please let us know and we will try and create a number of videos on the subject.

Cookie cutters ?

The scroll shapes for Photoshop are perfect for the cookie cutter as well as the custom shape tool in PS Elements. Use any of the designs in the set to create instant cut outs of an image. The cookie cutter shapes can be used once or multiple times to snip away from any design. You can transform, rotate, shear as well as feather the cookie cutter shape.

Export the shapes to other applications

You don't have to use the scroll shapes for Photoshop solely in the application, you can export the images as vectors for use in Adobe AI (as well as tweaking the designs in Adobe AI and then re-importing the designs back into Photoshop) as well as saving the vector layer designs as AI format via the export command. You can also save the raster format designs as PNG or PSD etc files and use those designs (any size) in other applications such as PSP or Photo-Paint. You can export the images as is but you can also create all kinds of shapes. You can combine the designs with other paths in Adobe PS as well as effects and export those to other applications

Use with the latest version ??

Yes, you can use the scroll shapes with the current cloud version of Photoshop. With all the new features, the shapes are even more amazing. You can also use the designs in other applications but you will have to export the images to the CC versions of Illustrator etc


basic scroll shapes for Photoshop and elements CC CS4 CS3 CS2 three waves


A basic scroll shape for Adobe PS and PS Elements three wave designs vector for any size of work.

double scroll shape for Photoshop and elements CC CS4 CS2 etc yellow and black sea


The scroll shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements can be applied once or multiple times in an image

scroll shapes for Photoshop and elements transformations and text combined


The scroll shapes for Photoshop can be duplicated and transformed (shape layer flipped) and then combined with text

scroll shapes colors for Photoshop CC CS4 CS5 CS6 etc multiple shape


Many different scroll Photoshop shapes can be combined in different colors to create all kinds of border and edge designs for CC CS5 CS4 etc

scroll shapes combined with other designs for Photoshop and elements


The scroll shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements (in black) can be combined with white spots and others

mirror scroll shapes for Photoshop elements pink designs CC CS4 CS3 etc


The scroll shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements includes many different scroll designs such as embellished mirror designs

scroll shapes for Photoshop and elements combined paths spots


The previous scroll shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements design with additional white spots. All kinds of additional designs can be added to the scroll design to make it even more unique and wow for your projects

scroll shapes for Photoshop any color design wave divider


The scroll shapes (a single design) can be applied in any color in Adobe PS such as blue

scroll shapes for Photoshop filled with colors using magic wand tiles


The scroll shapes for Photoshop can be filled with all kinds of colors using a combination of magic wand / selections / fills

scroll shapes for Photoshop effects plugins watercolor etc


The scroll shapes for Photoshop can be modified in millions of ways using the powerful plugin effects

scroll shapes photoshop color lookup effects plugins adjustments golden


Plugin effects and color image adjustments can be applied to the scroll shapes to radically change the Vector graphics such as turn them into a golden design

Where can I use the scroll shapes ??

Photoshop CC CC (2014)

Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS5

Photoshop CS4

Photoshop CS3 - 6

PS Elements 13, 12, 11, 10 to 1

Photoshop 14 - 6 standalone versions


scroll shape for Photoshop faded style layer effect


The scroll Photoshop shapes can be used on a shape layer and you can apply styles such as fade to the scroll designs

scroll shapes for Photoshop and elements metal style


The scroll wave shapes for Photoshop on a layer and a metal style applied to the design - all kinds of styles can be applied to the scroll designs and they can also be distorted and warped in numerous ways

scroll shape distort layer and transform in Photoshop


The scroll shape Photoshop layers can be distorted and transformed in numerous ways, apply the design as a layer and then go to the edit menu and transform to dstort / shear / scale / rotate etc the design