Sea Shapes (Seals, Sharks, Crabs) for Photoshop

Updated: December 18th, 2014

sea creature shapes

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Sea creatures shapes for Photoshop gallery (#141)

100 Sea Creature shapes for Photoshop CC CS2 CS4 CS1 CS6 CS5 2014 and elements includes realistic creatures, silhouettes, cartoon designs, crabs, sharks, fish, jellyfish, crabs, seals, shells, starfish and many more. PC and MAC OS X. The sea shapes (for Adobe PS and others) are all vectors for any size of work (if you wish to convert them into raster format you can flatten them or rasterize the shape layer - and then save them as PNG or TIFF and use in many other applications). You can use them to any size: small or super large. The sea shapes (for Adobe PS and others) can be re-colored either via the PS foreground color or you can use Photoshop effects to apply color effects or perhaps even metallic / gel effects to the sea artworks. They can be filled with different colors. They can be used in wonderful effects such as extrusions if you have PS Extended (you can also save them as a OBJ format for use in Carrara, Studio Max, Poser etc). The Photoshop sea shape decorative graphics can be combined to create a whole load of ocean life. You can blend, add strokes (in the new CS6) as well as layer effects and much more. Use the items to create items for sale, books, undersea, key chains, seaside products, logos, binders, stationery, mugs, postage, masks, leaflets, magazines, comics and much more.

Commercial use, royalty free


Vector graphics

On purchase, receive shapes + gallery + notes + serial

Sea shapes for Photoshop and Elements

Opening shapes in Adobe PS (CSH)

They are all in CSH - load the CSH presets via the Photoshop open (this should be fine in most versions of the application). The easiest approach is to add the CSH presets to the presets folder 'custom shapes' of Photoshop (found in the program files PC and applications folder on the mac) and then access the named file via the custom shapes palette dropdown menu.


Generally, I use the load / replace commands on the Photoshop shapes palette side menu to find the sea shapes creature sets as I load my files via a central location (so they can be used by other versions of Photoshop as well as PS Elements). You can load the sea creatures shapes as well as leaving all the others in the palette via the 'load' command (use the replace to leave only the sea creatures).


You can also double click the CSH presets or right click and select the open option


sea creature shapes crab d applied in blue


Scratchy hand drawn crab / sea ccreature shape for Adobe PS and PS Elements in blue

sea crab shapes  elements CC CS4 CS6 CS5 etc


Sea creature shapes "crab" for Adobe PS and PS Elements illustration - vector for any size of work

Vectors ?

Yes, the CSH sea creature shapes are all vectors for any size of work, so you can use them to create thumbnails / icons and stamps as well as magazines and posters and also books and documents and more. You can stretch and distort the vector sea creature shapes in all kinds of directions as well as apply other transformations to the sea creature shapes. The shapes can be warped as well.

Can I modify the actual vector sea creature shapes ?

Yes, the sea creature shapes CSH in Adobe PS can be changed in Adobe PS by using the pen tools and direct selection tool etc but the controls are fairly limited so if you want to really modify the sea creature shapes in numerous ways then the best way would be to copy the path into Illustrator and then use all the tools in Adobe AI and then re-copy the sea creature shapes back to Photoshop where you can define the shape as a new custom shape for future projects. You might also like to check out the powerful Astute graphics plugins for some amazing tools to manipulate paths


sea creature shape for Photoshop looking forward to lunch


Sea creature shape for Photoshop looking forward to lunch, the shapes can be used with any background

sea creature shape  elements shark silhouette black


The sea creature shapes include sharks, the above Photoshop sea shape is a shark in silhouette (black)

Sea creature shapes for Photoshop videos

You can find all our shapes for Photoshop videos via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube. You can find out how to turn the custom shapes into smart objects, you can see how to use the shapes as a source for patterns and brushes, how to modify the shapes, how to warp and distort and add points to the paths or remove them, how to tweak the shape decorative graphics, how to export to other applications and much more. If there are any questions about the sea creature shapes (seals, sharks etc) for Photoshop and Elements etc then please contact us and we will try and create a video or three on the subject.


shark silhouette sea shapes for  elements blurred


The shark shapes (sea creatures Photoshop shapes) can be applied multiple times in different colors as well as have blurs applied. The above also has had an image adjustment layer applied color lookup to give the entire work a blue look (blue tone)

What can I do with the shapes in Adobe PS and Elements ?

You can use the sea creature shapes as commercial as well as personal use for your projects. You can use the sea creature shapes to create items that can in turn be used to create new items for sale. You can use the sea creature shapes to create logos, books, documents, items for sale on zazzle, packaging, cards, greeting cards, bags, web sites, posters, adverts, web pages, skateboards and much more. If you have any questions about the sea creature shapes for Photoshop, please contact us on


shark sea creature illustration shape


Many different types of sea creature shapes (sharks) are included such as the above illustration, added in blue against a blue background.

How did you create the sea creatures / sharks / seals for Photoshop ??

All the sea creatures are renders in 3D application Poser. They were then exported via PNG to Illustrator and were image traced and turned into vectors. The sea creatures were then copied to Photoshop via the pasteboard and loaded as shapes into the custom shapes palette and then saved as a new CSH sea creatures file

Use the sea creature shapes as brush strokes in Adobe PS ?

Yes, you can use the sea creature shapes as a wonderful source for brushes, apply the vector graphic and then flatten the layers and select the area you want to use as the brush and then go to the edit menu and define brush command. Using the sea creature shapes you can create a near infinite of wonderful brush strokes and the best thing about the shapes is that you can always create large brushes as well as use visual effects to create really weird and wonderful strokes

How to apply the sea creature shapes CSH ?

The sea creature shapes can be applied in three ways : shape layer, path and fill pixel. You can apply the sea creature shapes via the custom shape tool found in the Photoshop toolbox. You can also apply the shapes via the Photoshop shape blur filter (where you can select any of the sea creature shapes to create stunning shape blur effects). If you have PS Elements, you can also apply the sea creature shapes via the powerful cookie cutter tool

Smart objects and sea creature shapes

Apply the sea creature shapes as a layer (shape layer or add the path to a layer) and then go to the layer menu commands and select the smart object convert to command. Smart objects are one of the most powerful features of Photoshop. The smart objects can be changed and modified at any point in the creative process

Sea creature shapes and exporting to other applications

Yes, you can export the images to other graphic applications - very few applications can read CSHs. The sea creature shapes can be applied as a shape layer and that can be exported to Illustrator via the clipboard as well as via the export command in Adobe PS. You can also save the sea creature shapes Vector graphics via the save command as PSD / PDF. You can also save the sea creature shapes as a raster (add to a layer and delete the background to save the transparency) and then use the save command to save as PNG etc

What format ?

Adobe Photoshop 6 - I know this is an old format but it means the CSH presets can be used with all versions up to now (creative cloud). If you save the CSH sea creature shapes as a new shapes file then it will be set to the current version you are using and you might not be able to use it in earlier versions

Can I use the sea creature CSH with the 3D features of Photoshop ?

Yes, you should be able to use the vector shapes as a layer and then use the 3D menu (creative cloud) to create extrusions (cubes, cones etc) and a vast range of different 3D shapes from the sea creatures. The only issue might be your video card as there are certain requirements on that (I have this problem on one of my machines, 256MB, just not enough memory to even use the most basic functions of the 3D)