Shield Patterns for Photoshop, PSP, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc inc. heraldic, banner royalty free > Shield patterns for Photoshop CC CS4 CS6 CS5 2015 Elements inc. heraldic, banners, labels

heraldic rough tile curved shield pattern for Photoshop and elements painted and drawn in gray and on white background also for psp

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, Illustrator, Indesign, PSP, etc

Format: PNG

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Shield patterns for Photoshop gallery (#107) 40 Shield patterns / Seamless tiles for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2015 CS5 CS1 CS2 CS3 CS4 CS6 2014, PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Xara, Photo-Paint, Elements and many more on the PC and MAC OS X.


They can also be used in most applications as the designs are in PNG. The pack includes many different and unique color artworks, painted, outlines, charcoal artwork tiles, rough and many more. PNG for use in 99% of applications and they can always be converted for use into JPG and TIFF and other formats so they can then be used in Microsoft Word, Painter, CorelDRAW etc as well. They are mixed sizes.


Commercial use CU4CU, all are by Andrew Buckle / and can be used to create items for sale such as logos, books, illustrations, adverts, scrap booking and much more.


The shield patterns set also included actions so they can be quickly defined as tiles as well as effects applied and much more. They can also be used as displacement maps, textures as well as a source for brushes. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact page (email, twitter, youtube etc).


On buying the shield patterns set, you receive the PNG images as well as documentation and gallery and serial number for future updates as well as actions.

shield patterns for photoshop sketched and elements and psp