Spiral brushes for Photoshop / Elements / PSP

Updated: April 19th, 2015

spiral brush strokes for PSP many mixed for Photoshop in blue

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Spiral brushes for Photoshop (#113)

100 Spiral brushes for Photoshop CC CS3 CS1 CS5 CS6 CS4 7 6 Elements 2014 PSP Painter GIMP Xara, etc includes tangled and textures, embellishments, mirrors, art nouveau, tiles and many more.


PC and MAC OS X.


The Spiral Photoshop brushes can also be used as a layers and normal images as well as be used as smart objects and used in video timelines and more. They can be modified, distorted, effects applied, layer effects applied, exported and much more.


Commercial (CU4CU) use. Use to create items for sale such as books, logos, documents, web pages, adverts, videos and much more.


On buying the set, you receive the ABR and PNG along with documentation and a gallery and a serial number for any future updates. FREE download for you to tryout

All the sets below are also $ 7.95 (Use PayPal / Visa / Mastercard / Amex - purchase in US Dollars, GBP, Yen, Euros and others. Download), all for use with Photoshop, PSP, GIMP etc. The sets all include the sets either in PNG and / or ABR (varies from set to set), all 300 DPI, and all are for commercial use. To see the items included, click the gallery links.


Add to cartGallery (#PNG1) 50 PNG brushes colorful shadow and extrude etc.

Add to cartGallery (#44) ABR PNG - 30 Strokes including shadows, 3D abstract, extreme, sketched, rough etc

Add to cartGallery (#16) ABR PNG - 120 Graphics including abstracts, twirls and many more.

Add to cartGallery (#107) ABR PNG - 100 Images including thin and intense, spindly, warped, crinkle, perspective and many more

Add to cartGallery (#106) ABR PNG - 100 Archimedean strokes including framed abstract, 3D bevel, distorted and many others

Add to cartGallery (#109) ABR PNG - 100 Strokes including abstract, tattoo, distorted, art themed, mirrors, shadows, angry, outlines and many more

Add to cartGallery (#110) ABR PNG - 100 Strokes includes calligraphic, mottled, extreme, intense calligraphic, outline and many more

Add to cartGallery (#111) ABR PNG - 100 Strokes including abstract, intense, weird and wonderful distorted, frames etc

Add to cartGallery (#112) ABR PNG - 100 Strokes including squares and tiles as well as abstract, fun, curved and many more


Are you looking for fonts ?? shapes ?? patterns ??


Spiral brushes for Photoshop and PSP and Elements etc

red color artwork curved

You can add any of the artwork in the sets in any color such as red and on any background


hand drawn on red

Square-ial, curved etc on a red background

Spiral brushes for Photoshop, PSP etc videos

You can find all our videos via the graphicxtras channel on youtube. You can find the videos about how to load, how to install them, how to add the strokes to layers, how to modify them, how to use visual effects to them, use in PaintShop Pro etc.


text added to the path

They can be applied any color (white above) and you can use selections and convert to a work path, which can then be used as a path for text in Adobe PS - red text applied to the edge of the stroke

Spiral Photoshop brushes for ??

Photoshop CC Creative cloud + CC (2014) CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and elements 13 - 1 nd standalone 15 - 6

PaintShop Pro X7 X6 X5 X4 etc


Apple Pages



Photo-Paint (Corel)

3D Studio Max and many others


combined embellished

They can be used once or multiple times and can be combined in rows and grids etc

What can I do with the spiral Photoshop brushes ?

You can use them as commercial / personal projects, you can use them to create new items that can be used in turn as new strokes for sale etc (CU4CU). You can use them to create logos, books, documents, web pages, scrap booking, textiles, adverts, mugs, plates, posters etc. Literally you can do virtually anything with the sets. You do not have to add any credit and you can use them without time limits and you have world wide use.


The only thing you haven't got is exclusive rights to the set, these are all non exclusive.


pattern using  strokes as tile  and elements

They can be used to create a near endless selection of patterns in Adobe PS. Select and then define pattern via the edit menu. The above was created using the layer menu new fill layer pattern option which enables scaling. With the latest versions of Adobe PS, the fill command found in the edit menu can be used to create even more amazing patterns via the deco scripting.

Use the Photoshop spiral brushes as 3D

You can use them via the Adobe PS (extended) 3D tools (if you have Adobe creative cloud subscription). Add to a layer or open the PNG image via the place command. Select the new 3D extrusion from selected layer or new mesh from layer commands to create a 3D graphic.


The 3D image can be re-model-led using a number of 3D features included in the application. You can also save the '3D' model via the 3D menu export layer command as well as print to a 3D printer (if you have one). Adobe are regularly adding updates to the app for the 3D section, especially for printing (hopefully one day I will even get a 3D printer, who knows - like the sound of the new HP tools)


You can export to Collada DAE, Flash 3D - FL3 format, Google Earth, STL and Wavefront OBJ and then things can really take off. PS is a useful starting point for modelling but it will never beat some of the main applications such as 3D Studio Max, Lightware etc but at the same time, the learning curve for the work is not perhaps as steep.


 combined elements and blasters alien space man

They can be combined with other elements such as the red ray beams

Use as the Spiral Photoshop brushes as layers

Using them as layers by using the place command in Adobe PS, you can combine multiple layers as well as duplicate the same layers to create 1000s of unique graphics. The layers can also be re-arranged as well as merged or the visibility set to hidden.


As layers, they can be used as powerful smart objects in Adobe PS and can be transformed, modified and more and combined with smart filters (which can be removed or changed at any point in the creative process). The smart objects etc can also be quickly added to the libraries feature that is now included in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.


The layers can also be combined with layer styles to add drop shadows and pattern overlays and bevels as well as inner shadows and color overlays and glows and more (you can also turn them into metal effects and plastic effects and gels and millions of other styles - many can be found on this site as well as around the web).


The strokes can also be used with layer comps where the position and the opacity as well as the layer effects can be manipulated at a click of the comp palette.


red and red mixed curved artwork eye line on a blue background in PS

They can be used in any color such as red, green, blue etc

How to load spiral Photoshop brushes - ABR

The ABR can be loaded into Photoshop by double clicking the ABR and this loads them into the current palette along with all the previous presets. You can also right click the ABR and then select the open command (it is probably the same as the default setting but you can never be certain as the association can be changed by other applications).


The ABR set can also be placed into the presets folder of Adobe ® PS and elements and then they can be loaded quickly via the right side menu of the palette by name. You can also use the right side menu load / replace command to load and replace them in the palette. You can use the Adobe PS preset manager found in the edit menu to do the same. If you change your mind, you can also just select the reset command and re-load all the default items. The PNG files (if included) can be quickly added to the palette via the define command found in the edit menu and you can also then just save all those items (as well as any variants) to a new ABR file.


Once loaded into Adobe PS and elements, they can be selected via the palette and used with most of the preset tools such as clone tool, art history tool, history tool, smudge tool, blur tool, dodge tool and others Tutorial showing how to load the ABR into PS


metal applied style on a blue background psp

Use them with styles in Adobe PS

Spiral Photoshop brushes PNG images

They can be applied to some applications such as Adobe PS and PS Elements and GIMP etc but the PNG images can be used with a lot more such as Painter, Photo-paint, GIMP, Corel PSP, Xara and many others. The PNG images also can be used as layers and can be combined in millions of different ways to create ever more exciting and dramatic strokes for all your projects. the PNG images can also be used as a source for stunning patterns as well as displacements and textures. Overall, a far more useful option.


Another thing, you can also convert using various free conversion tools, all the PNG images to JPG or GIF etc and use them in other applications because not all apps support PNG - especially if you are using many of the old apps such as early Painter.


effects smudged and blurred using camera raw filter effect

Camera raw filter PS effect added

Re-color Photoshop spiral brushes

You don't have to use them solely in black, just set the color of via the toolbox foreground color. Even better, use them on a layer and you can apply them using the layer style colors which means they can have patterns and gradients and glows and shadows added.


The color can also be modified via the palette where you can set a jitter between the foreground and background color. Once you have applied the dabs then you can use visual effects (oil paint, paint daubs filter etc) as well as other strokes and they can radically change the color.


You can also use adjustment layers to further modify the color such as photo filter, hue and saturation, gradient map etc


text can be combined with the images

Text can be added using the paste into command

How to load them in Corel PSP, Painter etc?

The PNG images need to be opened via the open command in Corel PaintShop Pro ® and then select the tools and display the presets palette, you will find the commands to save the current selection as a custom tool.


If you are using Corel Painter, load the files and then use the preset controls and capture dab to use the images in Painter. You can also use the PNG images as a source for amazing hoses / nozzles in Painter.


strokes added to the curled

They can be filled with any colors by using the magic wand to select the 'inner' part or perhaps even the edge as well as the background. The above has been added to a blue background in Adobe PS

Spiral brushes and Photoshop image modes

You can use them in RGB as well as CMYK and LAB and other color modes, you can also use them in 8bit, 32bit, 16bit etc Use them to create truly stunning color effects in all these image modes. Change the color mode for the image via the image menu.


Some of the effects are not available in 32bit mode and also when you revert back to 8bit some of the color may be lost but the HDR toning option does allow for a wide range of colorful modification. The 32bit mode is probably the best way to add the presets as you can achieve some really interesting effects / art especially when combined with tools such as gradients.


shadow blue and brown  elements

They can have a shadow added in seconds by using a different color and offset

Spiral brushes and Photoshop channels

You can use them in RGB single composite image but you can also add them to the individual channels such as the red channel and green channel etc or just totally ignore a particular color channel. Select the channel via the channels palette. You can also do the same in CMYK and LAB etc and add the strokes to the cyan and magenta yellow etc. Use the presets in different positions and different sizes and perhaps combine with different effects in each of the channels.


In some cases it might be easier to work with the channels in indvidual image files such as a red image and a green image etc and this is achieved by using the split command. You can merge all the images and strokes back into a single image via the merge command also found in the channels palette


channel color RGB channels

Use across all channels


camera raw filter

They can be used with multiple filters (especially useful being smart filters in Adobe PS as the filters can be changed at any point as well as deleted)