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Square Shapes / Fonts / EPS for CorelDRAW, Illustrator, PSP etc inc frames, sketched

square shapes font for Photoshop, psp, gimp

Square font shapes for CorelDRAW, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Illustrator, Xara and others. The square font shapes are all for PC and MAC

BUY $7 (USD or Euros etc) • 100 Square font shapes TTF / EPS Square gallery V186.

BUY $7 (USD or Euros etc) • 165 Vector artworks TTF / EPS Square fonts gallery V28


square font shapes for Photoshop, psp, indesign, pages etc extruded artwork inner outline and in black on orange 3D box square font shapes grid


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The square font shapes can be combined with other font shapes sets such as connection and line linked fonts and eps designs as well as more curved and lunar themed set of crescent shapes and eps / fonts as well as masked and modified by using brush tools such as cross and plus themed brushes and the intense contour brushes and offset designs The square font shapes can be filled with all kinds of color such as solid colors, gradients, patterns such as contour and offset patterns as well as a frame themed dynamic set of exciting diamond patterns for Photoshop, Pages, CorelDRAW etc


The square decorative font shapes set is very easy to load and install into your typeface dropdown of most applications on the pc and mac and also the eps files can be loaded in seconds via the file open command of most applications such as PSP and Affinity Photo etc


square font shapes grid square font shapes grid square font shapes grid square font shapes grid square font shapes grid square font shapes grid