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Updated: August 29th, 2014

square font set

Square shapes font for PSP gallery 100 Square shapes / font for Microsoft Word, Pages, Adobe Indesign etc(V186)

100 Square shapes / font for QuarkXpress, Indesign, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word, PSP etc including cut and scratched shapes, shadow square shapes, scribbled shapes designs, multiple square shapes and more. The square fonts / shapes In truetype TTF and EPS format files, all very easy to load and use. Square fonts / vector shapes for any size of work. PC and MAC OS X. The set comes with the shapes as well as documentation and a gallery of the designs and a serial number for future updates. The square fonts / designs (for CorelDRAW Microsoft Word etc) are for commercial (CU4CU), all the items are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. Use the square fonts to create items for sale, books, adverts, stationery, layouts, leaflets, magazines, comics, prints, posters, videos, bags, hats, textiles, wallpaper, flip flops and more. If you have any questions about the set, please contact us. Also if you want to find out more about the fonts, please check out our video section showing the installation and uses of the designs. See all the square fonts / themed shapes (for CorelDRAW etc) included in the set via the thumbnail gallery link above.

square font vector shapes

Display of all the square designs included 165 Square shapes / font (V28)

165 Square rectangle shapes font for Adobe Indesign, Apple Pages, CorelDRAW, Xara, Publisher, Microsoft Word. All the square font / rectangular font designs are by graphicxtras.com. Single TTF square font set included in the set. The square shapes can be combined, modified, warped, distorted, re-colored, tweaked, exported and more. The square fonts / designs (for CorelDRAW Microsoft Word etc) design themes are all in standard true type TTF format file as well as EPS vector shapes format. Access the square font designs via the keyboard. Load the square eps vector shapes (for Photoshop etc) designs via the file open command and file place command of many applications. PC and MAC OS X. Commercial (CU4CU) use - use to create items for sale, postcards, plates, logos, bags, templates, kits, patches, socks, masks, leaflets, fridge magnets, bibs, earrings, bottles, packaging and much more.

Square fonts / EPS for CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word etc


square extrude font


All the square fonts designs sets (for CorelDRAW etc) include unique shapes and designs. The above example shows a extruded square design (a double combo). It is part of the font set volume 28. As the design is a font / vector, it can be applied to any size - large or small.

Square fonts and using them in PaintShop Pro (as preset shapes etc)

Access the square / rectangular themed fonts in PaintShop Pro via the text / type tool in the PSP toolbox, select the square themed font from the typeface list and then apply the designs as required (A B C D etc). If you want to use the font designs as a preset shape then you can right click the design and you will see the option to convert the shape - the square design can then be saved as a native PSP preset shape format file via the export command (file menu) and saved as a PSPshape format file for future use. You can also save the designs as a psp tubes and psp brushes as well, they are not just limited to being square themed fonts. The square font shapes designs can also be modified such as setting the color to a gradient, patterns, textures etc. PaintShop Pro and Corel are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation.