Square Shapes / Fonts / EPS for CorelDRAW, Illustrator, PSP etc inc frames, sketched royalty free

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square shapes font for Photoshop, psp, gimp

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Affinity Photo, GIMP, Illustrator, Microsoft Word etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, worldwide, multiple usage, no time limits

Free samplers

Square shapes font gallery (#186) 100 Vectors for QuarkXpress, Adobe Fireworks, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, PSP etc. Set includes cut and scratched, shadow square shapes, scribbled, multiple, extruded, pulsed, rounded, distorted, abstract and more.


They are all supplied in truetype TTF and EPS files, all very easy to load and use. They are for any size of work and can be combined, re-colored, effects applied, blurred, smudged, used as brushes, used as a great source for frames, as patterns, used with styles and layer effects, faded and much more. PC and MAC OS X.


The square shapes set comes with the TTF / EPS files as well as documentation and a gallery and a serial number for future updates.


Commercial (CU4CU), all the items are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. Use them to create items for sale, books, adverts, stationery, layouts, leaflets, magazines, comics, prints, posters, videos, bags, hats, textiles, wallpaper, flip flops and more.

square font shapes for Photoshop, psp, indesign, pages etc extruded artwork inner outline and in black on orange 3D boxsquare font shapes grid

Square fonts gallery (#28) 165 Vector artworks for Photoshop, Apple Pages, CorelDRAW, Xara, Publisher, Microsoft Word and 99% of other apps. Includes the set in TTF truetype font format + EPS. They can be combined, modified, warped, distorted, re-colored, tweaked, exported and more.

Square fonts / EPS for CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word etc

How to use them in PaintShop Pro

You can use them via the text / type tool in the PSP toolbox by selecting the name (normally GX something) from the PSP typeface dropdown and then add the artwork as required (1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I J etc) based on the guide supplied - you can also use the PC charmap application or equivalent to see all the artworks included in the set. If you want to use the paths as a native element then you can right click the characters and you will see the option to "convert" menu command - the graphic can then be saved as a native PSP preset file via the export command (file menu) and saved as a PSPshape format file for future use. You can also convert them via the object menu convert command as well. They can also be used as a great source for Picture tubes as well as a source for displacements and environment maps. To use them as a picture tube you will first have to rasterize the item and then delete the background layer and use the export as a tube command but it does mean all the artworks in the set can be used as a great source for all kinds of wonderful tube effects (you can also combine the layer effects to add interesting shadows and bevels to the previously vector type tube) They can also be modified such as setting the color to a gradient, patterns, textures (which is much improved with the latest X8 version which adds a whole range or harmonious color settings) etc as well as setting layer styles such as bevels and glows via the properties for the layer.


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How to use them in perspective

You can scale and rotate and shear the type but you cannot apply perspective / distort to the type. There are some workarounds so as exporting the type to Illustrator and working the paths in that environment (ok, if you have the Creative cloud) but you can also convert the type into a shape via the type menu convert command (not ideal but if you are happy with the character selected then you probably won't need it as live type anyway). This does mean you can apply the edit menu transform command and perspective and create some interesting transformations (such as twisting the artwork). Another option with the type, and this does leave the item as live type, is to use the warp transformation via the edit menu. Apply any of the warp presets and set the bend to 0 and set the horizontal or vertical to a positive or negative value and a limited perspective is added and this type is still editable Another option is to use smart objects - the results are generally pretty poor but if you set the type to a very large value such as 1000 px then you can convert the characters into a smart object and then re-size to a lot smaller size (such as would be 40px if still type) and then add the perspective transformation. As the image / smart object started as a large source image, the result of the transformations will still be ok (not for everyone though). You can still then edit the character by double clicking the smart object icon in the layers panel. Of course, might be just better to work on the font / characters in Illustrator and copy the results into PS