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Star Shapes for Photoshop and Elements and others inc bursts, sparks, frames, scatters

star custom shapes for Photoshop and elements The star custom shapes are for use in Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and Photoshop elements on the PC and MAC. All the artworks in the star custom shapes sets are vector designs for any size of work. The star custom shapes include many different artworks and includes basic stars as well as frame stars, sketched stars, unusual stars and many more. The star custom shapes can be used via the custom shapes tool in Photoshop toolbar and can also be used in elements in the cookie cutter tool. The star custom shapes are all royalty free, all are for commercial use and all are by graphicxtras.com. The star custom shapes can be combined with other paths. They can be used in any color. You can use them as layers as well as paths and fills. The star shapes can also be used as brush strokes, as images, as layers, as a source for patterns and more. See all the star custom shapes in the sets via the galleries below


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100 Star custom shapes

100 Star shapes / Vector Artworks for Photoshop and elements CSH and includes all kinds of star custom shapes with embellished stars, spikey star shapes,circular array of stars and frames of star shapes and more. Star custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and elements designs (Volume 7)

Buy Price: $7

100 Star custom shapes

100 Vector graphics for Photoshop and elements CSH Gallery (Volume 177)

Buy Price: $7

160 Star shapes

160 Vector artworks CSH and EPS for use in Photoshop, psp, etc, commercial use Gallery (Volume 90)

Buy Price: $7

100 Star custom shapes

100 Vector shapes CSH format. All royalty free Gallery (Volume 48)

Buy Price: $7

100 Star custom shapes

100 Stunning graphics CSH format for Photoshop and elements Gallery (Volume 111)

Buy Price: $7

100 Star shapes / PDF format

100 PDF Stars for Photoshop etc Gallery (Volume 67)

Buy Price: $7

130 Star shapes / EPS format

130 EPS Stars for Photoshop, Affinity Photo etc EPS Gallery Vector artwork

embellished star shapes photoshop star shapes combined solar sun star shapes custom shapes artwork in Photoshop and combine them with other paths

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You can use the star themed shapes with all kinds of other resources on the site such as patterns (colorful spiral scrolls patterns along with a super colorful ball set sphere and globe patterns and seamless tiles and a sparkly super Xmas themed set of festive / Christmas themed snowflake patterns and a more painted / inked / charcoal shields and painted designs seamless tiles etc You can use them in 1000s of combinations to create millions of unique designs for your artwork. You can also combine them with other vector designs using the set operations in Photoshop such as with space alien custom shapes and interstellar objects You can add effects to the star shapes in countless ways such as using them with adjustment layers as well as filter effects such as Analog Efex Pro as well as layer effects. You can also edit them and manipulate them in tools such as Illustrator and Affinity Designer and Inkscape.


The eps star shapes (as well as PDF) can be used in countless other applications and are easy to load via the file open and file place command of most applications.



You can find many tutorials on how to

1) Use Photoshop shapes in different image modes

2) How to use the shapes in filters such as shape blur filter in Photoshop

3) How to create displacements using shapes in Photoshop as well as other apps


vector star custom shape artwork for any size of work in Photoshop and elements you can re-color the star shapes using adjustments in Photoshop star shapes with 3D features in Photoshop stars combine star shapes with other vector paths in Photoshop and elements use the star custom shapes with Photoshop filter and effects stars combine the star paths with type in many ways in Photoshop stars star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes star custom shapes use star shapes once or multiple times in Photoshop and elements