Step Custom Shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 Elements inc. art deco, thirties, jazz, lines royalty free

-- Updated -- : June 24th, 2016

step shapes for Photoshop and elements lines

Works with: Photoshop, Elements

Format: CSH, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, worldwide, multiple usage, no time limits, use in print and web and video and more

FREE: FREE samplers *

Step shapes for Photoshop gallery (#178)


100 Step shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2015 CS6 2014 CS5 CS4 etc Elements etc.


The set includes many different wonderful art deco 30s themed as well as embossed, shadow step shapes, edged, rounded and more.


The set includes the artworks in CSH and bonus EPS (you can use those in many other applications as well as PS and Elements).


You can load them via the presets panel in PS and PSE. Once loaded, just select them and apply in thousands of ways such as using them as a layer, selection, path and mask. They can be combined in millions of different ways as well as expanded, warped, distorted, blended, combined, exported and much more.


All are vectors for any size of work.


They can be used on the PC and MAC OS X.


They can also be used as a cookie cutter in PS Elements and also via the powerful shape blur filter in Adobe ® Photoshop ®. They can also be exported and used in other applications. They can be modified, warped, distorted, combined with other elements, re-colored and more. Use as a source for many other wonderful images and presets.


Commercial use


On buying the step shapes set, you receive the CSH, documentation and gallery and serial. If you have any questions, please contact us.

art deco step shapes photoshop in black lines zagged jagged on orange

Above, a basic step shape in black on an orange background


Step custom shapes for Photoshop and elements

Video tutorials - how can you find out more about them

You can find all our video tutorials and instruction notes on the site in the graphicxtras channel. You can also find a number of others about the vectors via the tutorial site. You can find out how to use them, how to use with cookie cutters, blend them, use as resources, combine them as smart objects, use them in Affinity Photo, create patterns, create brushes, use as displacement maps, use as paths, create layers, re-color with different fills and strokes and many more. Any questions, please e-mail us.


Step shapes can be added at any angle if you use them as a layer


Same as previous image but this time the artwork has been rotated. The design can also be distorted and warped as well as scaled and sheared etc


Related items

You may also be interested in step fonts for use with PS and PS Elements as well as many other applications such as Indesign, Pages, Affinity Photo etc


Above, the layers can be applied in any color such as a solid color and gradient and pattern. You can also change the color at any time once you select the custom shape tool or rectangle tool and select the fill and stroke dropdown. You can also change the color of the layer artwork by adding layer effects to it (color overlay) or using the adjustment layers or if it is converted to a smart object, you can add adjustments to that


How did you create them

All the artworks in the set were created in Illustrator using a combination of very basic paths. The set is based on a thirties / art deco look and you can find many books on the subject and the style of the period such as the retro graphics cookbook but there are many others available via sites such as The set is also very much influenced by TV shows such as Poiret (ITV TV series starring the wonderful David Suchet)


You can add the step shapes more than once to Photoshop, in the same color or not, also at the same size or not.


They can be added in a row as well as being aligned upright


How can you use them as layers / paths etc

You can use the items in three ways depending on the settings at the top of the panel for PS. You can use them as layers, as paths and fills. They all have their benefits and uses and limitations. You can use them any size, that is the key thing for all the sets but if you add them as a fill then they are set as created so if you want to use them really large, best to work at the size you want to use from the start. If you use the path option then there is no fill or stroke added and you only see the vector path though you can quickly convert this into a selection and that selection can be filled with fills and strokes and gradients and other effects. You can also add the items as fills but it cannot have a stroke added unless you add and create a selection and then add a stroke to that. The layer is probably the best of all the tools as you can add a stroke as well as a fill and also different dash patterns to the stroke. You can also transform the layer so instead of using as created you can shear or rotate and distort and warp them. There are many other great features of these thirties influenced artworks such as using them as smart objects, using them with layer effects etc


Or they can be cropped by the image


Other paths such as spots can be added to the artwork so the step shapes can take many new forms in seconds by a simple addition or subtraction from the original artwork. You can also define that item as a new preset or perhaps as a brush stroke etc


You can fill the interior of the artwork with other colors such as gradients or a solid fill


You can combine the step shapes with type in millions of different ways


Above, you can use the artworks with the 3D features of Photoshop such as the create a new 3D extrusion


Above, you can add all kinds of layer effects to the artworks such as adding bevels and shadows and glows


Or use them with effects such as gaussian blurs and camera raw filter etc


You can use them as a source for patterns by using the define pattern command. You can then use them as fill content and combine them over multiple layers


Above, the designs have a variety of borders around the artwork


You can use them more than once and in different colors


Combine them with other paths such as spots


Above, you can combine the step shapes with numbers and other type


Above, the step shapes can be used as a frame by using commands such as paste into


You can fill the designs with all kinds of colors such as gradients or white


Above, they can be added in a row and aligned or applied as a column or spread over the entire image


You can add strokes to the artwork in numerous ways such as via the properties or via the layer styles etc


Use them as a smart object via the convert to a smart object feature. You can then add blur effects etc to the artwork and then manipulate the work via the layer menu


Many different designs are included in the set


Transform them by adding them to layers and then using tools such as transform and flip horizontal as above


You can remove parts of the design by using layer masks


You can add all kinds of other paths to the step shapes to create millions of different and unique designs