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Swirl / Flourish Custom Shapes for Photoshop / Elements, royalty free

swirl shapes for Photoshop and elements extruded The swirl and embellish and flourish sets are all royalty free, all for commercial work, all are by graphicxtras.com. The swirl custom shapes are all accessed via the custom shapes tool and cookie tool in Photoshop (and elements respectively). The swirl shapes are vector designs for any size of work. The swirl shapes are super easy to access and apply either as layers or fills and paths. The swirl shapes can be applied in any color, can be combined with styles, used with all kinds of effects, you can use them as a super resource for creating brushes, patterns, displacements, paths, masks, frame artworks and more. The swirl shapes include many different curled swirls, celtic designs, flourish artworks and more. See all the swirl related sets below and see the items included in each set via the gallery link. The sets include the CSH files + gallery + notes + serial


Buy Price: $7

140 Swirl shapes (V160)

140 Swirl custom shapes for Photoshop and elements in CSH includes many different embossed swirls and flourishes Swirl / flourish custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and elements (Volume 160)

Buy Price: $7

100 Twirl shapes (V10)

100 Twirl vector artworks. CSH Swirl shapes gallery (Volume 10)

Buy Price: $7

119 Swirl shapes (V87)

119 Graphic designs CSH format. Swirl Photoshop shapes gallery (Volume 87)

Buy Price: $7

100 Floral shapes (V52)

100 Floral artworks CSH Check out floral presets in set (Volume 52)

Buy Price: $7

170 Embellish shapes (V72)

170 Embellish and flourish vectors CSH format. Swirls gallery (Volume 72)

Buy Price: $7

150 Flourish shapes (V64)

150 Flourishes CSH format. Photoshop swirl shapes gallery (Volume 64)

Buy Price: $7

200 Embellish shapes (V28)

200 Embellish and flourish floral shapes CSH Check out embellishments presets in set (Volume 28)

Buy Price: $7

130 Celtic shapes (V32)

130 Celtic scrolls CSH Swirl / flourish shapes (Volume 32)

Buy Price: $7

165 Celtic shapes (V31)

165 Celtic scroll shapes CSH Check out flourish presets in set (Volume 31)

Buy Price: $7

100 Embellish shapes (V124)

100 Embellishments CSH format. Swirls shapes for Photoshop gallery (Volume 124)

Buy Price: $7

100 Swirl shapes (V143)

100 Vector designs CSH Check out swirl shapes presets in set (Volume 143)

swirl shapes for Photoshop and elements flourish frames swirl custom shapes swirl custom shapes row of design scrolls


Related sets

Related sets include the swirl flourish fonts for use in PSP, Painter, GIMP, Affinity Photo, Apple Pages and many more and a wondeful tile themed set for swirl and flourish patterns and a set of Illustrator related swirl symbols / vector shapes for sprayer tool etc


The swirl flourish custom shapes can be filled with all kinds of colors such as brush strokes, solid color fills, gradients as well as patterns such as tartan and weave seamless tile patterns and truchet and wave patterns for Photoshop and elements and psp etc as well as a stellar themed design set, star and starry colorful patterns


The swirl flourish shapes can be united and subtracted from and intersected with other custom shapes such as scroll and celtic themed custom shapes and fleur-de-lis and heraldic artwork custom shapes for Photoshop and elements. All kinds of artworks can be used with the resources and they can all be combined in a super flexible smart object as well as stored for future use in the ever used CC libraries.



You can find many different tutorials on the site relating to the swirl custom shapes such as how to use the custom shapes with the powerful new CC creative libraries in CC 2017 2015 etc


swirl flourishes and add multiple times extruded scroll swirl custom shapes tiles and seamless patterns swirl shapes and flourishes in Photoshop white artwork elaborate thin swirl custom shapes blue angled flourish swirl custom shapes distort and transform the swirl and flourish shapes in Photoshop purple spiral swirl custom shapes elaborate swirl custom shapes use the swirl shapes in any color in Photoshop and elements doubled swirl custom shapes shadow effect swirl custom shapes white swirl custom shapes bevelled swirl custom shapes combine the swirls with type in many ways using type on a path etc use to any size of work in Photoshop combine with adjustment layers great with backgrounds in Photoshop and elements swirls and curls and celtic designs use with multiple colors and selections in Photoshop flourish violin design saturated swirl shapes swirl flourish shapes and effects added fill swirl shapes with gradients etc