Talk Balloon Custom Shapes for Photoshop and Elements inc. Manga, word, speech royalty free > Talk balloon shapes for Photoshop CC Elements 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 inc. manga, comics, speech, cookie cutter

talk balloon shapes for Photoshop and elements

Works with: Photoshop, Elements

Format: CSH

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, worldwide, multiple usage, no time limits

Free samplers

Talk balloon shapes for Photoshop gallery (#49) 100 Talk Balloon Shapes / word art / comic for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2014 2015 CS4 CS5 CS6 14 13 12 CS2 CS1 7 6 as well as PS Elments. Set includes spikey words talk balloon custom shapes, warped / speech, crackles, manga influenced, warped, distorted and more.


Combine them in countless ways, re-color, apply text, modify, warp, export the images and more. They are for PC and MAC OS X All are in CSH and access them via the PS toolbox and PSE cookie cutter.


On buying, you are sent the digital download of the talk balloon shapes + gallery + serial + notes. Any questions about their use, please let us know.


Commercial (CU4CU) use - use to create items for sale such as books, stationery, templates, kits, wristlets, binders, posters, postcards, videos, hats, ceramics, items for resale, flip flops, bottles, teddy bears and more.

talk balloon shapes for Photoshop and elements white large

Talk Balloon / Speech / Word shapes for Photoshop and PS Elements

How to open them

Double click the supplied CSH to load into PS. You can also right select the CSH and then select the open by PS option. You can also load them by adding it to the presets shapes folder and then use the panel menu (right side of the panel) to select by name. You can also open the CSH in some versions of Adobe ® Photoshop ® via the open command. You can load / replace the CSH via the right side menu of the custom shapes panel. In some versions of Adobe ® Photoshop ® you can also load them via the edit menu presets manager


Related sets

You may also find the talk balloon fonts of interest and use and they can be used in many other applications such as Affinity Photo, Illustrator, Indesign etc


How to convert them to other formats

They can be converted. If you have the Tumasoft presets browser tool (you can find it on the web) you can open the supplied file and then export them as PNGs (you can also do the same with ABR and PAT etc for the brushes and patterns). If you haven't got this tool then you can also manually do the same by selecting each of the graphics in the panel and then using that in a large document (say 2000 x 2000) and saving that as a TIFF etc and you can then use that in another application. You can also use the vectors as layers (there are three options available : layers, paths and pixels) and you can then save that as a vector by copying the layer from Adobe ® Photoshop ® to Illustrator; also you can also save it in AI via the export menu command in Adobe ® Photoshop ®. You can then use that in Illustrator as well as CorelDRAW and many others


How can I use them in comics

Yes, They can be used in any comics created in Adobe ® Photoshop ® and PS Elements. If you are using an application such as Motion artist you will need to export them as a raster image in a layered Adobe ® Photoshop ® PSD and then you can use those in Motion Artist. You can also export them to other applications such as Manga studio. You can also use them as a raster image in Comicpo.


How can I use them

You can use them in a vast range of different products such as commercial and personal use; you can also use them to create items that can be used to create other items for sale. You can also use them to create logos, books, illustrations, posters, comics, mugs, webpages, websites, banners, manga comics, adverts, videos, textiles, ceramics, hats, shoes, bags, perfume bottles, packaging and much more.


How to use them as patterns

You can use them to create all kinds of patterns using the vector tools, you can set them to any color and any angle and then save that via the edit menu define pattern in Adobe ® Photoshop ®. You can use the vector tools to create multiple images which can be defined as a tile. You can use them with the offset filter as well (set the offset sizes to half the size of the document) to create far more complex tiles and they can also then defined via the edit menu



CSH. Version 6 and this means they can be used with all versions from 6 upwards (this was released in about 2000) so you can use the set with PS Elements 14 13 12 11 10 etc as well as stand alone versions 16 - 6. You can also use them with the CC creative cloud 2014 2015. Recently just installed Windows 10 (August 2015) and PS 6 still works fine which is amazing that the app still runs and can be used to saved vectors to CSH format


Video tutorials - how can I find out more

You can find all our video tutorials via as well as via graphicxtras channel on and also on You can find out how to install the items, how to load them, how to use them as layers or pixels or paths, how to use them in different color channels, how to use in image modes, use them as a source for smart objects, how to use them as a source for infinite numbers of brushes, how to use them as tiles and much more. Any questions, please let us know. All the videos are by Andrew Buckle