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Updated: August 29th, 2014

torus photoshop shapes mixed curved designs toruses black on green custom shape

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Torus custom shapes for Photoshop gallery 200 Torus custom shapes for Photoshop (V12)

200 Torus custom shapes / curved for Photoshop CC CS2 CS1 CS5 CS6 CS4 CS3 2014 Elements includes Torques shapes, emboss shapes, scrolls, curved artworks for Adobe ® Photoshop and PS Elements - stunning torus designs for all kinds of graphics work. In CS6 / CC use the powerful new stroke features and feathering settings to create even more amazing designs with the artworks. For PC MAC OS X. All the designs are vectors for any size of work. See all the torus shapes included in the set via the thumbnail gallery above. Any questions about the Photoshop torus shapes, please contact us. On buying the torus shapes, you receive the download link to the files along with documentation and gallery and serial.

Torus shapes in Photoshop etc examples


torus shapes sparkle for Photoshop filled design CC CS3 elements


The torus Photoshop shapes can be filled with many other shapes, to create a wonderful new sparkling torus shape (on a blue background)


3d torus shape photoshop and elements extrude design and vector


The 3D features of Photoshop can be used to great effect with many of the torus shapes etc

Types of Photoshop Torus shapes

You can use the torus shapes designs in many different ways in Photoshop - the key options are as a layer, as a path and as a fill. These are set via the top bar of Photoshop (left side). If you select the fill pixel option then the torus shape design is set at the resolution of the current layer. If you select the layer option then you re-size the design to any size. The path option is probably the least used (certainly by me) but it is a useful option as you can modify the path torus shape as well as convert the design into a selection which can be filled with patterns as well as effects.

Cookie cutter and Elements 12 11 10 etc

The torus custom shapes can be used as normal shapes in Elements but they can also be used as cookie cutters as well. Select the cookie cutter tool and then you will see the various options on the top options bar such as the available designs as well as feathering for that design and also crop (which will crop the entire document to the size of the vector design). If the crop is not set to "on" then the design is just placed in the original location (feathered or not) with the full document and all the image outside of the cookie cutter removed. While applying the cookie cutter in PSE, you can constrain the proportions as well as rotate and scale and shear. Once you have the cookie cutter shape, you can always re-apply another cookie cutter to remove even more away from the design. You can use the end result as a superb source for strokes as well as patterns. You can also apply visual effects to the cookie cutter result. If you want to have the original image as well as cookie cutter shape then before using the tool, simply duplicate the layer as many times as you wish and use the cookie cutter design on those (in different locations if you wish) and you can then also combine those multiple cut layers using blending modes such as difference to create some truly stunning designs. There are many videos on my Youtube channel giving some uses for the cookie cutter tool.


torus color shape fill custom for Photoshop and elements mixed random fills


The torus shapes for Photoshop and elements can be applied multiple times and the overlaps can be filled with all kinds of random colors by using fill and magic wand / selections

Torus Photoshop shapes for CC / creative cloud and others ?

The torus shapes are in CSH shapes format and were created in Photoshop 6 format and that means the shapes can be used in all versions up from version 6 (a very old Photoshop version) and they can be used in Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 etc as well as the standalone versions of Photoshop 14 - 6 and PS Elements all versions


torus shapes for Photoshop and elements frame design colorful mix random color


The torus shapes can be used to fill a selection / frame in Photoshop and elements combined with effects such as pattern stamp


torus shapes for Photoshop and elements and text combined


The torus shapes for Photoshop and elements can be combined with tetx / type in 100s of ways

What can I do with the torus Photoshop shapes ?

The torus shapes can be used to create commercial as well as personal items, you can use them to create torus themed designs that can be used to create items for sale etc (CU4CU). You can use the torus shapes to create books, illustrations, logos, 3D models, scrap booking designs, videos and more.


torus shapes pop art for Photoshop and elements multiple colors


The torus shapes for Photoshop and elements can be used with all kinds of backgrounda and colors

Torus shapes are for ?

Photoshop creative cloud / CC CC (2014)

Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS5 CS4 CS3

Photoshop CS2 - 6

Photoshop 14 - 6

PS Elements 12 - 1