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Torus Custom Shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 and Elements inc. torque

torus shapes for Photoshop and elements curled

Torus custom shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and Photoshop elements. The torus shapes are all for PC and MAC OS X. They are for commercial use, royalty free, all are by The torus custom shapes for Photoshop are accessed via the custom shapes tool in the toolbar / panel. They can be also used as torus themed cookie cutters in Photoshop. You can find many different torus custom shapes in the set such as outlines designs, frame torus shapes, speckled torus shapes, distorted torus shapes, curved designs, edged designs and more. The torus custom shapes can be used as a vector shape layer as well as paths and also as fills. You can use the artworks once or multiple times in any project. You can set the torus custom shapes to any color such as solid colors as well as gradients and patterns. You can use them as frames. You can use them as masks. They make a wonderful resource for images and layers. You can blend them. You can combine them with other paths. You can apply effects and styles and adjustments to the torus custom shapes in Photoshop. You recieve the torus shapes in CSH format along with gallery and serial and notes

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torus shapes for Photoshop and elements and dots

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The torus custom shapes can be combined and modified in 1000s of ways with other vector paths such as Photoshop arrow custom shapes and curly art nouveau / frame / floral vector shapes You can also re-color the torus custom shapes artworks in many different ways by using gradients and also solid colors as well as adding effects (using plugins etc) and also patterns (such as arrow / triangular patterns and a colorful set of chevron / stripe patterns and the torus designs can also be further modified by adjustment layers and smart filter color effects.


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