Tutorials on Photoshop / PSP / Illustrator etc

Tutorials on Photoshop, PSP, Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Elements etc

CC 2017 Tutorials

Photoshop search command tutorial in CC 2017

Info about Fuse

3D animation / Fuse and Creative Cloud Tutorial

General Info about Adobe ® Illustrator

Flare Tool for Illustrator Tutorial

Export SVG files in Illustrator Tutorial

Ellipse Live Shapes Tutorial

Line Segment Tool Tutorial

Polar Grid Tool in Illustrator Tutorial

Illustrator Blob Brush Tutorial

Other tutorials for Adobe Illustrator (general)

Photoshop information

Create Color LUT in Photoshop Tutorial

Customize the Photoshop Toolbar Tutorial

Adobe Generator for Photoshop Tutorial

Displace filter in Photoshop Tutorial

Converting EPS to Custom Shapes Tutorial

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Tutorial

Open / Place PDFs in Photoshop Tutorial

How to create a honeycomb frame in Photoshop

Affinity Photo & Designer Information

Affinity Photo Extensions for Apple Photo Tutorial

Snapshots in Affinity Photo Tutorial

How to open EPS files in Affinity Designer tutorial

Other tutorials about Affinity Photo ...

Fireworks information

Saving Symbols to Common Library in Fireworks Tutorial

Exporting Firework symbols Tutorial

Installation of Fireworks symbols tutorial

Fireworks symbols - scaling tutorial

Information about Adobe Flash

How to load / open flash symbol libraries tutorial

Manuals and other notes

How-to / Manuals / Documentation

PostworkShop Pro Brush Tool Review

Creative Cloud October 2014.2 Update

WareTo ScopeWorks tutorial / how to and examples

Illustrator brushes information

Using Illustrator brushes as symbols tutorial

Convert artistic Illustrator brushes to scatter tutorial

Create calligraphic brushes in Illustrator tutorial

Images as Illustrator Brushes Tutorial

Illustrator Brushes and text / type tutorial

Tutorials about the plugins

Astute Graphics DrawScribe filter Review Plugins for Illustrator dynamic sketch

MirrorMe Plugin for Illustrator Review

VectorScribe Plugin for Illustrator Review

Tutorials on the subject of the Illustrator graphic styles

Color Models and Illustrator Styles Tutorial

Merging Graphic Styles in Illustrator Tutorial

Appearance panel in Modifying Illustrator Styles

Rasterization of Graphic Styles in Illustrator tutorial

Create Symbols from styles Tutorial

Creating Spheres using Illustrator Styles Tutorial

Illustrator swatches information

Opening / loading a swatch library in Illustrator

Combine Multiple Swatches in Illustrator Tutorial

Tutorials about the shapes

Dynamic Symbols in Illustrator Tutorial

Converting Symbols to PDF PNG SVG in Illustrator Tutorial

Tutorials on Corel ® Painter

Capturing Paper Textures in Painter Tutorial

Capturing Patterns in Painter Tutorial

How to create 3D paint custom tiles in Painter tutorial

Tutorials on the Photoshop brushes such as how to use them in other apps etc

Photoshop Brushes into Patterns Tutorial

Photoshop brushes for Illustrator tutorial

Photoshop Brushes from Photos Tutorial

Making Photoshop Brushes Tutorial

ABR Brushes format Photoshop Tools & Specification tutorial

Other tutorials about the brushes ...

Tutorials on Photoshop displacements

Displacement Maps as Photoshop Textures Tutorial

Photoshop gradients notes

Gradient Map Adjustments in Photoshop Tutorial

Channels and Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

Photoshop gradients and combining them multiple times tutorial

Contours using Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

Creating Frames using Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

Other tutorials about the gradients...

Patterns notes for Photoshop, psp etc

Copying Photoshop Patterns to Other Apps

Use Rectangle Shapes for Backgrounds in Photoshop Tutorial

How to create a new brush from Photoshop patterns tutorial

Create Two Triangle Color Photoshop Pattern tutorial

Create Pyramid Pattern in Photoshop Tutorial

Create Random Color Grid in Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Color Triangle Pattern in Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop custom shapes information

Draw Irregular Shapes in Photoshop Tutorial

Add Multiple Strokes to Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Rotate Custom Shapes Tutorial

Photoshop shape blur filter tutorial

Live shapes guide and how to change them into regular shapes

Multiple Photoshop Shapes into Smart Objects Tutorial

Blending Modes for Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Combining Layer Shapes in Photoshop

Create Brushes from Custom Shapes Tutorial

CS6 New Shape Features in Photoshop Tutorial

Create Displacement Maps using Shapes Tutorial

Changing Fill Color of Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Image Modes for Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Panel Options for Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Create Patterns using Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Recording Actions for Custom Shapes Tutorial

Fragments of Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Using Channels and Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Exporting Custom Shapes to Raster / Vector Applications Tutorial

Add Glow Behind Shapes in Photoshop Tutorial

Loading Multiple CSH Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Creating Patterns using Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Create Face Shape Tutorial

Create Selections from Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Install Custom Shapes in Photoshop Tutorial

How to use Photoshop shapes with Creative Cloud libraries

Photoshop styles Tutorials

Add Photoshop Styles to Frames Tutorial