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How to open / place EPS files in Affinity Designer tutorial and use as vectors

How to open / place and use the EPS files in Affinity Designer tutorial (product from Serif)

Affinity Designer

how to open eps files in affinity designer and useeps open affinity designer Affinity Designer is a powerful vector application with many interesting and useful vector tools such as corner tool / node tool / gear tool and more. It is a product from Serif and you can find more about via their affinity.serif site as well as via the Mac App Store.


The product is now available for the mac as well as the PC.


You can find a trial version on their site as well more about their other excellent product such as Affinity Photo (it is very similar in many ways).


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Opening EPS files in Affinity Designer

affinity designer eps open fileopening eps files in affinity designer Affinity Designer supports the EPS format.


1) Open the EPS files via the file open command or via the place command).


as simple as that but there is a little more.


2) Select the node tool to edit the anchor points in Affinity Designer.


3) go to the color panel to change the color of the opened document in Affinity Designer


Open via the file open and the item can still be copied and used in another document as a layer in Affinity Designer


Another advantage of opening the EPS file via the file open command is that you can also export the item as a vector via the file export command and also save it as a SVG or PDF etc.


How to use the EPS layer in Affinity Designer

node tool with the eps opened files in affinity designereffects added to the artwork eps design in affinity designerThe uses of the opened / placed eps files are nearly infinite in Affinity Designer as with other applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator


The EPS vector artwork can be manipulated by a range of different tools such as move tool / node tool / corner tool etc and that does mean a single shape can be turned into all kinds of different artworks simply by using the node tool to move and shift points (see image on the left)


You can also change the color of the item by selecting the color in the swatches or perhaps by selecting the gradient tool where you can add super colorful gradients. You can also add transparency via the transparency tool.


You can also go to the effects panel and add outer shadows / blur / glows / outline effects and much more to the EPS opened artwork as well as just click the pre-built styles to appy it (see the image on the right).


You can also use the EPS file as a text frame or text path via the layer menu


You can also add strokes, pressure profiles and much more to the EPS vector


Place document - and changing colors in Affinity Designer

place file affinity designer edit documentplaced document in affinity document eps1) You can place the object via file command place


2) Click the document to place the artwork


3) Size the placed artwork


4) you can then click the 'edit document' command along the top bar.


5) You can then use the node tool found in the toolbox to edit the object.


6) You can also go to the fill and stroke and set the color for those and set the size of the stroke etc.


You can also set the dash for the stroke via the stroke section as well as cap. join and align etc and was as add pressure / width profile via the pressue section in the strokes panel. You can also add effects such as bevels, outer glow etc via the effects panel. You can also use the node tool to model the individual points in the path.


effects file open eps shapes affinity designercurve and node tool and edit the artworkYou can also add gradients as well as bitmap pattern fills to the path via the gradient tool.


Affinity Designer is a product from Serif (UK)


Recent update to Affinity Designer

There has just been an update of the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo tool and many new features have been added such as a dehaze filter as well as some new adjustments (current version is set to 1.5 as of December 2016).


Other resources for Affinity Designer

You can use Truetype decorative and ornament fonts / eps vectors shapes as well as themed sets such as talk balloon / word balloon / comics eps shapes and swirls / flourish eps shapes and star and starrry vector eps shapes and scroll and curled and embellished fonts / eps shapes


Youtube Video Tutorial

Tutorial on opening eps files in Affinity Designer [Youtube]