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Converting EPS vectors to Photoshop Custom Shapes Tutorial

How to convert decorative EPS artworks into Photoshop custom shapes tutorial

Opening EPS files in Photoshop

how to convert eps into custom shapes

How to open EPS vector artworks in Photoshop. You can use the file open command to open the EPS files in Photoshop. You can use the file place command to load and access the EPS vector designs in Photoshop. The EPS files are vectors but they are defined as a raster once you have opened them or placed them in Photoshop, though the contents can be edited and the vector designs changed. When you open the EPS file in Photoshop, you will have to set the size of the document, the resolution and color mode. When you use the place command to open and access the EPS in Photoshop, you just use the current settings for the document and set the layer size accordingly. The EPS layer will become a smart object for ease of editing. You can also 'open' the EPS files by opening them in Illustrator and copying them into Photoshop and then the EPS file is editable such as using anchor points etc to manipulate the shape or EPS path. This tutorials shows you how to import the EPS file into Photoshop in a number of ways such as open and place as well as via Illustrator.


The EPS artworks can be used as standard layers in Photoshop. They can be loaded via the file open command as well as the file place command but the thing to remember is that they will then be raster artworks and not a vector.


To use them as vectors directly in Photoshop is not possible other than using them as a font (the sets on this site contain the fonts and EPS format) but the way around this is to bring them into Photoshop and then edit them in Illustrator and then copy the results back into Photoshop - of course, there are, as with most things Photoshop and Illustrator, many ways to do this such as editing the contents or just using Illustrator in the first place and copying the contents into Photoshop. It is a pity there is no 'just convert eps files to custom shapes' command.


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When opening the EPS file

1) File and open command

2) select the eps file via your file explorer / browser

3) Set the width and height

4) Set the resolution

5) Set the color mode / image mode to CMYK or RGB or LAB or grayscale

6) Set anti-aliased to ON (or not)

7) Constrain proportions to ON (or not)


place eps file in Photoshop When placing the EPS file

1) Go to the place command (linked or otherwise)

2) Find eps file in your files

3) Click Place

4) Size as required as well as rotate in current opened document


If you use the place linked command, you can edit the content via the properties - simply click the edit contents button in the layer panel (though this does require the association to be set correctly otherwise a totally different application will open such as the preview application on the mac - you will have to use the open with command to reassociate the EPS file).


Editing Contents of EPS files

edit eps file in Illustrator and Photoshopeps edit photoshop contentsYou can also use the smart objects menu command and the edit contents command (found in the layer menu)


The result is opened in Illustrator and you can then copy the vector artwork back into Photoshop via the pasteboard.


You don't want to copy it back as a smart object as you won't be able to define that as a CSH either, you need to select the last option 'shape layer'.


Opening EPS Illustrator and then copying to Photoshop

eps files open edit layerA much better approach seems to be opening the same file in Illustrator and then copying the vector into Adobe ® Photoshop ® and then selecting the shape layer option (a prompt appears during the paste of the vector material) and you will then end up with a vector layer.


Still, if you go to the custom shape tool and the edit menu define command you may find the menu command is not available.


To get around this, simply go to the "direct selection tool" and select the entire layer and then go to the define command found in the edit menu and the command should then be active and available and the vector can then be added to the panel and can be used in future work.


This all depends on you having Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in combo and if you are using the creative cloud / full subscription that is probably the case.


Even if you don't fully appreciate all the features of AI, you can always use it simply as a tool to bring in vectors in PS


Other resources and eps files

You can find many different decorative EPS shapes such as tribal and abstract truetype fonts / eps designs and lovely triradial / peace font / eps shapes for PSP, Pages, Indesign, Affinity Photo etc and elegant swirl / embellishment / flourish eps shapes for PaintShop Pro, Affinity Designer etc


Youtube Video tutorial

Tutorial on the subject [Youtube] The above tutorial shows the combo of PS and AI in the creative cloud.