How to use Photoshop Keyboard tool shortcuts tutorial

How to use Photoshop keyboard tool shortcuts tutorial (CC 2017 2015 CS6 etc) for super quick access to tools

Basic use of the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

keyboard photoshop shortcut toolsYou can use PS without ever needing to use a shortcut. You can just go to the toolbox and select the tool such as the custom shape tool but it is probably a little quicker to create a shortcut to your favourites.


I am certain that some people remember it is B for the brush tools, U for the rectangle tool etc (surely that should be R). How to use - just press U and the tool icon will be selected


How to change the Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts for the tools

Edit menu and keyboard shortcuts. So if you decide to have A as the custom shape tool then just go to the tools section on that dialog and go to the custom shape tool and click the shortcut column and then type A. If you try and use an existing one, the dialog will not stop you but it will display a warning message that the item is already in use and that you can override it by clicking the accept button. Probably best not to change them as many tutorials refer to them and if one says B and you are using F then it will get even more confusing. Still there are a few letters such as N that are available and if your favourite is the custom shape then you can set that to N and ignore the U. PS does say that only A - Z are used but there some that break that such as the "> " character as well as "." for the brushes but the other characters such as ( and & etc cannot be as shortcuts (for some weird reason)


How to access Photoshop keyboard shortcuts for tools for multiple icons

Some of the items have multiple entries such as the rectangle / ellipse etc and they are all set to U (I mean, surely we need the Chinese alphabet or at least one with more than 26 characters) then you can hold down the shift key and scroll through them all. Not ideal but a solution


List of current Photoshop Keyboard shortcut tools

M - Rectangular Marquee

V - Move

L - Lasso

W - Magic wand

C - Crop

I - Eyedropper

J - Patch

B - Brush

S - Clone stamp

Y - Art history

E - Background eraser

G - Gradient

O - Dodge

P - Pen

T - Type

A - Path selection

U - Rectangle

H - Hand

R - Rotate

Z - Zoom

D - Default colors

Q - Quick mask mode

F - Screen mode

X - Swap between colors (not listed if you hover over the items)


I have to say, some of them are not obvious and why some have multiple / shift letters and others are left blank are also odd. Of course, you can set your own as well as filling in the blanks as well as use the 2 remaining characters not used (K, N)


I am certain the list will change as new items are added or as people decide that P is better as path selection or patch.


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Video tutorial

Tutorial on the subject of changing keyboard shortcuts etc [Youtube]