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How to create a Photoshop line brush tutorial

How to create an intense line brush in Photoshop tutorial

Intense line brush start point

photoshop intense line brushes1) Create new document


2) Create a large document for a large intense line artwork. Suggest something like 2000 x 800 etc - obviously you can always create smaller but if you want a seriously intense (large number) of lines then a large document is a good start point


3) Select the rectangle tool / lines in Photoshop


4) Select the rectangle tool in the toolbox and set the color to black via the toolbox.


5) Draw the rectangle from the top of the document to the bottom and create a thin rectangle - add this to the far left and then add another a few pixels away (leaving some white gap) perhaps with the same size of rectangle or slightly different.


6) Repeat this over and over for about 1/4 of the document though you can do this all the way across the document - it is just quicker to just use 100 or so lines and repeat them.


You can find many different sets on the site such as line brushes and letter and type brushes and lattice and line brushes and jagged line brushes


Line layers and Photoshop line brush

Select the lines you have created and then copy and paste as a new layer, repeat those line layers over the entire document. Space them over the entire document, perhaps overlap, perhaps re-size the width of the layer (squeezing the lines together). You can repeat this a number of times and in different positions. You can then add some additional number of lines in different sizes throughout the document to add some variation in the density.


Define the intense line brush in Photoshop

Flatten the layers and then go to the edit menu and define brush command and now you have a super intense brush stroke for Photoshop (you can also export the result as a PNG file).



You can also just duplicate the document layer and repeat the multiple layer approach to create even more intense combinations of lines. Perhaps combine parts of the layers with adjustment layers to create different greys etc. The brush can be rotated as well as squeezed via the preset panel.




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Youtube Video tutorial

Tutorial showing some examples of the line brush effect in Photoshop [Youtube]