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How to use the new search command in Photoshop CC 2017

How to use the new search feature command in Photoshop CC 2017 to access help / tutorials / command

How to use the new Photoshop Search

new search and help feature in PhotoshopPhotoshop CC 2017 has introduced a new command, "search" and that can be found in the edit menu. It is slighly confusing as it does suggest that it searches this document but it does not, it is a search for the application as well as for content and tutorials.


search command in PhotoshopTo display the new search panel


1) Go to the edit menu


2) select the search command


3) you will see a basic panel with the words 'search photoshop' or select help and support etc depending on the state at startup.


4) If you want to search for a particular command such as the art history brush then just type art (and that can be for Photoshop or learn / support / tutorials as well as Adobe Stock) but the key tab will be Photoshop, you will then see things like the artboard tool but at the top you will see the art history brush (confusingly the custom shapes tool appears).


search command layers5) Click the command and you will be taken straight to the command - a quick and easy way to access commands in Photoshop CC 2017 if you can't exactly recall where the command is.


Of course, you can enter any command such as layer and that will list a lot of entries such as layer via copy and also layer and export as and layer comps etc and then just click that entry as required. A really useful and quick way to go through the application. See an example on the right.


Other tutorials

You can find many additional tutorials on the site such as

1) how to place PDF shapes in Photoshop tutorial

2) how to use the shapes with the creative cloud libraries

3) how to use rectangles to create backgrounds / textures with Photoshop patterns tutorial

4) How to store the history of your work in the Photoshop history log


Recent files in Photoshop via the search

recent files new search photoshop panelIf you want to access your most recent files then the 'Photoshop' section also offers a quick way of accessing those files but only the ones matching the entered name


1) so if you search for 'pyram'


2) If you have recently opened and closed files with the letters 'pyram' in them


They will also appear in the list and you can then quickly select and open those files - all very useful - you can see an example with my most recent opened files on the left


Learn section

learn search photoshop panelThe learn section gives a quick access to the tutorials from Photoshop and in most cases, it is a simple help guide.


Hopefully the learn will be extended to include other tutorials in the Adobe universe as well as TV and videos (and perhaps youtube videos ? such as the ones available from graphicxtras).


Anyway, if you want to find out about 'custom shapes' then just type that and you should get a whole load of tutorials on that subject.


If there is nothng found for that particular word such as if you enter 'pyram' then nothing is currently returned but if you enter an item such as layers then a lot of tutorials can be found via the Adobe help. See right for an example


Adobe Stock via the search

stock photos search photoshop commandThe last section is the 'Adobe Stock' and that is fairly clear, it is yet another quick route into the vast selection of photos and images head in their stock collection.


You can do much the same via the file menu as well as new command and so on (I am suspecting that Adobe Stock links will end up in all the commands at some point - surely when you run the oil paint filter you will want to look at some more stock images ?)


Search command in the future

The search command is a very useful addition to Photoshop CC 2017 and hopefully will be extended (as long as it keeps it simple) to include perhaps additional resources ? youtube videos ? forums ? also would be great if you could also search for other resources such as tutorials on Photoshop and shapes such as valentine custom shapes and zoom brushes be really great if the new search feature became a real core central tool in Photoshop.


This search feature is a new feature for Photoshop CC 2017 and cannot be found in the earlier versions.


Youtube videos (by graphicxtras)

Youtube video tutorial : New Search command in Photoshop CC 2017 tutorial