How to copy Photoshop patterns to other apps tutorial

How to copy a Photoshop pattern to another app tutorial

PAT format and Photoshop patterns

They are in PAT format and PAT format cannot be read by that many apps. So to use them in other apps, simply copy or convert them to a format that can be read by Affinity Designer / PSP / Photo-paint etc. Create any size document and then go to the toolbox and select the stamp tool and then go to the preset's panel and select the item you want to convert (sadly this cannot be done by an action etc) and see the size of the tile - if a 1000 x 1000 then create a document at that size


copying artwork from Photoshop to affinity designer


Pre-work on Photoshop patterns

You can copy them or export them as is but you can also add adjustment layers such as hue and saturation or invert etc as they will not damage the seamless tile's seams. It does mean you can generate a near infinite selection of artworks from the same set and still have them as wonderful seamless tiles


Format for the Photoshop patterns copy

Well, the best formats are (personally) PNG or TIFF. PNG is generally available in most apps now and is a really easy format to save in 24bit etc but this does depend on the apps you want to use - Affinity Designer supports PNG so that is a great start


Commands to save the file

There are a number of options in Adobe ® Photoshop ® such as

1) Save as

2) Save for web

3) Generate

4) Copy into the CC libraries for use in Illustrator etc


PSP and using the Photoshop patterns

Copy the PNG file to the patterns folder of PSP and then they will be accessible via the material's panel


Affinity Designer

Access the Photoshop patterns PNG file via the gradient tool and bitmap option etc


Video tutorial

Tutorial on the subject [Youtube]