How to create a new brush from Photoshop patterns tutorial

How to create new brushes from Photoshop patterns tutorial

PNG Pattern files

This tutorial is based on the PNG files on this site, similarly works for other PNG etc files. Chevron pattern files ?


First steps to creating Photoshop brushes

Open the PNG file or use the place command in Photoshop - that is the first thing, once loaded it can then be manipulated in a number of ways such as adding effects or using it on channels etc - as with most things in PS, there are 100s of ways of creating new and exciting brushes

Tutorial by: Andrew Buckle

Works with: Photoshop CC and CS and standalone, Elements

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PNG files and Photoshop brushes from patterns

Open PNG file and go to the edit menu define brush. You can define the entire file or just use the rectangular marquee and then select part of the artwork and define that. Once you have a brush defined, you can also go to a new document and then apply that multiple times, perhaps mixed with effects etc, and define that as a new stroke as well


PNG files as Photoshop fill content

You can also open the PNG file and then define it as a pattern via the edit menu and then go to the layer menu and new fill content and add as a new layer which can then be flattened by the layer menu and edit define brush command. You can select the entire layer or perhaps part of the layer. You can also combine that with effects and then define that as a new stroke as well.


multiple applications of the stroke in different colors


Video tutorial

Tutorial on the subject [Youtube]