How to use Photoshop shapes with creative cloud libraries tutorial

How to use Photoshop shapes with Creative Cloud Libraries tutorial

Custom shapes

Vector designs in Photoshop that can be used as a path, shape layer and fill pixels - all stored in a CSH presets format for use with CC 2014 etc. You

Tutorial by: Andrew Buckle

Works with: Photoshop CC and CS and standalone, Elements

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can use them with the libraries as a layer, multiple layers etc More vector artworks to check out


Creative Cloud Libraries

Introduced in CC 2014. A way of storing as well as using resources / presets / information across various apps (at present, PS and Illustrator). You can create one or multiple creative cloud libraries in either app. You can add as much and as little as you wish to them and type / layers etc can be stored and then added back to a document at any point. The items are stored in the cloud as well as synced locally. Find the library via the window menu.


cube vector artwork with shadow

Photoshop shape layers

Add a single layer to the document and drag that to the library. The item is stored as a shape. You can also select multiple layers (say a vector cube) and drag that to the CC library and that will be stored. You can also add layer transformations such as perspective and rotations and these can also be stored in the panel.


Photoshop shape layers / effects

You can use the layers with layer effects and drag that to the library and that will be stored with all the drop shadow / outer glow etc intact. You can also convert the layer into a smart object and drag that to the CC library and that will retain all the smart filters etc information so you can see a blurred layer etc in the panel. This can then be restored at a later date with the live effects intact.


Photoshop Paths

It appears that paths in Photoshop cannot be stored in the CC libraries


How to use them with libraries and pixels

You can add them to a background and drag that to the library and that is saved (whether it one or multiple applications). You can add effects and also then drag that to the library. However, there are some options for saving pixel layers that are not available / duplicate layer etc works fine. You can create an artwork / pixels and then select and define that as a pattern via the edit menu define command and then create a fill content layer which can also be stored in the CC panel. As with many things Photoshop, there are probably a number of other ways to use them with the panel


Video tutorial

Tutorial on the subject [Youtube]