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How to use shapes with creative cloud libraries tutorial

How to use Photoshop shapes with Creative Cloud libraries tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 etc. The custom shapes in Photoshop are vector designs that can be used as a path, shape layer and fill pixels - all stored in a CSH but they can also be used with the libraries feature in CC

Photoshop shapes and creative cloud libraries

how to use photoshop shapes with creative cloud libraries
  1. Photoshop's Window menu

  2. Libraries

  3. Select custom shape tool in Photoshop toolbar

  4. Select shape layer option and shape and color of shape via fill

  5. Drag Photoshop shape from document to current library in creative cloud libraries panel

Creative cloud libraries were introduced into Photoshop with CC 2014 and since have had new features added. You can drag Photoshop shapes into the library and it will be added as a shape. Once added to the CC library, the shape is now secure on the Adobe site (great for backups). You can now restore the shape at any time by dragging it from the library to the document as a smart object. You can also create a shape that is no longer connected to the library by holding down the alt / option key as you create the new shape. You can also store shapes with styles etc. You can store standard layers as well but not paths in the creative cloud libraries. This tutorial shows you how to use the Photoshop custom shapes with libraries in Photoshop as shape layers and as pixel layers. This tutorial also shows you how to restore the shapes

CSH format, download


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How to add your shape layers into the creative cloud library for storage as well as future use

photoshop cc libraries shapes
  1. Select the custom shapes tool

  2. Select the shape option

  3. Select color and shape via dropdown

  4. Add a single layer custom shape to the document

  5. Display the libraries panel in Photoshop via the window menu

  6. Create a new library or drag the custom shape to the current library.


The item is stored as a shape. You can also select multiple layers (say a vector cube) and drag that to the CC library and that will be stored. You can also add layer transformations such as perspective and rotations and these can also be stored in the panel.

How to restore creative cloud library artwork into Photoshop for use as smart objects etc

cube vector artwork with shadow cc libraries shapes layer

You can take the artwork from the CC library and place it back into the document


If you want it as a smart object, simply select the shape in the library and drag (with a link back to the library). If you want to edit the path, double click on the smart object icon in the layer menu and you can then edit the shape layer using the direct selection tool and save the opened psd file for the smart object


If you want it as a shape, simply select and hold the alt / option key to duplicate (and break the link) the shape but it is just a normal shape layer and not a smart object. To edit it, simply select the direct selection tool etc and modify the artwork. You can see an edit of the vector shape in Photoshop and this is not updated in the library (as the link has been broken via the alt / option key)


1. Large selection of Photoshop custom shapes CSH sets for CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc

Sources and references

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