Tutorials on general graphics topics

Manuals and documentation for graphicxtras as well as general tutorials such as Scopeworks etc


1) How-to-use / Manuals / Documentation and notes (such as Illustrator plugins and Photoshop plugins)

2) PostworkShop Pro Brush Tool / Painting application Review

3) Creative Cloud October 2014.2 Update details for Illustrator and Photoshop

4) WareTo ScopeWorks tutorial / symmetry effects and how to and examples

5) NIK / Google Analog Efex Pro 2 / color effects and blur effects application and plugin

6) Quick review / guide to the plugins from Astute Graphics such as Phantasm, WidthScribe etc

7) Flame Painter 3 Pro and vector layers and paths tutorial

8) Flame Painter 3 Pro and paint dabs / layers tutorial

9) PaintStorm Studio and Seamless Mode tutorial for patterns


Other tutorials

You can find many other products and tutorials on the site such as triradial / peace custom shapes for use in Photoshop and elements and star / retro / starry font shape designs for Photoshop, PSP, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages etc as well as tutorials on Illustrator symbols and shapes for CC 2017 2015 CS6 et