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Photoshop / PSP / Affinity Photo brushes tutorials

Tutorials on Photoshop brushes / PSP / Affinity Photo strokes such as how to load, make them etc

ABR Brushes format Photoshop Tools & Specification tutorial

Blending Modes for Photoshop Brushes Tutorial

Brush Tools in Photoshop Toolbar Tutorial

Channels and Photoshop Brushes Tutorial

Define Photoshop Brushes and how to make them Tutorial

Export Photoshop Brushes to other applications Tutorial

Image Modes and Photoshop Brushes Tutorial

Install / Load Photoshop Brushes Tutorial

Layers and how to brushes as layers Tutorial

Intense Line brushes in Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Brushes into Patterns and conversion tutorial

Photoshop brushes for Illustrator and how to convert them

Photos and how to use them as Photoshop brushes Tutorial

Polka dot brushes for Photoshop, how to create them tutorial

Setting Size of Photoshop Brushes Tutorial

Shapes and how to make them using brushes Tutorial



1. twirl and swirled brushes

2. vintage type and historical alpahbet design brushes

3. waves and wavy brushes

4. zigzag brushes for Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo etc

5. zoom/ manga effect line brushes



You can find many other tutorial sets such as Illustrator brushes tutorials as well as tutorials on Adobe Photoshop such as generator etc