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twirl shapes font for PSP, Word, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Xara etc

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, GIMP, Affinity Designer, CorelDRAW etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Twirl font shapes gallery (#132) 100 Twirl shapes / Artworks for Adobe ® Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and many others. Set includes many different vector forms, distorted twirl shapes, background swirls, warped, whirlpool, textured, intense artworks and more.


The twirl set includes them in truetype TTF as well as EPS format and they can be converted into JPG and TIFF etc format files.




License commercial (CU4CU), all by Andrew Buckle / Use them to create items for sale such as stationery, postage, T-shirts, fashions, patches, mugs, caps, hats, pet tags, earrings and more.

twirl shapes font for PSP, Photoshop, GIMP, After Effects etc

Twirl fonts gallery (#2) 100+ Galaxy graphic designs includes many galactic graphics, weird, distorted, counter swirls, thin artwork and more. TTF and EPS format.

Twirl fonts / shapes for Microsoft Word / Pages / Photoshop / PSP etc

How can I use them in PSP X8 X7 X6 X5

The set is perfect for use with Corel PSP. I used to create a lot of PSP Preset Shapes and these are still available on the site but as the artworks were all created using the TTF as source, I decided that it is probably easier and more flexibile to just use the TTF and EPS sets without the need to create those native formats. The conversion can be done very quickly manually for any of the selected items in PSP X8 X7 etc by selecting the work (perhaps one or two of the generated decorative works) and then right clicking and selecting the convert command to convert them to the native format. You can then use them with the shape tool in PSP as well as use the artwork with the materials panel to add a different color to the path and also a gradient and pattern as well as textures and with the most recent versions of PSP, you can now also add layer styles to the mix. Once you have your path, you can use it within that document but if you wish to save it for permanent use then you will have to export it via the PSP's export menu and it will be saved to the correct folder (that is set via the preferences) and will be loaded to the cache and the artwork with all the fill / stroke etc will then be available from the tool's preset browser along with all the items supplied with PSP. The task takes a second or two to convert and export and you can then have access to all the works in the sets on this page as well as any of the other truetype sets on this site (note that this does not work with the included EPS artworks as they are rasterized on import into the application). I really wish PSP would add a feature to bring in vector objects and convert them into the native format, perhaps that will happen with PSP X9 or X10?


Related items

You may be interested in the twirl brushes for use in PS and PS Elements as well as PSP and many other apps as well as custom vectors (CSH) for PS and PS Elements


What can I do with them

Commercial use, all are royalty free, all can also be used in personal projects or CU4CU work, you can use them world wide, you can use them without any time constraints and no credit is required for their use. You can also use them to create items for sale such as logos, books, products, adverts, packaging, web pages, carpets, rugs, hats, posters, items for sale on excellent sites such as and and their equivalents, t-shirts, mouse mats, shoes, scarves, mouse mats, videos and much more. Any questions, please contact us.


How / who created them

They were all created by Andrew Buckle (graphicxtras) and they were all created in Adobe AI and from Illustrator the Vector graphics were pasted into Fontlab and the set was saved as a TTF truetype set as well as a set of corresponding themed EPS decorative vectors.


What do I get when I buy the set

On buying the set, you receive the download link to the vector paths - the set contains the truetype TTF along with the EPS as well as documentation and gallery and serial number for any future updates as well as a document showing the relationship between the characters and the keyboard and this guide for the swirled artwork is in PDF. The serial number is not required for the install but I would recommend that you store the number in a book as you can use them to get any updates as well as perhaps replacements. I would also recommend that you make a backup of the supplied zip and store it on a DVD or backup cloud service so if you lose the set at any point, you can always replace the set easily. You can also contact us as well to get replacements, so please keep the original details / serial etc as identification.


How to use them with Creative Cloud

You can use these tools throughout the creative cloud (a suite available via the Adobe website) in apps such as Photoshop / Illustrator etc. You can also use the type with the powerful new library feature in the October 2014 release. You can simply drag the type from the image or artboard (if Illustrator) into the panel; you can also add effects and layer effects as well as using them as a smart object and storing them in the library. You can use the type at any point in any future project. You can also quickly transfer work between applications such as PS and Illustrator. You can also use the type / paths as a paths with the Photoshop render menu and flame tool and tree tool to create all kinds of unique flame / tree effects.


How to use with the new dynamic symbols in Illustrator

With CC 2015.1 a new feature was added to Illustrator in the form of dynamic symbols and you can use the items on this site with that feature but if you want to use them you will have to convert them to outline / expand them via the object menu. The dynamic feature does not appear to work with text but it does work with all kinds of effects and color / fills / strokes etc and you can change the instance of the artwork with out changing the master 'dynamic' shape. As many of the artworks on this page include many different paths, you can change the color of any of the individual parts in the dynamic symbol simply by selecting with the direct selection tool found in the Illustrator toolbox. You can therefore create 1000s of variant color designs from a single master shape. How to setup the artwork for this as the set is mainly made of compound paths and cannot be individually selected. The easiest way is to use one of the features in Illustrator called the live paint which can be used to color all the individual parts in different colors and then you can use the object menu to ungroup the set. Select all and then drag into the symbols panel and save as a dynamic status preset. Now you can use the direct selection tool to select the individual parts and re-color them without affecting the master